REVIEW: Collection, Contour Kit. Highlight & Sculpt.

With almost every Makeup brand bringing out a contour kit, my Stash as grown somewhat. So when I spotted this one from Collection, the brand famous for their budget friendly long lasting concealer, I had to ask my self do I really I need another contour kit? This came in at just under £3 so of course the answers was YES!
In true contour style the kit contains a powder bronzer and powder highlighter. The products are presented in sleek black packaging. There's also diagram on the back to showing where to highlight and where to contour, which is a plus for those new to contouring.
The bronze shade is slightly more on the warm side, which I prefer. I find cooler tones don't work as well on me. The contour shade has good pigmentation but not too much, which is good for those who have a heavy hand. Crazy dark lines over the face is never a good look. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to blend, and wasn't chalky like, which I find some bronzers on the lower price end can be. I like to apply this with the seventeen powder and blush brush. Its small enough to fit perfectly into the hallows of cheeks.
The highlight shade gives the perfect candlelit glow. Its not out there, like crazy disco ball, applied to much highlighter look! Its just a lovely champagne toned highlight, again this was easy apply and blend.

Overall, I love this kit and have been using it everyday since I brought it! Its perfect for those new to contouring. It left me with the perfect chiselled cheek look that the Kardashians would be proud of! For the price you can't really go wrong.

The kit is available here (currently on offer for £2.79).

Until next time...

Leanne xxx

Best in Beauty: August.

August has been an eventful month for me! Firstly its my birthday month, I got absolutely spoiled, with lots of presents, cake and trip to London to see Jersey Boys at the Piccadilly theatre. Which was an outstanding production and would recommend to anyone that they see it. As part of this trip Tim (my boyfriend) also proposed! Which was took be by complete surprise and was completely magical. I am now the happiest girl on earth (no exaggeration)! Alongside all this excitement I've found a few beauty products which have I been loving throughout the month.
First of is the Lee Stafford treatment for hair that never grows past a certain length. This is the best hair mask I have ever used (to date). It leaves my hair feeling silky, smooth, nourished and manageable. Which is a life saver for my crazy, thick, fizzy, damaged hair. I don't have a problem with my hair not growing so I'm sure if it does what it actually claims, but for nourishment I highly recommend this!
I also picked up the Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation and concealer at the beginning of the month and I have not put them down! The foundation blends like nothing I've used before! The consistency is very thin yet it has a medium but buildable coverage. It has a demi matte finish which looks so natural and flawless on the skin. I have the shade 4 which matches my skin tone perfectly. The concealer is just as brilliant! I like very pale concealers for highlighting under the eyes and this one is just perfect. I have shade one, which is almost white when applied but blends beautifully into the foundation. The coverage of this also good, 3 coats and my hideous dark circles are no more! Under the foundation I've been using the Urban Decay B6 prep spray. This little beauty is packed full of vitamins to boost radiance, reduce redness and pore size. I don't really have large pores so I can't comment on that, however, this does leave my skin super soft and I tell a difference in the feel of my skin when I haven't used this.
For lipstick it has to MACs velvet teddy. I know, I know you've all probably heard this raved about many times before, but this is my perfect brown toned nude and the long lasting formula of MACs matte lipsticks just makes it a winner in my book!
What has everyone else been loving this month?
Until next time...
Leanne xxx

REVIEW: St Tropez in shower gradual tan. A revolution??

I spotted this whilst on the hunt for my usual fake tan. The name grabbed me straight away 'Gradual in shower tan'. St Tropez claim, that this £14.50 product that you just rub into wet skin and wait for three minutes before rinsing of, will give a natural tan gradually. The colour develops over eight hours and you are left with a natural, sunkissed glow. Who doesn't like the sound of this? I thought it was to good to be true. I mean a tan that doesn't need washing of and no more stained bed sheets? What more could a girl want from a tan? Besides a natural one of course. However, having tried many fake tans in my time, from sprays to wipes and everything in between, nobody has come up with tan that works in the shower - probably there's a good reason. Even with these doubts ringing in my mind it made its way home with me!

 That evening I decided to put it to the test. The instructions are pretty fool proof - wash, apply, wait 3 minutes, rinse and dry. So I applied it in circular motions and waited. That was, by far, the longest 3 minutes of my life!! Ok that might be slightly dramatic but waiting dripping wet, in the cold shower, naked with wet hair was not a pleasant experience to say the least.  You can't stand under the water because it will be washed of to soon. The next day I had a slight colour but not as deep as I normally like. After five days of waiting those 3, long, nail biting minutes I had a colour I was happy with. The overall tan was nice and even. However, I would recommend tying hair back to prevent dip marks and ensuring the product is applied evenly over whole body because When the skin is wet is difficult to tell where product hasn't been applied.

This product is great for anyone who likes gradual tan and doesn't mind the cold wait! It's probably not great for those who like a deep colour over night. If you like the sound of this tan you can buy it here.
Has anyone tried this? What did you think?

Until next time...
Leanne xxx

The Ultimate Long Lasting Base! (Drugstore edition)

We all have them days were we're going to be so busy or an event were touching up our makeup is the last thing on our minds! And we all want a base that will stand the test of time! Short of applyIng 20 layers of foundation and powder (cakey-ness is not the look we want) finding products that truly last can be few and far between! However, I've found a few gems in the drugstore to help us through those days!
To prevent makeup breakdown start of with a primer. Primer acts as glue for foundation and helps control shine through out the day. Therefore, a must! I'm loving Maybellines baby skin, anti fatigue primer (available here). Baby skin, I'm all up for that and it makes you look more awake! This is full of silicone to help fill in those pores and fine lines!

Now for foundation. The L'Oreal 24hr matte is perfect for long lasting, non cakey finish. You can check out my full review of it here. For a base with real staying power, powder will seal the deal! Maybellines Matte maker is finely milled and blends seamlessly into skin to get the job done without looking cakey (available here). Its also matifying as the name suggests, to really keep that base in place. Go easy though as its easy to build up and look dusty!

Does anyone else have any tips on making makeup last all day?

Until next time...

Leanne xxx

REVIEW: Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick

So I found myself at the urban decay counter again, that's twice in one week you know! When the sleek, shiny,  black packaging of the Matte Revolution lipsticks caught my eye. These little beauties offer a creamy, non dying, matte finish with super high pigmentation (ticks all the boxes, right?).

The shade 1993 caught my eye. This is a muted, medium to dark brown with slight warm taupe undertones. It was love at first swatch! This shade is perfect for all those lovers of 90s trend out there! It is super comfortable on the lips, and looks absolutely beautiful. The pigmentation is brilliant! two swipes and the colour evenly, covered my lips. I got around 5 hours wear out this before the colour started to breakdown. Which is awesome - there's nothing worse than lipsticks that transfer everywhere and after 10 minutes look like you haven't even applied any!

There are currently 9 shades in collection. Ranging from a beautiful orange to a dark vampy purple.
I'm definitely heading back to pick up more!

Feel unique currently have an offer on them! Urban decay Matte Revolution lipsticks are available here.

What's you favourite shade?

 Until next time...

Leanne xxx

Strobing // The New Contouring!

Strobing is the new fancy term for highlighting. Its a way of getting that sculpted look without contouring, yes WITHOUT contouring! So no need to be drawing crazy lines on your face and spending hours trying to blend them out (whoop)! Extra highlighting can lead to super shimmery disco ball look (not the intending look) without careful application, here are few tips to a subtle, sexy glow.

1. Prep:
Preparation is key. To get a sexy glow you'll need to replenish dry, tried skin with a good moisturizer.  If you have naturally oily skin, opt for an oil free base, to prevent over shine throughout the day. I like the indeed labs hydraluron moister jelly (available here) its formulated for all skins types so great for dry or oilier skins.

2. highlight:
After the base makeup has been applied, its time for the fun part, highlighting. Don't forget to use the right highlighter for you skin. Dryer skins can use a liquid highlighter, like Rimmel Good To Glow highlighter (available here). Oiler skins may prefer a powder, I'm loving the Makeup Revolution Highlighter in Golden lights (available here).

To get  that truly sculpted look highlighting the high points of the face. Across the tops of cheekbones, the centre of forehead, down the centre of the nose and finally the cupids bow to give a truly sexy, shimmery glow.

3. Blend:
Blending, the part we all hate *sigh*. Although the blending involved is no where near as hard as contouring. You can simply use your fingers (yes its that easy) or a small fluff brush to ensure the product is evenly distributed. There's nothing worse than blobs of highlighter, that catch the light more than others!

4. Finish the look!
Now to really show of that gorgeous glow opt for a your favourite matte blush to avoid looking like a hot sweaty mess!

Have you guys tried strobing? What did you think?

Until next time....
Leanne xxx

The Daily Face #1

 The Daily Face will be a series about which makeup products i'm wearing, with mini reviews of each product.

Today I'm wearing a recently new purchase, in my ongoing search for the perfect foundation (I know, I know I have enough makeup to last me a life time and probably shouldn't buy anymore) which takes the form of the Urban decay naked skin foundation! I absolutely love this foundation. The packaging is stunning and very pleasing on the eye. The fluid inside blends seamlessly into the skin, leaving me with a slight glow and flawless looking skin.

To conceal those horrendous dark circles which literally look like I haven't actually slept for a year when in fact I have, I used a combination of bourjois happy light concealer in the shade ivory and the MAC studio finish concealer in NC20. The bourjois concealer is a salmon toned to help hide those awful bags and the MAC on top gives that extra bit of coverage! These two little round pots offer the right amount of coverage needed to look awake and more human. The only downside is they are very creamy and can crease throughout the day.

For the chizzled cheek look I used my good ole' Bourjois chocolate bronzer. For me this is the best bronzer for contouring (yes I contour on a daily basis, I mean if the Kardashians are doing it.. so am I) the shade suits my skin tone way better than cooler toned bronzers. To really make those cheek bones pop I used the makeup revolution vivid baked highlighter in the shade golden lights.

For blush the Makeup Revolution ultra blush palette in sugar and spice has been my go to for looking more awake and less ghost like. I used a mixture of the top left and bottom left.

The Brow product of the moment for me is the rimmel brow pencil in the shade 002 hazel. I'm not very adventurous when it comes to brows, stuck to what you know is my moto here. Sharpie pen brows is not a good look for me and this well loved little pencil gives me soft yet defined brows.

Now sharpie like winged eyeliner is a look I want. Why is it so easy to achieve clean straight lines and angles on eyebrows but not on eyelids?!?! Arg major first world problems, right? But any way the product I used to try to achieved said look was the Maybelline lasting gel liner. I failed epically *said face*. This is definitely a product for those winged liner pros, its not the easiest eyeliner to use.

What makeup look is completed without a few coats of mascara? Several coats of the Seventeen falsifeye HD mascara and I'm good to go!

What is everybody else wearing today?

Until next time...
Leanne xxx

REVIEW: L'oreal infallible 24h- matte

I first saw this on one of my countless trips to Boots. I over looked this as I'm not normally a fan of matte finishes. I'm more of dewy finish kinda gal. However, after reading so many good reviews on this I decided I had to try it! This little product that comes in at under £8, promises a matte finish for 24 hours that's non-cakey.

The packaging is good, its easy to dispense the product. There's nothing worse than foundations that come in a glass bottle without a pump! I'm looking at you Revlon colour stay!

I dotted this all round my face in my usual application style, reached for my trusty real techniques buffing brush and began blending. The first thing I noticed was how difficult it was to blend as high coverage foundations tend to be. That being said, it applies a lot easier and has a nicer finish when applied with a dump beauty blender style sponge. I picked the shade 20 sand, which matched my skin tone perfectly. It is high coverage as it claims to be. There was no need for concealer on the discolouration I have around my chin - Which is always a plus!

This is defiantly a matte foundation. It handled shine well. In fact it was still matte when it came to removing it at the end of the day. Which is pretty impressive for those oilier gals out there! As for lasting 24 hours.. I don't know about that (Who actually where their foundation for that long?) but it did last around 7 hours. For the price you can't really go wrong!

L'Oreal infallible 24h- matte is available here.

Until next time...

Leanne xx

Lee Stafford Haul

So, yesterday  I popped into boots to repurchase my trusty Lee Stafford for hair that never grows past a certain length treatment. There was an offer - two Lee Stafford products for £10. Rather than doing what most people would do and stock up on the mask, I decided to pick up few other products in a life long bid to get super long, smooth, shiny princess hair!
The hair mask, by far is the best hair mask I have ever tried (I've tried a fair few over the years!). it leaves my crazy, thick, unruly, frizzy hair soft and manageable. It claims to add nourishment to help hair grow. I'm unsure if it has actually helped my hair grow but it is certainly helped it overall condition.
The next product that made its way into my basket was the 'hair growth conditioner'. I picked this up in the hope that it would work well along side the mask and if it is anything like the mask I will not be disappointed.
I was also in the market for a new shampoo. I opted for the 'fix it shampoo'. This says that has vitamins A and E in it to rescue over processed hair. Most shampoos I've been using lately have been leaving me with a dry itchy scalp and with my dark roots dandruff is not a good look. I'm a sucker for anything that claims to prevent and repair damaged hair so this made its way to the check out with me.
The final product was the 'fix it dentangler'. As I mentioned before my hair is very thick and curly and brushing it can be somewhat of a battle. So this product aims to the elbow out of tackling those nasty knots which I am hoping it does!
Has anyone tried these before? Let me know what you think!
Until next time...
Leanne xx