New Skin Care Additions // Tried And Tested

The past month I've been test out this little trio from Freedom. I believe Freedom Makeup is Makeup Revolutions professional range. I was presently surprised by the makeup I've tried from them (you can read all about it here) so I thought I'd give their skincare a whirl!

Freedom Pro Studio Eye Makeup Remover // £5 (currently on other for £2.50) 

This promised to be an effective yet gentle cleanser that removes all types of eye makeup even waterproof formulas from the eyes, in light weight formula that moisturises the eye area without feeling greasy. This is a lightweight watery cream that is supposed to be applied to cotton wool and placed over the eyes then rinsed away with water. I didn't overly like this product. Its taken a several attempts to remove my eye makeup. I do wear a lot, but this isn't normally a problem for other traditional eye makeup removers. I don't have sensitive eyes but the first thing I noticed was how strong the scent was so I'm not sure how someone who does have sensitive eyes would cope with this.

Freedom Pro Studio Moisture Cream // £7 (currently on offer for £3.50)
The Studio moisture cream is a hydrating, rich moisturiser that contains skin loving ingredients such as shea butter to help firm, and Squalane (derived from olives) to help protect and rejuvenate. This is a very rich cream which my dehydrated skin loved! I use this at night because it might be a bit rich for day time use and this really feels lovely on the skin! In the morning I'm left with soft, nourished skin!

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