REVIEW // Max Factor Miracle Match Blur & Nourish Foundation

I own a few Max Factor foundations and I haven't fallen in love with any of them. Their latest offering comes in the form of this.. A foundation that claims to go beyond just colour matching, with blurring and nourishing ingredients in a lightweight and hydrating formula. £12.99 sounded a good price for all this is offering, so here I am, the owner of this little bottle.

The formula is almost gel like and quite thick. I found this difficult to apply with my usual real techniques buffing brush, It left streaks all round my face, I had to use my fingers in end. Which I hate because I also ways seem to leave orange finger prints everywhere! I found the best way to apply this, streak free, is with the real techniques complexion sponge. This did leave me with a dewy, fresh complexion that I like, with a good medium coverage, so that was a plus. The shade 75 Golden was also a perfect match for skin tone, when I have a tan (which is 9 times out if 10).  However, when I went to apply blush, bronzer ect, it was so difficult to blend anything over the top! I can forgive this though, because I really liked the finish. Although it felt tacky for the rest of the day and could feel it on my skin, Like a thick film! Which I did not like. The wear time was also good, It lasted around 6 hours before it started to break down across my t-zone.

Overall, I really liked the coverage and finish of this foundation, it also photographs beautifully. I just can't stand the feel of it! Which I am gutted about because if it wasn't for that I would absolute love this foundation and it would have ticked all the boxes!

Has anyone else had this experience with this foundation? Have you tried it? what did you think? I'd love to know!

Until next time..

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