Skin care // Top 10 Under £10

Skin care on the lower end of the price scale can be a bit hit and miss. However, there are some real budget friendly gems hidden in the isle of the drugstore! So I have put together my favourite 10 under £10.

Johnsons Baby Top to Toe wash // £1.50
Now this may sound a little strange in facial skin care post, but I swear by this as facial wash! I use this whenever I have a breakout and no lie it gets rid them overnight! This is so gentle (as you would expect from a baby wash), this doesn't contain soap so it wont leave your skin feelig tight, just soft and smooth.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing water // £4.99
This is amazing for using as a first cleansing step. It gently removes all makeup and is even suitable for sensitive skin. Although I do find this more effort for removing mascara (I wear a lot) than traditional makeup removers but perfect for base makeup. I also like to use in the morning when I'm in a rush (because it doesn't require rinsing) to remove any residue left over from my night time moisturiser. It doesn't contain soap or parabens so ideal for those who avoid them.

Ponds Cold cream // £3.29
I love this for removing makeup. Its super thick and creamy and massages into the skin like a dream! This leaves my skin feeling soft, nourished and noticeably cleaner after using. The only downside is the pot is small and i'm going through it at a quick pace!

Vitamin E dual Phase Cleansing Oil // £2.99
This is a relatively new purchase and quickly becoming a favourite! This is enriched with vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the skin, and help prevent aging (something that is increasingly concerning me). I like to put a few drops in my hand and massage it into my skin, before rinsing with a damp flannel, this then leaves me with super soft, makeup free skin.

Good Things Manuka Honey Creamy Cleanser // £4.99
This entire range has be formulated without any mineral oils, parabens and sulphate. This cleanser has everything you would expect from creams with a much higher price tag, Hydrating royal jelly, amino acids which help replenish and improve the condition skin. While the Manuka honey has antibacterial properites that help clean the skin, in a gentle way. I like to use this after I have removed my makeup and rinse of with damp flannel.

Good Things Manuka Honey Daily moisturiser // £7.99
This is formulated in the same way as the cleanser above. This is an intense moisteriser that contains bees wax and royal jelly to hydrate the skin. This also contains bee venon to help plump and firm the skin. This also contains manuka honey for it's antibacterial properties. After application this leaves my skin super soft and hydrated. Although I do find this a bit heavy for skin in the morning, but this is perfect for night time or for those who have dry skin.

Good Things Deep Pore Anti blemish lotion // £4.99
Can you tell I like this brand? This is cleanser and toner in one. But I just like to use it as toner. This is aimed at those who have oily, spot prone skin. It helps to unclog pores without stripping away the skins excess oils. This clear lotion also contains lots of good ingredients to boost skins radiance and remove bacteria. After washing my face then using this, it leaves my skin feeling thoroughly clean! I haven't noticed this help dramatically with any blemishes but I love the clean feeling it gives!

Naturally radiant Bighting day cream // £4.99 (currently on offer for £2.99)
This little green pot is brilliant for brightening the complexion. It contains kiwi fruit and mulbury extracts to boost skins radiance and even out skin tone. This a light weight formula that provides hydration all day and is great under makeup.

Quick fix Facials Anti blemish mud mask & Brightening Peel Mask // £4.99 each
Ok, Ok so I may have cheated by putting both of these in, but they're both just amazing I had to include them both. The Brightening peel mask I like to use a perk my skin up. This little baby helps to promote cell turnover and stimulate the skin to help enhance its glow. The result after 10 minutes is smooth, brighter skin. And there's nothing more satisfying, in my opinion, than a peel of mask!
The anti blemish mud mask, I like to use when I have a breakout. This helps to absorb excess oils, draw out impurities and contains tea tree oil to help treat and prevent future breakouts. This stuff is amazing, it literally takes the heads off current breakouts! And leaves my skin feeling, soft but thoroughly cleansed!

Boots essentials facial scrub // £1.50
Scrubs are something I'd rather save money on. And this Boots one does the job well. It contains cucumber and other vitamins to revive and brighten skin by gently removing dead skin cells. Scrubs can be controversial in the beauty world with some people suggesting that they are bad for the skin. But I like the super clean feeling from a real gritty scrub!

What are your top budget skin care products?

Until next time...

REVIEW // Max Factor Miracle Match Blur & Nourish Foundation

I own a few Max Factor foundations and I haven't fallen in love with any of them. Their latest offering comes in the form of this.. A foundation that claims to go beyond just colour matching, with blurring and nourishing ingredients in a lightweight and hydrating formula. £12.99 sounded a good price for all this is offering, so here I am, the owner of this little bottle.

The formula is almost gel like and quite thick. I found this difficult to apply with my usual real techniques buffing brush, It left streaks all round my face, I had to use my fingers in end. Which I hate because I also ways seem to leave orange finger prints everywhere! I found the best way to apply this, streak free, is with the real techniques complexion sponge. This did leave me with a dewy, fresh complexion that I like, with a good medium coverage, so that was a plus. The shade 75 Golden was also a perfect match for skin tone, when I have a tan (which is 9 times out if 10).  However, when I went to apply blush, bronzer ect, it was so difficult to blend anything over the top! I can forgive this though, because I really liked the finish. Although it felt tacky for the rest of the day and could feel it on my skin, Like a thick film! Which I did not like. The wear time was also good, It lasted around 6 hours before it started to break down across my t-zone.

Overall, I really liked the coverage and finish of this foundation, it also photographs beautifully. I just can't stand the feel of it! Which I am gutted about because if it wasn't for that I would absolute love this foundation and it would have ticked all the boxes!

Has anyone else had this experience with this foundation? Have you tried it? what did you think? I'd love to know!

Until next time..

Best in Beauty // September


I don't want to sound cliche but literally where has September gone? This years is going so quick! But the end of the month means more favourites! So lets get into it...

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture jelly // £24.99
This is, so far the best moisturiser I have used to date and this is my second pot. This contains hyaluronic acid which is brilliant for moisturising the skin and you only need a tiny amount for the whole face. This claims it's suitable for all skin types. I have normal to combination skin and find with some moisturisers for all skin types make me oily throughout the day, this does not do that! I also love the hygienic way it dispenses the product, not dipping finger in a pot spreading germs!

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Elcat Foundation // £31.50
I've found myself reaching for this a lot since I brought it. Its a dewy foundation but not too dewy (If that makes any sense). And just makes my dull complexion look bright and refreshed. It has medium coverage. I also love the fruity smell, It kind of reminds me of the Bourjois Healthy mix foundation. I probably wouldn't recommend this for those who are sensitive to fragrance.

Nip + Fab Bee Sting Deluxe Body Soufle // £9.99
My Legs have been feeling a little dry latey so I've been reaching for this to hydrate them and I love it! This is a super rich moisturiser that adsorbs so easily. It apparently contains Bee venom to help plump the skin and this really does leave my skin plump and hydrated. However, it does say do not use if you have an allergy to bee stings so bare that in mind!

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in the shade Divine Wine // £6.99
I couldn't not put this in, I know I know I've raved about this before! I love everything about this lipstick, the formula, the shade, just everything! Its a beautiful deep red wine colour, perfect for autumn / winter. You can read my full review of these lipsticks here.

Benefits Watts Up Highlighter // £24.50
I've used this everyday this month, I just love the finish it gives. Its a beautiful champagne toned highlighter in a stick form. This is so creamy and blends out effortlessly. With cheaper stick form highlighters I've used in the past, tend to move my makeup underneath, this does not do that. And leaves a lovely lit from with in glow!

So that's everything I've been loving this month! What have you guys been loving?

Until next time...

Haul // Drugstore

I have another haul for you guys! I'm very happy although my bank balance isn't. But its drugstore, that's how i'm justifying it.

First stop Boots..

I popped into Boots because I needed a new a concealer and ended up leaving wiith a lot more than I anticipated. Always the way, right?

Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Concealer //£6.19
This is what I originally went it for. I've repurchased this a few times. I like to use it to conceal my redness around my chin and any blemishs. It is full coverage without being cakey. I use the shade 3.. I like to use this before foundation as its quite orangey and this is the closest shade to my skin tone.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Creamy Nudes in the shade Crème De Nude // £4.99
These are like the original colour tattoos but Matte (high five Maybelline). I wanted to try this after seeing someone on instagram say it was a dupe for the MAC paint pots. I've always wanted to try the paint pots but could never justify the eye watering price tag! So at just a fiver there was no deliberation - I HAD to have it! I got the shade Crème De Nude which is a creamy Nude colour with yellow under tones.

Maybelline Colour Sensational Matte Lipstick in the shade 930 Nude Embrace // £6.99
I frigging love these lipsticks! I've done a full review on the other  shade I have (you can read it here). These are just the best creamy, long lasting, comfortable, matte lipsticks the drugstore have to offer! So I had to add this shade to my collection! Maybelline was also on 3 for 2 so this completed the deal.  The shade Nude Embrace is a light beige colour with mauve undertones.

Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation blur and Nourish // £12.99
I definitely do not need another foundation but my quest for the perfect foundation lead me to this! Blur is what drew me in - I'm hoping this will give me a soft focus, flawless look. I got the shade 75 golden which looked like it matched me in shop, but who knows with drugstore lighting! Fingers crossed this ticks all the boxes!

Max Factor Crème Puff Blush in the shade 30 Gorgeous Berries // £8.99
Max factor was also on offer (Buy one get one half price). I'm so late on bandwagon with these so I thought it was about time I tried this out! The shade is a beautiful purple berry colour as the name suggests. I love purple toned blushes, I found they suit my skin tone really well and are perfect for autumn / winter.

Essie Nail Polish in the shade In The Lobby // £7.99
I have a problem - I literally can not go into my local boots without leaving with a Essie Nail Polish (slightly concerning).  I love this shade, its a beautiful deep red wine colour with purple undertones.

Then I popped into Superdrug for some tan..

Bondi sands Self Tanning Foam In Dark // £14.99
I want to look like I've just stepped of a tropical island all year round! Therefore, Tan is staple in my beauty routine. I picked this up after seeing such good reviews on it and it was on offer so it was a win win.

NYC Individual Eyes in the shade 946 Best of Broadway // £3.99
This caught my eye because it says it is created for brown eyes. My eyes are really dark brown and with must everyday brown / darker shades I find they don't really do me any favours and just don't quite look right, so I'm hoping this will make my eyes pop! This little kit also includes a primer which I'm curious to see if its any good.

NYC City Proof 24Hr Water Proof Eye shadow stick in the shade 625 snowflakes // £3.49
I've wanted a white eyeliner stick thing for a while and this was ridiculously cheap so it made its was to the checkout with me.

Vitamin E Gental Eye Makeup Remover
This is a repurchase, It removes my eye makeup well. I prefer creams for removing eye makeup over micella waters because it makes that whole process quicker and easier for me.

Then I headed over to Wilko to check out the essence stand...

Essence Matte Touch Blush in the shade 20 Berry Me Up // £2.50
I brought this a few weeks ago and lost it *sad face* knowing my luck it will probably turn up now I've brought another one. But anyway I really liked this and £2.50 a pop it was a no brainer to get another one. Its a Lovely pinky purple shade that applies and blends nicely.

Essence Blush Brush // £2.80
The fact this was £2.80 is the main reason I brought this, along with its soft, slanted bristles it was added to my basket!

Essence Long Lasting Lip Liner in the shade 05 Lovely Frappuccino & 07 Plum Cake // £1.50
I love essence lip liners! Their super creamy formula and lasting power of these is just amazing! I also hadn't seen these ones in the plastic, wind up packaging. 05 is warm toned brown, perfect for my ever growing collection of nude lipsticks. 07 plum cake is very similar to satin mauve but it is stronger purple colour - perfect for berry lips this autumn!

So that's everything I brought! Have tried any of this? Let me know what you thought :)

Until Next Time...

Smooth Skin Saviors

Super smooth, toned skin is something I dream of and with winter just around the corner extra help is needed! What with central heating and bitter winds skin tend to be the first the place that takes the hit! I want baby like smooth, plump skin and on my mission to achieve this I've found some products that have really helped.

Garnier Body Tonic Hydrating Firming lotion // £6.99
This little yellow gem claims to moisturize and firm the skin in just 7 days so skin looks and feels smoother. 7 days is what drew me in! This moisturizer is a must for everybody! Its light weight and sinks in with no fuss. So it can be used in the morning before getting dressed. I absolutely hate moisturisers that leave you sticky and uncomfortable under clothes, this doesn't do that. This really does leave my skin feeling smoother and for me, it's done this in two uses! I'm not to sure about the whole firming thing though.

Nivea Firming Good-bye Cellulite Serum // £11.49
I don't really have a massive cellulite problem but I do have a few dimples on my bum (TMI? sorry) I would like to kindly disappear. This claims to reduce the appearance of cellulite in 10 days and firm the skin. I picked this up when it was on offer so it was around £5. This stuff is AMAZING!!! This is my second bottle, this actually leaves my skin feeling smooth and more toned! Not going to lie this didn't make me look like I've done 100 squats a day for 6 months but I definitely see a difference! I like to use this at night because its kind of sticky and feels uncomfortable under trousers. I apply this to just the targeted areas because the bottle is small and this would get expensive if I applied it to my whole body every night.

NIP + FAB Body Tummy Fix // £19.29
This claims to firm the tummy area. It contains coriander extract to help sculpt. Coriander? How does that help sculpt? Anyway, a toned tum without going to the gym, I'm all over that. Unfortunately though, I'm yet to see the toning results. But this really does leave my skin feeling smooth and nourished! I apply this at night, before going to bed because it does take a while to sink in and in the morning my skin is super soft and smooth!

Body Brush // £10
I picked this up after reading about the whole host of benefits body brushing has. Apparently, it helps reduce cellulite, improve circulation and a whole list of things when done daily on dry skin. To be honest body brushing daily is slightly ambitions for me. But I do manage to do this at least twice a week and it really does smooth the skin. And a bonus is that I find its the best way of removing my false tan and dead skin (win!). I probably wouldn't recommend this if you have sensitive skin though, as it does leave me skin feeling a little raw and red looking.

Does anyone have any recommendations that will make me look like been going to gym for years haha? And has anyone seen any results from body brushing? I'd love to know!

Until next time...

Tired eyes // Concealing Heros

 Ah dark circles.. those ugly things that remind us of the lack of sleep we've had last night! On my mission to look fresh faced, and at least half human I've found some real gems that really do the job!

First of I like to use a corrector type concealer to counteract the purple and blue in the dark circles.
This stuff is amazing for covering dark circles. This provides a long lasting smooth finish. I do find this difficult to blend out because it is thick so I like to use my fingers. I used this nearly everyday for about 6 months and there's only small dent in it! So well worth the investment. The only downside is if you over apply this under the eyes it crease throughout the day. I have the Shade NC20 which is slightly paler than my natural skin tone but I prefer lighter shade because they add more brightness to the area.

REVIEW // Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipsticks

Maybelline Matte Sensational Lipsticks have finally landed in the Uk! And after picking up Divine Wine last week I knew I had to have some from the collection.

These little beauties that come in sleek matte packaging offer a bold pigment of colour with an innovative creamy matte, non drying formula. There are currently 6 shades available here in the uk *sigh* I picked up 5 of them:

965 Siren In Scarlet - Is a beautiful medium red.

950 Magnetic Magenta - Is a lovely blue toned pink.

955 Craving Coral - Is a bold orange with red undertones.

940 Rose Rush - Is a cooled toned dusky pink

975 Divine Wine - My favourite of the lot! This is a beautiful deep red wine colour.

From left to right - 965 Siren in Scarlet, 950 Magnetic Magenta, 955 Craving Coral, 975 Divine Wine, 940 Rose Rush.

This come In at a purse friendly £6.99 and, are worth every penny! These easily rival some high end lipsticks. They didn't tug or pull my lips when applied, they are insanely pigmented,and the I got a good 4 hours wear before the colour started to breakdown. Which in my opinion is AMAZING for drugstore lipsticks, and they were not drying in the slightest! I can't rate this highly enough! The only downside is the limited shade range available in the UK. But I'd still definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a new matte lipstick.

Maybelline color Sensational Matte Lipsticks are available from Superdrug here.

Have you tried any of these? What did you think?

Until Next time...


Go to makeup // Autumn Edition

I've jumped on the autumn makeup band wagon with ease this year! And I'm thoroughly enjoying berry lips and nails. So I thought I'd share with you the makeup I've been reaching for lately.

Loreal True Match Genus.
I picked this up last week and I've been using it ever since. I quite like this, its a medium to full coverage cream, foundation. It claims to be a concealer, foundation, primer and powder in one. I don't know about that, I mean I've still had to conceal my dark circles! But it definitely has a matte finish that you would expect from a powder. I have the shade 4 beige which is perfect match for my skin tone.

Urban Decay Naked skin concealer
If you've read many of my posts before this will be no surprise! I love love love this stuff! I wont bang on about it to much, but this is amazing, conceals everything, highlights, and blends amazingly!

Collection Highlight and Sculpt Contour Kit
This, hands down has to be the best drugstore contour kit I've used (to date). I especially love the contour shade, its ever so slightly on the warmer side which I find suits me better. You can see my full review of this here.

MUA Blush in the shade Candyfloss
This gives me a subtle wash of colour to go with any look. Since I've been loving a bold lip I don't want to much colour on my cheeks and this is perfect for that barely there finish.

Benefit Watts Up highlighter
The glow this gives me is just beautiful. I like to apply this on the centre of my forehead, down the bridge of my nose, across the cheek bones and blend for this lit from within glow.

MAC Amber Times Nine eye shadow pallet
I've been loving using Don't tell (3rd row down, far left) all over my lid. I like this eye shadow because it gives a 'well put together' look with out to much effort. I've  been blending this out with Cork (2nd row down, far right) this is the perfect muted brown with a satin finish.

Loreal Volume Million Lashes
I also picked this up last week which you will know if you read my recent Haul post. Not going to lie this isn't the best mascara I've used but its not the worst. It is very lengthening but doesn't add as much volume as I'd like. But hey ho now its opened may as well use it!

Maybelline Colour Sensational Matte Lipstick in the shade Divine Wine
I frigging love this! Its the best drugstore lipstick I've used in while! The formula is so long lasting, great for long working days. Its Creamy, non drying, great pigmentation and the shade is a lovely deep red wine colour, perfect for autumn.

So that's been the makeup I've been reaching for lately. What has been your go to makeup recently?

Until Next time...

Leanne xxx

Drugstore Haul!!

I love hauls and having a nose at what everyone else is buying so I thought I'd share with you what I brought this week. First things first BIG shout out to my mum for buying me most of this!  Well I think it's safe to say I have nail polish problem! In my defence Boots had an offer that was to good to turn to down (Buy one Essie polish get another half price).

Mehron Celebre pro HD Foundation (Amazon)
I'm not sure if this counts as drugstore but it was less than £10 so I thought I threw it in. Apparently this is the foundation Kylie Jenner's makeup artists uses and at that price it had to be mine. I've used this a few times already. To be honest I'm not to fussed about it. I have many other foundations that I would pick over this one *said face* I was kind of hoping this would at least make me look half as flawless as Kylie haha. But if you'd like a full review let me know in the comments.

First stop Boots, Loreal was on offer - buy 2 get 1 free.

Loreal True Match Genus
Now this claims to be a primer, foundation, concealer and powder all in one. Bold claims loreal, bold claims, but fingers crossed it loves up to them and my hunt for the perfect foundation is over (I highly doubt this but I live in hope!).

Loreal False Lash Superstar Mascara
I go through mascara so quickly so I took advantage of the offer and got two. This is doubled ended, with a white colour lengthening and the black side to add volume. I've used this before and liked it. It really is lengthening!

Loreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara
This claims it to add volume without any clumps! This ticks all the boxes I want from a mascara so this rounded up the 3 for 2 offer.

Essie was also on offer in Boots buy one get one half price. Things happened and I ended up leaving with 4 nail polishes (who are we to judge though, right?). The 5th I brought before the offer *sigh*.

Left to right: Wrap me up, Cozy in cashmere, All eyes on nude, Luxedo, Spin the bottle.

Essie polishes are favourite polishes of all time, their unique colour range and formula is just the best! So with an other on these 5 beauties were added to my collection!

Essie Nail Polish in the shade Wrap Me Up
This is cashmere matte finish with a reflective pearl colour. This soft of white colour, with slight hint of pink drew me in and it  being the last on stand meant I had to have it!

Essie Nail Polish in the shade Cozy in Cashmere
This is another cashmere matte finish. The mauve colour and violet under tones meant this was love at first sight! Mauve is slowly becoming one of my favourite colours, with many mauve lipsticks I thought it was about time I moved to nail polishes!

Essie Nail Polish in the shade Spin the Bottle
This semi sheer nude was a total Instagram enabled purchase! After seeing so many beautiful pictures of this, it just had to be added to my collection!

Essie Nail Polish in the shade All Eyes on Nudes
Can you tell I have thing for nude nails? This very similar to Spin the Bottle but it more camel toned in the cashmere matte finish. Therefore, different enough to warrant its purchase!

Essie Nail Polish in the shade Luxedo
This is deep plum almost black shade. I just fell in love with it! With winter just around the corner this is perfect shade for the season.

Next I popped over to Wilko's to check out the Essence stand, I had a little look at Maybelline and left with these two..

Essence studio nails repairing nail oil
I have super dry cuticles and this promises to deeply care for nails and cuticles, in bid to achieve Instagram worthy nails I picked this up!

Maybelline Colour Sensational Matte Lipstick in the shade Divine Wine
Last but not least I picked up this lipstick. This colour sensational lipstick promises to deliver a burst of bold colour along with a creamy matte texture. Who doesn't like the sound the of this? I picked the shade Divine Wine which is a deep red wine colour, perfect for autumn / winter.

So that's everything I brought! What have you been buying?

Until next time...

Leanne xxx

Transition Makeup // Summer to Autumn

Summer has come to an end here in the Uk. Which, I'm not sad about I love autumn - Berry Lips, chunky knits, candles, blankets.. I just love everything about it! Although I find the transition to autumn makeup can be a bit of a shock. So I've put together some of my favourite makeup which is perfect for late summer and early autumn.


This pallet is perfect for late summer/ early autumn. The mix of warmed toned browns is perfect for creating a brown smoky eye, or subtle hint of colour to go with any lip.

Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze

The pigment and the long lasting formula makes this a winner in my book! This bronzy brown shade is perfect for moving into autumn, either on its swept across the lid or blended with another shade for a more dramatic look. 

Bourjois Colour Band in the shade 02 Brun Dadaiste

This is another bronze brown colour (are you seeing a theme here) that's an eye shadow and eyeliner. This does not smudge or budge for love nor money, perfect for the lower lash line! This is so easy to apply just sweep across the lip and blend out with fingers!


I love Plummy Cheeks in autumn! But for late summer Dusky pinks are a perfect transition colour from colourful corals and baby pinks! My favourites are:

MUA Blusher in Candyfloss

This is ONE POUND! Yes one pound! Its a powder blush which is so easy to apply just sweep and go. This is a beautiful pink shade with purple undertones making it a perfect transition shade.

Revlon cream blush in Charmed Enchantment 150

This is very similar to the MUA blush but more purple toned! The formula of this leaves you with that gorgeous lit from within glow and is just perfect for early autumn.


Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in the shade Raplumzel

I absolutely love the formula of this! Its so easy to sweep on and go. Because its a gloss stick it means less maintenance throughout the day. And the shade is a beautiful plum purple, that's super easy to wear.

MAC Taupe (full review here)

 Taupe is a pretty brown, red colour with slight mauve undertones. Its a matte finish which I love for its long lasting formula. This subtle brown perfect for early autumn.

 Maybelline Colour sensational Lipstick in the shade 342 Mauve Mania

This is a lovely pinky - purple shade with mauve undertones, perfect shade for those not wanting an out there completely matte lip. The formula is so cream and comfortable on the lips its just perfect for everyday wear.

What's your favourite transitional makeup?

Until next time..

Leanne xxx

The Liebster Award.... Say whaaat!


EEEKKK!! I've been tagged in the Liebster Award by The Pharmer's Journal! A massive thank you. I'm very new to blogging so being nominated for this fills me with excitement! And if haven't seen her blog go check it out here. The Liebster Award is 10 part Q&A with the aim of publisicising each site a bit more. Such a good idea! Once you've completed the Q&A you nominate up to 11 more bloggers! So lets get straight into the questions....

What made you want to start blogging?

I've always had a fascination with makeup and beauty products from a young age.. I remember staying with my auntie one night when I was about 5 years old, she had draws brimming with makeup and thinking WOW what does all this do! And my love just grew! Then I discovered blogs and spent every spare minute reading up on what everybody was loving for the month. Everybody around me has always said I should start one because all my spare cash goes to the beauty industry! After the birth of my son Finnley, I found myself a stay at home mum with nothing to do, apart from looking after him (obvs) and wondering when the next season of PLL is going to start (does anyone know? let me know if do). So I thought eff it I'm going to start one! And here I am!
What’s your favourite highstreet retailer?

I'm a Topshop gal through and through! From their jeans to knitwear, no one does it better in my opinion!

What’s your favourite holiday destination?

I've not been to many places *sob*. But I'd love to go to New York. I'm currently trying to convince Tim (my fiance) it would be the perfect honeymoon destination! Wish me luck he's not convinced!

Are you a sweet tooth or savoury girl?

Sweet tooth all the way! I love all things sweet and much rather have pudding than an actual meal for dinner. I know, I know it's super bad for me!

Do you have any holy grail products?

I'm a bit of product floozy and I still on the hunt for the real WOW products! But there are two hair products that I always go back to! They are the Lee Stafford Hair treatment for hair that never grows past a certain length and Aussie Hair insurance leave in conditioner. These two leave me with silky smooth manageable hair!

Do you have any hobbies other than blogging?

Shopping! Yes I'm one of those that count shopping as hobbies.

What/Who is your favourite band/artist?

Ed Sheeran, Ed Sheeran, Ed Sheeran!! With a bit of Taylor Swift thrown in! Ow and the 1975.

Do you have any celebrity crushes?

I'm probably very generic but I looooveee Channing Tatum!

What’s been your favourite life experience so far?

Obviously becoming a mum.. who knew little people could bring you so much joy! And going to uni.. This taught me some valuable life lessons!

Do you have a favourite makeup brand?

Not overly. I like to mix up and try out a lot of things!

Right so that's the 10 questions answered! My nominees are:

Jem from  Jems Journal
Ela From Ela BellaWorld
Kim from Kimcolette
Alex from Alexandra lauren
Lauren from Lauren Barden
Melissa from Melissa does makeup

Get to it ladies! I look forward to reading everyone else's!

Until next time...

Leanne xxx

REVIEW: Essence Long Lasting Lipstick Nude.

Wilko (previously known as Wilkinson).. The place that sells everything from home furnishings to bleach, now also stock Essence makeup, here in the Uk. So I just had and see what all the hype was about (being a makeup junkie and all). I picked up a few things but the two I'm most excited about are the long lasting lipsticks in the shade 03 Come Naturally and 05 Cool Nude. The matte, nude tubes caught my eye. I'm loving a nude lip at the mo, I mean who isn't? At £2.30 a pop these two swiftly hoped into my basket!

 05 Cool Nude (Above) is strangely more of a warm nude, despite what the name suggests. Confusing, right? But I can live with that as its such a pretty colour. It is mid to dark brown with strong rose undertones. I think it a pretty universal shade that would suit most skins tones. 03 Come Naturally (Below) is much more mauve toned and has much more of  an unusual edge, that's difficult to find in the drug store (high five Essence).

The formula is super creamy! And not drying at all! They take a bit of building to achieve a totally opaque look but when worn with a lip liner the colour payoff is better. I also find that the lip liner gives a more Sharpe impact to the look of the lips so I rarely wear lipstick without it. The wear time is not so great I'd say they lasted around an hour (this included through drinks) before it had completely gone. Come naturally is definitely my favourite and it also in my hand bag when I need a quick touch up on the go. The packaging is good, just plastic tubes, nothing out the ordinary. These lipsticks are super affordable and perfect for anyone looking for a good nude on budget! For the price you can't really go wrong!

Have you tried any other colours from the range? Let me know what you thought.

Until next time...

Leanne xxx

P.S The nail varnish in the picture is Essie cosy in cashmere.

REVIEW: Bourjois, Nude Sensation

So on my (what seems like never ending) hunt for the perfect foundation I stumbled upon this little pot from Bourjois. The masterminds behind the amazing Health mix, Happy light and Health mix serum, I thought this would not disappoint. Bourjois promise that this will leave you with a flawless complexion, refined pores and smoothed fine lines. Sounds like a miracle product, doesn't it?

There are currently 4 shades in the range. I opted for shade 43 Nude Dore. Not good news for those who are darker or very pale. It looked rather orange in the pot but this didn't translate on the skin. It also felt really thick when I scoped it out to apply. I applied it with my favourite Real Techniques buffing brush, it blending in beautifully and continued with my usual base makeup. The coverage was light to medium. I looked in the mirror to check it out and the first thing I noticed was my pores! What? This claims to refine pores?? I never really noticed my pores before so I was not pleased, to say the least! I also have a few minor acne scares that I've not really noticed with makeup on - those where noticeable to! I was so unhappy I applied another layer *huff*. Which didn't help. I ended up removing and using a different foundation. Which I was no ideal with when I was trying to ready in rush!!! I've used it three or four times since in the hope I was just having a bad skin day but I had the same result every time. 

Overall, this is one the worst foundations I have used and I would not recommend this, unless you have pretty much perfect skin!

If you do like the sound of this foundation its available here.

What does everyone else think of this? Or is just me who doesn't like it?

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Leanne xxx

The Ultimate Matte Lip. MAC taupe

Ahh matte lips.. who doesn't love 'em? And thanks to kylie Jenner and the current 90's trend I've been loving them even more! But there are down sides to matte lips - I mean some lipsticks can be super drying and uncomfortable - wrinkled, flakey prune looking lips is never a good look! Preparation is key to achieving smooth, baby like lips! I like to exfoliate my lips to get rid of any flakes and then apply a good lip balm before hand to lock in moisture.

I've found the perfect combo that gives me a long lasting, non drying, matte finish. It comes in the form of MAC's taupe and Essence's lip pencil in satin mauve.  Taupe is a pretty brown, red colour with slight mauve undertones. A perfect nude for those olive to darker skin tones. And in true MAC style the colour payoff is amazing! The essence lip pencil is, as the name suggests, a beautiful mauve colour. This pencil is so creamy and is not drying in the slightest. Which is a plus, there's nothing worse than dry lip pencils that you have to drag round the lips to get a hint of colour! In fact I've had to sharpen it every time I've used it! The liner when paired with the lipstick brings out the mauve undertones and leaves me with a beautiful brown mauve colour, that last around 4-5 hours *fist pump*.

What's your favourite matte lipstick?

Until Next time...

Leanne xxx

3 Products To Help You Look More Awake

You know them days where its seems regards of how many hours of sleep you've had or you just haven't had much, you still look like you haven't slept ? Well I seem to be having more and more of those! Probably something to do with my permanent dark circles that will not seem to go *sad face*. But recently I've found a few products that help me look a bit more human like and less zombie from the Walking Dead!
First of all I've been loving the Yes To Correcting Eye Cream. This miracle in tube claims to reduce dark circles and brighten eyes. Since I've been using this I haven't noticed a dramatic reduction in the appearance of my dark circles but it does seem to brighten them when first applied! Its also kind of cooling which helps reduce puffy-ness as well so its a winner in my book! Pop this in the fridge for it to be super cooling and wake those eyes up a little more! 

Next up is concealer. To make me look more awake concealer is essential! I love the Urban Decay's Naked Skin concealer to brighten up my under eyes. I raved about this in my Best In Beauty: August so I wont go into to much detail, but this blends so seamlessly and coverage is brilliant for hiding dark circles. I apply it in triangles under my eyes to conceal and highlight.

Last but not least I find that highlighter always brightens up my complexion and leaves my tired skin more awake looking. I'm enjoying using Benefits Watts Up highlighter, to give me a natural awake looking glow! I apply this across the tops of check bones, the centre of my forehead and down the centre of my nose, for that lilt from within glow. Once I've done all this I feel ready to face the day!

What are your top products for looking more awake?

Until next time...
Leanne xxx