Colour Correcting // The Game Changer

Where would I be without concealer? And I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking this! Thanks to that trusty stuff we able to hide a multitude of problem areas - from spots, blemishes, dark circles, discolouration and to highlight the cheek bones and other areas of the face!
Although, these days, concealers not on only come in skin tone shades, they come in many different colours (green, purple, yellow, white, pink and many more). Each shade has a different problem area they are best to conceal. With many brands bringing out different types of 'colour correctors',  knowing what colours are best to conceal what can be a total game changer!
So what colour is best for what?
Yellow concealers:
Yellow tones cancel out purple and blue, making them perfect for concealing bruises, veins and
dark circles. My dark circles are purple and blue toned so discovering yellow toned concealers were a total life saver! I have a whole post on my favourite concealers for dark circles. You can read it here!  
Green Concealers:
Who else remembers the green Hide The Blemish Concealer from Rimmel? It was one of the 1st concealers I brought. I had no idea at the time though what it was for! But, Green cancels out the colour red. So green concealers are perfect for hiding any redness and spots.
Purple / lilac / lavender Concealers:
Purple counteracts yellow tones and ashy-ness in yellow skin tones. So purple will add beautiful glow to dull yellow complexions.
Pink / Salmon toned concealers:
These toned concealers are a hero for hiding those hideous dark circles! Salmon and pink tones counteract blue tones and purple tones so are perfect for hiding signs of a late night!
White Concealers:
White concealers are perfect for highlighting, such as the cheek bones. But go easy with a light hand! It can be easy to look more hospital patient than perfectly contoured like Kim K! Blending is crucial!
Skin toned concealers:
These are your standard concealers that are perfect if your problem areas are easy to cover (lucky you if they are)! They're also handy to go over any areas that are tinted from any colour correcting concealer you've already used!
In the picture above is the Makeup Revolution Concealer Palette (available here), which has all the shades described above. This bargain beauty is perfect for all your concealing needs! I'd also recommend using colour correctors before foundation for a truly flawless base.
What are your favourite colour correcting products? And does Colour correcting work for you?
Until next time...

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