Strobing // The New Contouring!

Strobing is the new fancy term for highlighting. Its a way of getting that sculpted look without contouring, yes WITHOUT contouring! So no need to be drawing crazy lines on your face and spending hours trying to blend them out (whoop)! Extra highlighting can lead to super shimmery disco ball look (not the intending look) without careful application, here are few tips to a subtle, sexy glow.

1. Prep:
Preparation is key. To get a sexy glow you'll need to replenish dry, tried skin with a good moisturizer.  If you have naturally oily skin, opt for an oil free base, to prevent over shine throughout the day. I like the indeed labs hydraluron moister jelly (available here) its formulated for all skins types so great for dry or oilier skins.

2. highlight:
After the base makeup has been applied, its time for the fun part, highlighting. Don't forget to use the right highlighter for you skin. Dryer skins can use a liquid highlighter, like Rimmel Good To Glow highlighter (available here). Oiler skins may prefer a powder, I'm loving the Makeup Revolution Highlighter in Golden lights (available here).

To get  that truly sculpted look highlighting the high points of the face. Across the tops of cheekbones, the centre of forehead, down the centre of the nose and finally the cupids bow to give a truly sexy, shimmery glow.

3. Blend:
Blending, the part we all hate *sigh*. Although the blending involved is no where near as hard as contouring. You can simply use your fingers (yes its that easy) or a small fluff brush to ensure the product is evenly distributed. There's nothing worse than blobs of highlighter, that catch the light more than others!

4. Finish the look!
Now to really show of that gorgeous glow opt for a your favourite matte blush to avoid looking like a hot sweaty mess!

Have you guys tried strobing? What did you think?

Until next time....
Leanne xxx

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