Tired eyes // Concealing Heros

 Ah dark circles.. those ugly things that remind us of the lack of sleep we've had last night! On my mission to look fresh faced, and at least half human I've found some real gems that really do the job!

First of I like to use a corrector type concealer to counteract the purple and blue in the dark circles.
This stuff is amazing for covering dark circles. This provides a long lasting smooth finish. I do find this difficult to blend out because it is thick so I like to use my fingers. I used this nearly everyday for about 6 months and there's only small dent in it! So well worth the investment. The only downside is if you over apply this under the eyes it crease throughout the day. I have the Shade NC20 which is slightly paler than my natural skin tone but I prefer lighter shade because they add more brightness to the area.

As you can see from the picture I love this stuff! Its slightly salmon toned so perfect for covering under eye circles. This is so smooth and glides on effortlessly. After applying this I like to use a more natural toned concealer over the top so my under eyes are not a salmon colour.
Now this claims to be an  industrial strength concealer! I'm not to sure what an 'industrial strength' is but I'm guessing it means full coverage and this really is! This is very similar to the MAC studio finish, in consitancy and application. But what makes this a winner in my book is that it does NOT crease throughout the day! So its perfect for under the eyes.
 I'm massive fan of applying concealer in triangle under the eyes to highlight, add dimension and to ensure those dark circles are well and truly covered. These two beauties are perfect for that:
If you've read many of my post before you'll know how much I love this stuff! It is perfect for highlighting! I have shade 1 which looks white in tube but blends out so beautifully and easily It doesn't crease, good coverage, I can not recommend this enough!
Apparently is a dupe for the NARS creamy concealer, I haven't actually tried that so I cant say, but I wont be buying that any time soon if its similar to this! This is super creamy and easy to blend. The coverage is very good. Although I do find if I build up to much it does crease, I can live with that as the coverage and finish is amazing! I have the shade 15 which is strangely lighter than shade 10 (confusing, right?) This is super budget friendly to so you cant really go wrong this!
What are your favourites for concealing dark circles?
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