What I Got For Christmas!!

So Christmas day is over for another year (sob). I had an amazing day with my family - eating, spending time with each other and giving and receiving presents. So I thought I'd share with you what I received (which I'm so grateful for!).

This is not featured in the picture because I used it to take the picture! But this is the present I was most excited for! I finally got a proper camera to take my blog photos. I did really want an SLR but they are crazy money and my photography knowledge is pretty basic so I thought I start with something I would have some idea on how to use! I really want to up my photography game in the new year so fingers crossed this will help me! A massive thank you to my lovely boyfriend for buying it for me!

I've been dying to use Zoeva brushes ever since I fell in love with their eye shadow palettes so these were swiftly added to my Christmas list! This set is so stunning and contains 8 professional brushes in beautiful black leather pouch. The set includes:
  • A powder brush
  • A Silk Finsih brush - idea for buffing in foundation
  • Face shape brush - designed for contouring
  • Luxe sheer cheek brush
  • concealer and buffer brush
  • Soft definer brush - A perfect eye shadow blending brush
  •  Petit Crease brush
  • Winged liner brush
All the brushes are super soft and appear to be brilliant quality!

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eye Shadow Palette // £40

After seeing this on countless blogs and instagram I knew I had to get a piece of the action! And this is a beautiful palette! Apart from the bottom row there are some amazing everyday nudes in it! But I love that their are a few bolder colours in there, I love bolder colours!

This was recommended to me by a fellow blogger after asking which Zoeva palette to try next and this one seemed right up my street! The shadows are inspired by rose gold and copper hues, and I do love a smoky copper eye look! There are a range of mattes, shimmers and metallics in the palette, to create many different eye looks. So when I unwrapped this I was very very happy!

This is my all time favourite Yankee Candle scent! It smells of marshmallows and fire smoke scent. So my sister kindly brought me the massive jar!!

 Yankee Candle Tart Burner // £10.99

My sister also brought me this beautiful tart burner along with the shea butter tart! I love the smell of shea butter moisturiser so I'm sure this will be a firm favourite!

 I also got some soft fluffy PJs, dressing grown, stationary and some other random bits! But what I loved most about Christmas day was spending time with my family and seeing my children's faces as they opened their presents. And that is always spectacular to see them so excited and happy! I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas! What did you guys get?

Until next time...

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