Nivea Post Shave Balm As a Primer??

I will do pretty much anything (and I'm sure I'm not alone) to achieve flawless looking skin. Even if this means slapping men's shaving balm on as a primer! This is practice familiar to American beauty gurus. Who look pretty flawless so I had to give it try! What have I got to lose? I picked the replenish version to relive my dehydrated skin and the Sensitive version. They are both very similar only the Replenish version has a smell that is so strong and over powering! It smells strongly of your typical men's moisturiser. The sensitive one does still smell but no where near as strong!
The theory as to why this works so well as primer is because the main ingredient is Glycerol. And the makeup will cling to glycerol and stay put all day! So with high hopes I smothered this on my face and initially this did leave my skin so smooth, with no residue! My foundation applied beautifully over the top and so did the rest of my makeup! And looked great. I used it with several different foundations to see the outcome. And it faired better with some than others. Hydrating foundations lasted better than matte ones. But I find with my skin type if I'm using a matte foundation then I have to use a very hydrating / highlighting primer - such as Loreal Lumi Magique - to prevent it from drying out. So we'll just put that down to my skin rather than the primer.
So does it make a good primer? Yes it does. With hydrating foundations my makeup lasted around 6-7 hours before it started to break down. With Matte Foundation I got around 3-4 hours before the foundation started drying out and looking cakey - this doesn't sound great but if I use a matte foundation with no primer it dries out and doesn't look good straight away. So overall all I think this is pretty good primer for less than £6. I'm not sure how it well it would fair on oily skins or very dry though!
Nivea Post Shave Balm is available here £5.33
Have you tired Nivea post shave balm as a primer? What did you think?
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