Battle of The Glow Tonics - Pixi // Freedom // Botanics

I have been workin on this post for what feels like forever now!  If you didn't know, I love Pixi Glow tonic but at £18 a bottle I would prefer to find something on the cheaper side.  But I've given each of these brighten toners a thorough test and I'm ready to report back. All of these contain AHAs, which is a chemical exfoliator, that lifts away dead skin cells in way that is more gentle than your average facial scrub. I have a whole post on AHAs and their benefits, you can read it here.

Pixi Glow Tonic // £18

This has a massive cult following and for good reason. This little beauty uses Glyolic acid promises to even out skin tone, brighten, smooth, tone to reveal smoother more radiant skin. I was very secpital of this at first. I mean how good can a hyped up toner be? But this seriously took me by surprise! It reduced the dehydration lines on my forehead and helped the redness that blemishes had left behind. And really did, instantly leave my skin feeling and looking smoother. I use this every morning on cotton pad after cleansing.

Freedom Pro Studio Glycolic Glow Tonic // £6 (Currently on offer for £4)

The sister brand of makeup revolution has been on fire with their launches and dupes. So when I saw this at less than half the price of Pixi I thought I'd give it try. This basically promises to do all the same things as the Pixi one; even skin tone, brighten and leave skin feeling and looking smoother. When using this my dehydration didn't return nor did my redness. So I would so this is a pretty good dupe. I did note though that this didn't instantly leave my skin feeling smoother. I used this in same way as the Pixi glow tonic. I've tried to compare the ingredients (which is very hard) and I don't think this one has as many natural ingredients as Pixi.

Botanic Cleansing Toner All Bright // £3.99

Now this one is right at the end of the budget scale and Botanics as an overall brand I love so I was excited to try this. This contains natural AHAs which also helps to brighten, tone and reduce pores. This also contains way less ingredients than the other two. As I said I love Botanics as brand but this sadly didn't live up to my expectations. This broke me out and left my skin looking a little red. I persevered though in hope that it would eventually work. But it didn't. My skin just got worse.

Overall, this will be no surprise to some people but Pixi Glow Tonic won this battle, in terms of fast, effective results. However, the Freedom offering is a good dupe, if you are on a tighter budget then I'd go for that one. I personally would avoid the Botanics one.

Which is you favourite 'glow tonic'. Have you had a good experience with the Botanics one? Or is it just me?

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