A Few Things From Freedom Makeup

Freedom makeup is Makeup Revolutions professional range (I think, correct me if I am wrong). Bringing you professional makeup at affordable prices! We all love good quality products at bargain prices (well I certainly do) and with all their dupes of makeup at much higher prices - an online order was made and here I am with some new goodies to share with you!

Freedom Pro Strobe Cream Palette // £10

I'm not shy of a good contour and with my dyhydrated skin freaking out, I'm trying to avoid powders. I really like this! I use the darkest brown side (bottom row - centre) for contour. It blends out beautifully and the pigmentation is good. The other two brown shades are slightly to light for my skin tone so they, disappointingly, blend in with my foundation. I'm not overly tanned so bare this in mind when ordering! The yellow shade is my favourite for highlighting! Although the lighter shades are a bit on the oilier side so setting them with powder is essential! The brush it comes with is super soft and seems very good quality, although It doesn't fit into the smaller pans in palette!

Freedom Pro Strobe Cream // £8

My first thoughts are this looks like dupe for MACs strobe cream. I haven't actually tried the MAC one so I cant compare them. But I really like this. It provides subtle illumination, that's not glittery in the slightest! It can be worn over makeup to highlight targeted areas or underneath as a primer for an all over glow! I like to use this a primer, its hydrating, gives my skin a natural glow and acts as a barrier to stop my skin drinking the moisture out of my makeup!

Freedom Pro Studio Priming Water // £6

This is what I was most excited to try! It looks like the Smash Box Primer Water, which I've been lusting over for quite sometime! And  at £30 a bottle I will be lusting for sometime longer! So this at £6 was a no brainer! This is a lightweight primer that is enhanced with multi-vitamins that hydrate, revitalise and boost radiance! It can also be used over makeup for extra highlighting! This is amazing! It smells great and makes my makeup last all day! I also like spritzing it over the top of makeup throughout the day to make my makeup look fresher!

Freedom Eye Brow Pomade // £5

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brown Pomade springs to mind here! This promises to be the most effective solution for achieving HD brows. This is a gel formula, which I found so much easier to apply than powders! I got the shade 'medium brown' which is not medium brown by any strength of the imagination! It's definitely more of a dark brown to black! Which is really annoying because I really like the formula, lasting powder, application! Everything about this is brilliant apart from the shade is to dark! But at £5 I will be ordering it in the right shade!

Have you tried anything from Freedom Makeup? What are you favourites from the brand?

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