Crazy For Coconuts

Coconut Oil seems to be the beauty worlds answer for everything at the moment! And for good reason. Coconut oil has a whole host of benefits and uses. It can be used to nourish and moisturise the hair and skin, as a makeup remover and nourish cuticals. So its no wonder I have collected quite a few products containing this marvellous oil. So today I thought I'd give a little round up of my favourite products that contain it. Little Disclaimer I hate the smell of coconut! It all stemmed from a teen Malibu accident, Moral of the story - drink responsiblly guys!

Vita CoCo Coconut Oil | £11.99

This is raw coconut oil that can be used for cooking, eating as well as a beauty product! Its solid in pot but once its worked into the hands it melts into a luxuarous oil. I've tried moisturising my body with this. But to be honest, its far too oily for my liking - I hate the slippy feeling on my body, however it removes makeup so well. And once removed it leaves my skin feeling really nourished and moisturised. It also makes a brilliant hair mask. I use as a pre treatment on dry hair. I just work it in, leave it on for 10 minutes, shampoo and condition as normal. And I am left with super soft, shiny, silky hair. I definitely notice a massive difference in my hair if I don't use it!

Garnier Ultimate Blends Oil | £9.99

This is one of the best hair oils I've ever used. I actually prefer this one over the famous Moroccan Oil. This is blended with pure coconut oil to help reduce frizz, keep hair looking sleek all in a light weight formula that even protects hair from heat damage! This is also a multi tasking product that can be used as a pretreament, on wet hair before styling or on dry hair to smooth over the hair.

Lee Stafford Coco Laco Balm | £6.99 

This balm protects, soothes, adds shine and smooths over split ends. This is a very solid balm in the pot that takes some real effort to get out and melt into oil, but once it does it sinks into the hair and leaves it with a lovley glossy finish! This also makes a great nourishing pre treament.

Too Faced Hungover Primer | £27

I think us Brits couldn't contain our excitement when this made its way to the Uk! And it does not disappoint. This is designed to hide signs of a late night by smoothing over the skin and giving it a injection of power skin loving ingredients, including coconut oil! This really does smooth over the skin, leaving it feeling nourished and hydrated. It makes a brilliant base for makeup and helps pro long its wear. This does have a slight coconut scent - nothing to over powering though, it disappears once it is blended in.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation | £29

This foundation also contains coconut water as well many other ingredients to promote healthy skin. To hydrate the skin and to help makeup apply smoother. I love this stuff, its one of my all time favourite foundations! It has a good medium coverage, blends in so easily and seamless, and leaves skin with a natural radiant finish!

So there all my current favourites that contain Coconut! Have you tried any of these? What are your favourite beauty products that contain Coconut?

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