Beating The January Blues With Beauty

I'm not gonna lie I haven't had the best start to new year. And I'm seriously struggling returning back reality after an amazing festive season! Being a self confused beauty junkie, beauty and pampering never fail to make me feel better. So today I give my top products that are helping me beat the January blues.

The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter // £13

After a long day nothing beats removing makeup! And I'm surprised I haven't spoken about this before - its amazing! The consistency is so strange. Its like lard but when its applied to face it melts into an oil that removes makeup brilliantly. After it has been removed it leaves my skin so soft and smooth.

Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It // £9                                                     POST

If my skins looking particularly dull I like to go in with a scrub. And this is brilliant. It contains AHAs to really scrub away those dead skin cells. This also doubles up as a mask. 2 in 1 products are always a winner in my book! After use my skin is noticeably softer, smoother and more refined.

Superdrug De-stressing Aloe Vera Mud Face Mask // £2.59

A face mask that makes your skin looks better and de-stresses you is a must for beating those January blues. And this one wont break the bank either! The mask its self contains deep sea mud for a deep cleanse. And after use my skin does feel super clean and fresh, but not dry and tight.

PIXI Moisturising Sleep Mask // £18                                                            POST

All the things I've tried from Pixi have not disappointed me and this is no exception. This is a super thick, nourishing mask that works over night to leave skin moisturised, plumped and glowing. This feels so luxurious to use! I slap a thick layer on and massage it. My dehydrated skins thirst is instantly quenched! Which instantly makes me feel better.

Nuxe Rive De Miel // £9.50

Now I need super soft lips to accompany my super nourished face. And the hydrating properties of Rive De Miel are second to none! This is very thick formula to soothe any lip troubles! Because it is so thick I like to apply this in evening / overnight.

Vita Liberata NKD Skin Tinted Tan Liquid Dark // £12.40

Tan never fails to brighten my mood. I don't really know why but it definitely helps. I'm still yet to find the perfect tan - I really want one that gives a deep colour that doesn't need washing off. But this one comes seriously close! Its easy to apply, gives a good deep colour and doesn't smell of your usual fake tan. And this lasts for a good 7 days before it starts to go patchy!

Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter // £10

If I haven't tanned I like to smoother myself in a beautifully smelling cream! And this one is perfect. Its a thick lusxours cream which is a dream to apply, smells good and leaves my skin silky smooth and nourished!

Essie Nail Polish // £7.99

Freshly painted nails is another beauty step that leaves me feeling better. I love a fresh shiny manicure. I like to choose a colour that I really like to fight off those blues, rather than one that's in season. And Essie Mint Candy Apple is just beautiful - its a lovely mint green (My favourite colour). Essie Go Ginza is another colour I love. Its a beautiful pale lilac colour which also makes me look super tanned - so its a win win! Essie Luxedo is seasonal colour I like. Its a deep purple, almost black shade.

After I've done all that I'm already feeling better but to top a pamper season off its time to snuggle up on the sofa watching Netflix and light a candle of two...

Yankee Candle Tart Angels Wings  and Christmas Cookie // £1.50

These are two of my current favourite scents. Angels Wings is a lovely sugary, sweet vanilla scent. Which I found super calming and instantly relaxes me. Christmas cookie is another vanillary scent but is more buttery and rich.

So that's how I beat the January Blues with beauty. How do you?

Until next time...

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