Smooth Skin Saviors

Super smooth, toned skin is something I dream of and with winter just around the corner extra help is needed! What with central heating and bitter winds skin tend to be the first the place that takes the hit! I want baby like smooth, plump skin and on my mission to achieve this I've found some products that have really helped.

Garnier Body Tonic Hydrating Firming lotion // £6.99
This little yellow gem claims to moisturize and firm the skin in just 7 days so skin looks and feels smoother. 7 days is what drew me in! This moisturizer is a must for everybody! Its light weight and sinks in with no fuss. So it can be used in the morning before getting dressed. I absolutely hate moisturisers that leave you sticky and uncomfortable under clothes, this doesn't do that. This really does leave my skin feeling smoother and for me, it's done this in two uses! I'm not to sure about the whole firming thing though.

Nivea Firming Good-bye Cellulite Serum // £11.49
I don't really have a massive cellulite problem but I do have a few dimples on my bum (TMI? sorry) I would like to kindly disappear. This claims to reduce the appearance of cellulite in 10 days and firm the skin. I picked this up when it was on offer so it was around £5. This stuff is AMAZING!!! This is my second bottle, this actually leaves my skin feeling smooth and more toned! Not going to lie this didn't make me look like I've done 100 squats a day for 6 months but I definitely see a difference! I like to use this at night because its kind of sticky and feels uncomfortable under trousers. I apply this to just the targeted areas because the bottle is small and this would get expensive if I applied it to my whole body every night.

NIP + FAB Body Tummy Fix // £19.29
This claims to firm the tummy area. It contains coriander extract to help sculpt. Coriander? How does that help sculpt? Anyway, a toned tum without going to the gym, I'm all over that. Unfortunately though, I'm yet to see the toning results. But this really does leave my skin feeling smooth and nourished! I apply this at night, before going to bed because it does take a while to sink in and in the morning my skin is super soft and smooth!

Body Brush // £10
I picked this up after reading about the whole host of benefits body brushing has. Apparently, it helps reduce cellulite, improve circulation and a whole list of things when done daily on dry skin. To be honest body brushing daily is slightly ambitions for me. But I do manage to do this at least twice a week and it really does smooth the skin. And a bonus is that I find its the best way of removing my false tan and dead skin (win!). I probably wouldn't recommend this if you have sensitive skin though, as it does leave me skin feeling a little raw and red looking.

Does anyone have any recommendations that will make me look like been going to gym for years haha? And has anyone seen any results from body brushing? I'd love to know!

Until next time...

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