Post Party Pick-me-ups (Skin Care)

With all the festive parties and New year parties just around the corner skin can be left looking a bit lack lustre, so here I have some top skin care picks to inject a bit of life back into the skin!

 Glam Glow Youth Mud // £25

Lets firstly address the size of this! You get a tiny 15ml for £25, which I did not realise when I brought it. The box was deceivingly big! But don't let that put you off, this stuff is amazing! The best face mask I have ever used! This is a tinglexfoilate mask, that contains minerals, clay and essential oils that work instantly! It exfoliates, hydrates and tones all in one step! This tingles on the skin when first applied, which encourages blood flow, which will help skin look plumper and more alive! Just what is needed after a long night!

Pixi H20 Skin Drink // £24

Hydration is essential to putting the glow back in skin, especially when alcohol is involved-dehydration and all. This gel offering from Pixi intensely moisturises without smothering or suffocating the skin. And because its a gel its super refreshing and awakening, making it perfect for after a night out!

Yes To Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream // £11.99 

This miracle in a tube claims to reduce dark circles and brighten eyes. Since I've been using this I haven't noticed a dramatic reduction in the appearance of my dark circles but it does seem to brighten them when first applied! Its also kind of cooling which helps reduce puffy-ness as well so its perfect for post parties! Pop this in the fridge for it to be super cooling and wake those eyes up a little more!

Vitamin E Refreshing Toning Mist // £2.99                          POST

 I love this as a refreshing pick me up, Its a tonner in a spray form that contains lots of hydrating ingredients. I like to spritz over my face whenever it needs a pick me up. This can also be used over makeup.

Garnier Miracle Skin Cream // £12.99

After a night out my skin looks dull and grey and this is my secret weapon! This is a white cream that turns into a tinted moisturiser when applied to the skin. The coverage is not great but it definitely takes the dullness out of my skin, leaving it looking fresher and more radiant!

What are your favourite skin pick me ups?

Until next time...

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