Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette Vs Makeup Revolution Radiance Palette

Powder and I don't normally get on. Having dehydrating skin most powders leave me skin really dry and tight. Which is so frustrating especially when I want my makeup to last longer. After hearing so many good things about the Hourglass powders I knew they would be made for me. However, with the individual powders costing an eye watering £40+ I just couldn't justify spending that kinda cash. So I opted for the makeup Revolation Radiance palette. At two opposite ends of the price scale, today, I thought I'd give you a comparison. To see whether its worth making the investment.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette | £56

I recieved this as a gift from my lovely children on mothers day. To be honest it was a lot smaller than i expected. But the packaging is nice and pleasing on the eye. The palette includes Dim light, incandescent light and radiant light.

Dim Light is a neutral beige colour with slight warm under tones.
Incandescent Light is a light beige colour with neutral under tones.
Radiant light is more bronzy in tone and is ideal for adding warmth to the face.

Each of the powders are designed to add a soft focus finish to the skin. And make the skin appear like it is in a soft candle light lighting. Each of these powders really do add a subtle glow to my complexion. I like to use Dim Light all over my face as a setting powder, Radiant light on my cheek and egdes of the face as a kind of bronzer and Incandescent light on my cheek bones and centre of the face as a subtle hightlighter. All of the powders are butter soft, a dream to apply, they give a nice soft lit from with glow and help my makeup last that little bit longer. And more importantly they don't dry skin out, or feel tight!

Makeup Revolution Radiance Palette | £8

I picked this up a while ago before I got the Hourglass palette, in the hope it would be a good dupe. The packaging is exactly the same as most of the Makeup revolution palettes - sturdy black plastic that houses the powders. I'm not sure of the powder names because they arent printed anywhere. Which is so frustrating! But the shades are very similar to those in the Hourglass palette. A light beige one, a slighter lighter beige with neutral under tones and a bronzy shade. These powders are slightly more shimmery than the hourglass ones. And the lightiest shade (centre of the palette) acts as much more of highlighter, than an illuminating powder. The Bronzy shade also gives a stronger bronzing effect than the Hourglass one, which I actually prefer. These powders are very good, lovely to apply and last all day on the skin. My only issue is that these can sometimes be a little bit drying around my chin area.


Both the palettes are very similar. - as you can see from the swatches below. Only the Makeup Revolution palette has much more of a shimmery highlighting effect. In terms of quality and price point the Makeup Revolution palette wins hands down. However, the Hourglass palette is definitely the one to go for in terms of being subtle and no drying on the skin.

Have you tried these? Which do you prefer?

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