The Skin Like Foundations...

By 'skin like foundations' I mean the ones that are demi matte and satin finish. The ones that look most like natural skin. I haven't included the foundations that I could take or leave and just included the ones that I either really like or dislike. Being a sufferer of dehydrated skin I do love a good dewy foundation but I'm yet to find one with amazing staying power. And with matte ones drying my skin out, if I want a longer lasting one satin finishes are what I reach for.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation // £27

This foundation is so underrated. I love it. It has a good medium but buildable coverage, blends seemlessy into the skin, lasts all day and doesn't dry my skin out, all in a light weight formula that's so easy to blend in! I have the shade 4 which a perfect match for me. This foundation is just brilliant!

EX1 Invisiwear Foundation  // £12.50                                                                         POST

I feel like I've been banging on about this foundation recently. But its just so good, it has to be talked about. This just looks so seemless and natural on the skin. This just makes you look like you have really amazing skin, in a formula that's light weight and has good coverage. And the £12.50 price tag just makes it even better!

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation // £29                                                               POST

The way every one hyping about this foundation coming to Uk, I thought this was going to be the best foundation ever. So I took the £30 plunge and ordered. My technonlogy knowledge isn't great, but this promised to be undetectable on super duper HD cameras. The coverage is described as medium but I found this to be more on the sheer side. It was easy to blend and did last well. But I'm just a bit meh about it. I don't hate it but for £30 I was expecting a lot more!

Revlon Photo Ready Airbrush Effect Foundation // £12.99

This is a reformulated version of the original Photo Ready foundation. Which promises to look more natural and give skin an air brushed look. I have no idea, for the life me, why Revlon thought it was a good idea to reformulate the original. It was my all time favourite foundation. When I wore it everyone gave me compliments on how good my skin looked and asked what I wearing. So I was horrified when I went to repurchase it and found this. This is rubbish, nothing like the orginal. Its not a matte finish but sets weirdly on my skin, almost like a film of foundation and has glitter in it. The shades aren't the same either.

Maxfactor Miracle Match Blur and Nourish Foundation // £12.99                               POST

The offering from Maxfactor promises to not only have great colour matching properties but also contain ingredients and blur impections and nourish the skin. This is almost a gel in consitancy and I found this quite difficult to blend out. But when it did it left a lovely satin but radiant finish, that lasted around 5 hours. I really like this foundation, the only issue I have with it, is it doesn't really set. It remains tacky. I tend to avoid powders, so this wasn't ideal for apply blush ect. The shade Golden was a good colour match.

L'Oreal Infallible 24h Foundation // £9.99

I brought this because it promises to be long lasting and contain hydrating ingredients. Thinking it would be perfect for my dehydrated skin. It wasn't. This didn't last long on me at all. And for foundation that promises to be non masking, non cakey and doesn't transfer I was highly disappointed. I could feel this on my skin and it went patchy. Not great.

Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude foundation // £8.99                                                POST

This is a really watery foundation that blends out with ease. It looks very natural on the skin. The coverage is sheer but is easily buildable. I love this foundation for days when I cant bothered with makeup but I don't want to go out bare faced!

So that's my favourite and least favourite satin finish foundations. Have you tried any of these? What did you think of them?

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