Disappointing Product | Makeup Forever Ultra HD Concealer

I'm always on the look for an amazing concealer. One thats going to hide my awful dark circles in two coats, not crack or crease and look seamless on the skin. So while browsing the Debenhams website I came across this concealer and after hearing somebody, I can't remember who, raving about this on Youtube. It swiftly made its way into my basket.

Makeup Forever claim this instantly hides dark circles, with its anti dark circle complexion booster and radiance enhancers, along with added skin care benefits to prevent the ageing process., In a formula that is undetectable on the skin ticks all the boxes in my book. So as soon as got my hands on it, needless to say I was excited.

However, the excitement soon worn of when I saw the applicator. It just squeezes out the rounded tip applicator. This made it difficult to control the amount of product that comes out, and made it difficult to actually apply it under my eyes. I persevered though hoping the actual concealer would be all that it promised. I can forgive bad packaging if the product is good. After researching swatches I went for the shade Y21. Which has super strong yellow undertones. I probably could have done with a lighter shade. The concealer itself is very creamy and easy to blend. The coverage though, wasn't great. I must have applied a good 6 or so coats before I was happy with the coverage and then my dark circles still were still visible. I went about my day as usual. And checked my makeup  just before I left the house and it had creased like nobodys business. I'm not even exagerating! I had massive lines of concealer on under my eyes. I blended them back in, but this kept happening throughout the day.

To be honest, I'm not quite sure now why I brought this, as I'm not a massive fan of the Ultra HD foundation. At £20 a tube for something thats difficult to apply, let alone a rubbish product this was a massive waste of money!

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Concealer is available from Debenhams.

Have you tried this? What are you thoughts? Whats you favourite concealer?

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