The Glowing Skin Kit

I love glowing skin no matter what time of year. And with my skin dehydrated, a glowing
complexion  is a perfect match. So today I thought I'd share with you my top skin care and makeup for achieving that lit from within glow.


Pixi Glow Tonic | £18                                                                                                      POST

I just can not get enough of this stuff. Its brilliant. Its an exfoliating toner that contains AHAs, for more information on AHAs read AHAs why you should be using them. But this is a mircle in a bottle - it gently exfoliates to reveal younger, brighter more refined skin. Since using this I have definitely noticed a big difference in my skin. Its definitely brighter, its helped reduce dehydration lines. I cant recommend this enough! Especially if glowing skin is what you want.

Anything that promises to give me great skin over night is a sure fire way to get my attention. And REN is a brand I trust for delivering results. This treatment is no exception. It contains fruit acids, minerals and sugars to help gently remove dead skin cells and omega oils to soothe the skin and help the healing process. I apply two to three times a week and in the morning my skin is super soft, smooth and more radiant.


Becca Backlighting Primer Filter | £32                                                                                       POST

Regular readers skip this part. I feel like I've been banging on about this product. But for good reason. If you're after a glow this is the product you need! It really does give an amazing radiance to the skin without any glitter. It also smoothes over the skin and blurs imperfections, ready for flawless foundation application. Making this a must have for a glowing skin routine!

Can you tell I'm a massive fan of Becca? This foundation is like all my foundation prayers answered in a bottle. This may even be the one! Its lightweight formula glides over the skin, and blends out with ease leaving behind a flawless glowing complexion. Its described as having a light to medium coverage but I think it leans more medium and can easily be built up to fuller coverage. It lasts around 5-6 hours without powder on me. Anyone with dry skin needs this! I'm not sure how well this would do on those with oily skin though, so thats something to bare in mind.

Bourjois Radiance Revel Concealer | £7.99                                                                   POST

This concealer is perfect concealing dark circles and adding radiance. Its creamy, easy to blend and has good staying powder. Although this can be prone to creasing so setting powder maybe needed.

As you can see from the picture, this palette is well loved. It houses 3 radiance boosting illuminators. They aren't  like regular highlighters, they have a much more look subtle look to them. There's a bronze shade, which I like to use to on my cheek bones and around the edges of the face. And 2 lighter shades that are perfect for subtle highlighting or setting powders for an ultimate glow. All the powders are buttery soft, well pigmented and easy to blend. And what's even better this palette is ridiculously cheap for the quality.

The Balm Mary-lou Manizer | £17.50                                                                                     POST

This highlighter is a perfect for bringing out those cheek bones and giving the face a glow! It almost gives a wet look to the skin. The formula is so soft and easy to blend out. Perfect if you want people to know you're wearing highlighter. Although this can be a bit OTT for every day use.

Milani Baked Blushes | £6

For glow giving blushes, these are my go to. I have the shades Berry Amore (a lovely berry tone) and Luminoso (A beautifuly peachy colour). Both these blushes have subtly shimmers running through them, that gently catch the light in way that doesn't make you look like a disco ball. Both are well pigmented (but not to pigmented that they are difficult to blend) soft, easy to blend and last all day on the cheeks.

I'm getting more and more into facial sprays. And this one is perfect for added extra hydration. Its a multi tasking rose water spray with aloe and herbs. It can be used after moisturisers to help lock in hydration, on hair, as a setting, or as refreshing mist throughout the day. I used it as a setting spray, and I'm not to sure how well it works in terms of pro longing makeup wear. But this makes a brilliant refreshing spray throughout the day when my makeup starts to feel dry and dull looking.

So they are my top picks for achieving the ultimate glow! Have you tried any of these? What are your
glowing skin favourites?

Until next time...

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