Battle Of The Setting Sprays - Urban Decay // Loreal // Maybelline

I am so happy the drug store and more affordable brands have jumped on the setting spray bandwagon. I've been putting them to the test and I'm ready to report back:

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray // £21

The most famous of the bunch - and most expensive is this offering from Urban Decay! This promises to keep makeup looking freshly applied for up to 16 hours without caking, fading or setting into fine lines. This has been a daily essential of mine for quite sometime now. The spritz itself is micro fine - so it doesn't feel like you're spraying water all over your face. And it dries instantly. Although I don't find this actually prolongs my makeup wear any longer than without but, it definitely keeps it looking fresher for longer and stops my concealer under my eyes from creasing! Hold this 10cm away from face and spritz 3-4 times with eye and mouth closed.

Loreal Infallible Fixing Mist // £7.99

Makeup to stand the test of time is only a few spritz away Loreal claim. With their setting spray you can achieve makeup that won't fade, cake or melt. It just looks fresh all day. I really like this and this is very good dupe of the Urban Decay one. It does exactly the same thing - Keeps my makeup looking fresher but not actually prolonging its wear. The only downside is the spray isn't as fine. But I can live with that as it's half the price!

Maybelline Super Stay 24 //

Who actually wears makeup for 24hours? I certainly don't. However, this promises makeup wear for up to 24 hours. This along with the others promise to keep makeup looking fresh all day. The first few times I used this I didn't really like. It was only when I stopped using it I realised how good this was! This really did keep my makeup looking fresh all day. The only problem with this is if you don't spray it far enough away, it dries leaving behind white spots. Not a good look! The mist isn't as fine as the Loreal or the Urban Decay versions. I've found spraying this around 20 - 25cm away from the face is best way to avoid those white spots! I cant find this online in the Uk to link for you guys and I can't remember how much it was exactly, but I'm pretty sure I paid no more than £8!


After having tried these all with various foundations, I've found the Maybelline Super Stay setting spray is best for pro longing makeup wear. Although the urban Decay offering has the finest spray. The Loreal option is very similar to Urban Decay only at a much better price. But in terms of actually pro longing makeup wear and affordability Maybelline wins!

Have tried any of these? Whats your favourite setting spray?

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