The Radiant Base

You all probably know by now about my struggle with dehydrated, grey and just not very nice looking skin the colder months. So I've put together my top makeup picks to stop skin drinking up the makeup and give a truly radiant, flawless base!


Primer is must, for me, it definitely stops my skin from taking the moisture out of my foundation. I like to opt for a 'glowy', hydrating one, to make my skin look alive!

Freedom Pro Studio Strobe Cream // £8

Now this looks like a dupe for MACs strobe cream but I haven't actually tried that so I cant compare them. But I imagine MACs strobe cream is more iridescent than this. This provides subtle illumination, its not glittery in the slightest! This can be worn over makeup to highlight targeted areas or underneath for an all over glow. I like to use this as a primer, it's hydrating and gives my skin a natural glow, that's not over the top!

Seventeen Skin WOW 3 Way Highlighter // £5.99

This stuff is amazing! Its the ultimate skin pick me up! This, like the freedom one can be used on top or underneath makeup, or mixed with foundation. Its a lot more glowy than the freedom one (but not glittery). I like to use this as a primer, and on top of makeup as a highlighter. As a primer its amazing and even makes dark circles look less obvious! I like to dab on cheek bones as well for an ultimate glow.


I find that if I've used one of the above primers I can pretty much use any foundation. But I do love a glowy one!

Yves Saint Laurent Touch Éclat // £31.50

The masterminds behind the greatly loved Touch Éclat have adopted the formula into a foundation to give the face an all over radiance! This foundation targets shadowy areas and highlights the natural contours of the face, in lightweight formula. It has medium coverage and blurs most imperfections. This makes my dull complexion look bright and refreshed!
This is one of my all time favourite foundations! Its a dupe for the YSL one but better! The foundation has a good medium, buildable coverage. And the finish is just amazing! Its a light infusing foundation that promises to give the skin luminosity. And this really does! A definite recommendation for those who have really dry skin.
I love highlighters, especially when my skin needs some added oomph! This palette contains 3 Radiant light illuminators, which are simply stunning. These are barley there highlighters that add a subtle glow to the face. Perfect for everyday wear! The formula is buttery soft and blends beautifully. I like the bronzy shade on my cheeks as a bronzer before blusher and the centre side on my cheek bones and down the centre of my face. These are also supposed to be a dupe for the Hour Glass Ambient Lighting powders. The only downside to this palette is there isn't any shade names written on it.
This soft focus, champagne toned beauty is a must for dull skin! Its a cream to powder finish that really gives skin that wow factor! I like to sweep this down my nose, the centre of my forehead and on my cheek bones.

So there's my top picks for radiant skin. What are yours?
Until next time...

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