MUA Hydro Primer & Powder // Budget Superheros

I tend to avoid powders because most leave my skin feeling tight and dry. They also leave me looking cakey and flat (not the look I want!). I don't have dry skin as such, its more dehydrated. During winter it gets worse and drinks the moister out of my foundations if I don't use a primer. So on my hunt to find a powder that will set my makeup and not dry my skin out - I stumbled upon these:
This little purse friendly pot is a lightweight hydrating primer in gel formula that smoothes skin, for even makeup application. This is very refreshing and cooling on the skin. it doesn't feel oily, slippery, or silionconey. It just left my skin really smooth! The consistency of this is like nothing I've tried before - its like jelly - and can be a bit difficult to scoop out the pot. But that aside I really like this primer! It stops my skin breaking down my makeup and helps my makeup stay comfortable all day! It also has added benefits of a self-repairing system that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines. After application I'm left with a smooth complexion, ready for makeup!
This is a lightweight setting powder infused with vitamin E and jojoba for a natural and nourishing finish. This is £3. YES £3! And it has everything you would expect from a powder with a much higher price tag! This set my foundation and concealer, without feeling, dry or tight! My makeup lasted all day - this powder is, just, amazing! The coverage is sheer and doesn't look powdery on the skin, but its enough to set foundations. It doesn't come in shades so I'm guessing its translustant (it doesn't say on the packaging) which is good for all skin tones. I cannot recommend this powder enough! especially if you have dry or dehydrated skin.
Have you tried these products, what did you think? I'm so impressed with these I'm definitely going to try more of  MUA base products! So leave your recommendations below!
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