The Beauty Reruns

 Recently I've seen a few 'shop my stash' and  'spring cleaning your makeup stash' posts, it inspired me to have a dig through my makeup collection to find any hidden gems that I may have forgotten about. I found quite a bit so I thought I'd share them with you...

YSL Touche Elcat Foundation | £32

I used to love this foundation. Its a lightweight foundation with medium coverage, that blurs flaws and imperfections without masking or hiding the natural contours of the face. It also has a very subtle glow to it and has good staying power. This has recently been formulated and I'm intrigued to see how they to compare. Although I'm going to try to this more before I buy that one, I use the term 'try' very losey!

Bourjois Health Mix Foundation | £9.99

Another old favourite. This is actually very similar to Touche Elcat, although this has a bit more glow about it. This is a great drugstore option, it has a good medium, buildable coverage and brilliant staying power. I'm definitly going to give this some more love!

Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer | £10.99

I found this when doing my Primers | The Good, The bad and The ugly post. And specifically saved it for this post. It would have definitely been in the Good category of that post! Its the primer that made me fall in love with primers. Its feather light, with the silky texture of serum. It melts into the skin like a dream. Leaving behind a super smooth, hydrated base. This can be used on its own or as a base for makeup.

I Heart Makeup I Heart Chocolate Palette | £7.99

This was once one of my most worn palettes. It has 16 shades all inspired by chocolate and all things sweet. This is dubbed a dupe for one of the Too Faced Chocolate palettes, and at £8 this is a great alternative. I Heart Makeup is another sister company of Makeup Revolution, who are well known for their brilliant quality, affordable eye shadows. And this palette is no execption. Most shades are buttery smooth and well pigmented. The two larger pale shades aren't as pigmented as the others but I can live with that! Overall, this is a great all round palette and definitely deserves more use.

The Balm Mary Lou-manzier | £17.49

One of the best highlighters I have ever used. I'm sure most of you have heard of this, this highlighter is so soft and smooth, it applies beautifully and gives an almost wet look to the skin. But recently I neglected it for other highlighters but as its officially spring its time to get my ultimate glow on.

Makeup Revolution Blush in the Shade Treat | £1

This is a beatiful peachy toned blush which was a staple last summer. So with the warmer months on their way (hopefully) I plan on using this again. For a £1 blush this brilliant! Well pigmented, applies smoothly and lasts all day on me!

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in the 08 | £5.49

The formula of the lipsticks are some of the best in the drugstore. They're matte, creamy, comfortable and long lasting. And the shade 08 is beautiful. Its a nude colour with mauvey, purple undertones. This will be added to my current lipstick rotation.

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick | £3.50

This has been repackaged but the shade Nudist is still available. Its the perfect pinky peach nude, in a glossy formula that isn't sticky at all! And leaves the lips looking glossy and plump. This would be perfect for spring summer and I will certainly be using it!

So theres some of my rediscoveries! Have you tried any these? Have you discovered any old favourites recently?

Until next time...

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Spring / Summer Bases

Spring / summer is all about natural, glowy, flawless looking skin. Well, thats the look I go for all year but there is something about Spring that really makes me want to up my base game. During the warmer months I tend to go for something that has a lighter, fresher coverage - theres nothing worse looking than when the sun cooks your makeup! So I have a little roundup of the bases that will be coming with me throughout the season...

Urban Decay Naked Skin One & Done | £25 

I'm a huge fan of the Urban Decay Naked skin line, so obviously, with promises of blurring imperfections, a unifyed skin tone and weightless feel, I had to add this to the family! It combines key skin care benefits from a moisturiser and the coverage of light foundation in a hybrid formula. This is so light and undetectable on the skin. Its more of a demi matte than a glowy foundation making it perfect for those long, hot days. It is definitely a sheer foundation, but I actually prefer this during summer. And the staying power is incredible, it lasts all day until I want to remove it!

Bare minerals Complexion Rescue | £26

This was my BFF last summer and I'm certainly not leaving it behind this year! The finish is lovely - fresh and glowy. This has a good, medium but buildable coverage. And like the Urban Decay One and Done it has added skincare benefits. I do find this one more hydrating than the One and Done so it is perfect for days when my skin is little more dehydrated.

NARS Sheer Glow | £31

Unfortunately breakouts and bad skin don't take a holiday (although, they really should) during the summer, so somedays a fuller coverage will be needed. And Sheer Glow will be perfect for them. The coverage is really good and easily buildable in a lightweight, easy to blend finish. It has a naturally radiant finish which is perfect for when I want a fuller coverage but don't want to compromise the glow. I imagine this would be pretty heat proof too! Its a win win.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation | £29 

One of the best foundations I've ever tried! And I've tried a lot! This also has a Medium coverage and the formula is just brilliant -  Its so light and melts into the skin with minimal effort, leaving behind a seamless, flawless finish. That truely gives a lit from within glow. I find it very hydrating yet its formulated without oils. This has been through every season so far with me and spring summer will be no expection!

So there you have my current spring / summer base. Have you tried any of these? What are favourite spring summer bases?

Until next time...

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Primers | The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

I've been wanting to do a primer post for a long time and since my Concealers | The good, The bad and The ugly (you can read it here) was so well received I thought I'd do a similar thing with primers. 
Primer for me is such an important step in my makeup routine - it makes my skin smoother, stops it from drying out and makes makeup last longer. With many primers promising the silky smooth, poreless, flawless skin I have collected quite a few! So lets get into it...

The good (The really good!)...

Sleek Barekissed Illuminater | £8.99                                                                       POST

I definitely prefer illuminating primers over any other, having dehydrated skin, they add hydration and make everything look brighter. And this one from Sleek is brilliant! It can be used as a primer, highlighter or mixed foundation. I personally love this as a primer. It has a shimmery finish and really brightens the skin while leaving it smooth. The formula is also really thin so it doesn't feel heavy on the skin. I have the shade Monaco which is white with a pearlised finish. This is also a very good dupe for the Becca Backlight Filter primer! 

The promise of smooth skin and lots of added skin care benefits, count me in! Not only does this leave me with super smooth skin, it adds hydration and this really does leave a luminous finish without any shimmer. Its amazing! Theres nothing not to love!

Becca Backlight Filter Primer | £32                                                                          POST 

Regular readers will know how much I love this. Its brilliant! This really does give a Backlit glow and leaves my skin smooth, radiant and polished looking! When it first comes out the pump its White with a pearlised look but it blends clear and leaves behind the most gorgoeus glow and a smooth base for makeup. This is pricy stuff but well worth every penny! 

Rimmel Insta Flawless | £6.99                                                                                     POST

This promises to be a skin perfecting Radiant skin tint. Its a primer that promises to hide signs of tiredness, give skin a radiant glow and protect the skin. I've been really enjoying this. It has pretty good coverage for a skin tint. If you have pretty good skin you could use this alone. It really does give the skin a lovely glow. It also remains kind of tacky, which helps makeup stick to it and last longer.

A super purse friendly option that promises to add hydration. This is very refreshing and cooling on the skin. it doesn't feel oily, slippery, or siliconey. It just left my skin really smooth! The consistency of this is like nothing I've tried before - its like jelly - and can be a bit difficult to scoop out the pot. But that aside I really like this primer! It stops my skin breaking down my makeup and helps my makeup stay comfortable all day! It also has added benefits of a self-repairing system that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines. After application I'm left with a smooth complexion, ready for makeup!

Soap and Glory One Heck Of a Blot Primer | £10

I surprisingly really like this considering its geared towards oily skins. It does feel slightly silicony but this doesn't dry my skin out at all. It really smooths the skin and refines everything. It also keeps my makeup in place all day! This is the primer I reach for when I want my makeup to stand the test of time! 

The Bad (Ok but not for me)...

Smashbox Primer Water | £20

This promises to add hydration, radiance and all the benefits of a conventional primer in any easy spray application without any silicone or alcohol. To be honest I'm not convinced on the whole primer water thing (see this post). But this is really convenient to use and does leave my skin a little smoother, but I just prefer your average cream primers. 

When I first picked this up I did like it. It does leave my skin really smooth, fills in pores and fine lines. It doesn't really make my skin look any less tired or more awake though. But this is far to silcony for my dehydrated skin. It really dried my skin and left my makeup looking not so good. Although I imagine this may be good for those who have normal skin. 

Velvet smooth skin with added anti aging benefits, count me in. But this was way to siliconey and left my skin feeling greasy. For that reason it's been sitting at the back of my stash and won't be making a comeback any time soon. 

L'Oreal had me at blur cream. This also contains light reflecting particals to blur skin and leave skin looking smooth and radiant. Again, this was far to silicony and dried my skin out! I feel like if my skin was more normal to oily this would be very good. 

The ugly (the really bad)...

I was so excited when these launched but I was left disappointed. I brought all the primers in this range and they're all rubbish to be frank. All of them didn't really do anything to my skin. Read more about them here. 

I've come to the conclusion that me and Makeup Forever just aren't meant to be. I've tried a few products from them and not liked any of them. And this primer is among them. It promises to blur imperfections,  leave skin smooth and prolong makeup wear. This completely dried my skin out and an hour after application I was itching to take my makeup off. 

There's definitely a theme of glowing brighter primers here! So obviously I thought this would be a welcomed addition to my collection. With added vitamin E and skin care benefits, along with being purple in tone to brighten the skin. Sadly this was so thick and left a film on my skin that prevented my foundation from blending and it just sat on my skin. 

So they are all my favourite and not so favourite primers. I feel like primers are subjective and all depends what you want from them. I have dull dehydrated skin, so I gravitate towards ones that give me glow and hydration. But if you have more oily skin than maybe you prefer more silicone based ones. and primers that aim to reduce oil production. Just because they didn't work for me, doesn't mean they won't for you! 

Have you tried any of these? Whats your best and worst primer? 

Until next time...

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A NYX Roundup

Wow thats a lot of NYX Lips products. It was almost a 'NYX Lip Edit' but I thought I'd throw in some other favourites. With NYX still being relatively new here in the UK I have gathered quite a collection. I think they are great, affordable brand, I haven't tried anything I've hated. So heres a roundup of all things NYX...

NYX Honey Dew Me Up Primer | £14                                                                 POST

I won't bore you guys with my love of glowing skin. But my quest for that perfect glow led me to this primer. I picked this up because I've never seen anything quite like it from the drugstore. To be honest I thought it was an oil. But it has a gel like consistency. Its yellow tone is supposed to cancel out any redness and give skin a honey like glow. It also has gold flecks in it that reflect the light. I don't really have an issue with redness so I can't comment on that. But this does leave skin with a radiant looking finish. It also feels refreshing to use and leaves me with a smooth base for makeup.

NYX HD Foundation | £12.50

This claims to have light defusing particles that reflects the light and leaves skin photo ready all day. I really like this foundation. I need to use it more. It's thin and runny in consistency, making it easy to blend and offers a medium coverage. This does leave my skin looking flawless. It has a very subtle radiance about it too. It lasts all day on me without powder. All in all a winning foundation! See my full review here. 

NYX HD Concealer | £5.50

After loving the foundation I knew I had to get my hands on the concealer too. And I was not disappointed! This offers great coverage - the best coverage I've had from a concealer, but a good medium. It blends out with ease, lasts all day and doesn't crease! To see more of my favourite concealers see Concealers | The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

NYX Concealer Pot | £5.50

If super full coverage concealer is what your after I can't recommend these enough! I have two shades, a skin toned one and a yellow for my dark circles. These are really thick and do take some working to blend them out but once they have the finish and coverage is incredible. I like to use my Real Techniques Complexion sponge to really work them in.

NYX HD Pressed powder | £8.00

This is the newest edition to my NYX family and a very welcomed one. Obviously I wanted to complete my HD base collection so I just had to get it. And its brilliant. I picked up the yellow shade, mainly to set my under eye concealer. And its brilliant, it has a very slight yellow tone too but this doesn't compromise its brightening abilities and just makes it perfect for setting the whole face, without leaving a yellow cast on the skin. Its finely milled and melts into the skin seamlessly. For £8 this is a great little powder.

NYX HD Blush | £5.50

This was my go to blush throughout the winter. I have the shade Bitten which is a deep, plumy colour with mauve under tones. This is silky smooth to apply and has super good pigmentation! I only need to lightly dab my brush once! I've also heard this a great blush shade for those with medium to dark skin tones.

NYX Lip Lingeries | £6.50                                                                                            POST

The beauty community has gone crazy for these. Myself included. You'll already know this if you read many of my previous posts! These are brilliant liquid lipsticks, that are easy to apply and have amazing staying power. I have two shades Exotic and Beauty Mark. I'm kind of disappointed with the shade Beauty Mark (thanks Boots online dodge swatch pictures!) Its a bold, cool toned brown. A side from the shade the formula is great. Exotic is my absolute favourite and has been my go to lip colour!

NYX Suede Liquid Lipsticks | £6.50                                                                       POST 

Love love love these! Again, they are liquid lipsticks that have added lip loving ingredients to stop them from drying the lips out. They are slightly more liquidy in consistency than the Lingeries and the applicator makes them tricky to apply. But once they are, these are not moving for a good few hours! I have two shades Sandstorm and Softly Spoken. I love both shades.. see swatches below.

NYX Lip Butters | £5                                                                                             POST 

These were the first NYX lip products I brought, after being so hyped up by Beauty Gurus across the pound and I was not disappointed. I tend to prefer matte finishes over glosses, but if I do want a gloss these are what I reach for. They are, as the names suggests, buttery and comfortable on the lips, without be sticky. They also smell so good! I have two shades: Madeleine, which is a beautiful, glossy nude, and Angel Food Cake, which is a lovely Mauve toned nude.

NYX Soft Matte Cream | £5.50

I couldn't do a NXY post and not mention the infamous Matte creams. To be honest I'm still on the fence about these. I only have one shade, which is Athens (A peachy nude) which I'm not a huge fan of. It actually translates to quite a neon bright shade on me. But that aside these are really comformable and cream like on the lips. I definitely need to get more shades. Leave shade recommendations below!

NYX Butter Lipstick | £5.50

I was instantly drew in by this shade; Root Beer Float - which is a dark pinky nude. This adds a subtle wash of colour in a creamy, hydrating formula. I definitely want to pick up more of these!

So thats my NYX roundup. Have you tried any of these? What are your favourite NYX Products?

Until next time...

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Cult Makeup | Is it Worth The Hype?

As promised in my Cult Skin | Worth the hype post (you can read it here) I have Cult makeup to see if it's worth the hype...

Becca Backlight Primer Filter | £32

Anything that promises to act like a filter on the skin is a sure fire way to get me to buy it. This promises it's soft focus pigments will blur imperfections and hide signs of tired looking skin. And I can safely say this does everything it promises! It leaves skin with a subtle luminous glow without a glitter partical in sight! This is 100% worth the hype!!! Read more about this here.

Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation | £29

A foundation that promises to perfect the skin, blurs imperfections and is undetectable under the most high tech cameras - sounds brilliant. And the way everybody and their nan was raving about this foundation I was so excited to finally try it! Regular readers will know how I feel about this foundation.. Dissapointed! Don't get me wrong its an ok foundation. But I was expecting alot more. it has light to medium coverage and looks natural on the skin. I wouldn't say undetectable though. In my opinion this isn't worth the hype. And is far too expensive for an ok foundation! A great alternative to this foundation is the NYX HD foundation, see this post.

NARS Sheer Glow | £31 

So many people love this foundation and many people recommended it for my dehydrated skin. This offers a good medium coverage, a very subtle glow in a lightweight, easy to blend formula. I love this stuff! To be honest, I'm starting to prefer bases with a lighter coverage and more glow. But this is perfect when I want a fuller coverage one. I also imagine that this would be great for those who have dryer skin too - it isn't dry at all! Is the worth the hype? Yes competely. I've also heard many people with different skin types raving about this!

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer | £17.50

This concealer is completely worth the hype! Its brilliant. Theres not too much to say about this but its light weight has great coverage, works well under the eyes and on belmishes.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer | £4.19

This is a greatly loved concealer by many and the only drugstore item that made it in. Its long wearing and has good coverage and what's better is its less than £5. So is it worth the hype? In my opinion no. This is far too drying for me and I'm convinced it breaks me out so I avoid this. But its so cheap if you haven't tried it you won't be too disappointed if you don't like it.

Hourglass ambient lighting palette | £56

These powders need no introduction! Light reflecting, glow enhancing, soft focus powders that basically promise the world! These are brilliant and the glow they give is undeniable. These are completely worth the hype. But for me its more are they worth the money? individually they retail for £38 and £56 for the trio. Which is steep for a powder, even glow enchancing soft focus powders! If you have the money by all means these are great, but the Makeup Revolution powders are a good alternative (see this post here).

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in the shade Opal | £32*

I love highlighters and it was only a matter of time before I caved into the Becca hype. This promises to give skin a backlight lustre without any glitter. Its finely milled, buttery soft, blends with one stroke. Completely worth the hype! Champagne Pop is next on my list!

By Terry Ombre Black Star | £29*

Eye shadow sticks are brilliant when in a rush, just sweep on and blend out with a finger. These ones by Terry have received so much hype. They promise not to crease, and last all day. I have the shade Misty Rock which is beautiful, bronzy brown shade. This does live up to its promises! But like the Hourglass palette, it is pricy for an eye shadow stick! If you're an eyeshadow stick enthusiast then this would be a brilliant addition to your collection. But they're are different, cheaper drugstore alternatives, like the Bourjois ones, that do exactly the same thing!

Urban Decay Naked Palette | £38.50

All the Naked palettes are definitely hyped up. I only own the original one though. The palette contains a range of Neutral and brown tones, in a range of finishes from mattes to shimmers. Urban Decay are renoud for the buttery soft, well pigmented shadows. To be honest, I think their are better shadow formulas out there. Is the Naked palette worth the hype? I think when it was first released and it was the first of its kind on the market, it was worth the hype. But now there's so many 'Nude' inspired palettes out there with better formulas.

MAC Lipstick in the shade Velvet Teddy | £15.50

I think all MAC lipsticks are cult makeup. The shade range is incredible and there's a formula for everybody. But I feel like the shade Velvet Teddy, thanks Kylie, is a shade in particular everybody wants / wanted. Is it worth the hype? YES! This is my perfect nude, the balance of pink and brown is perfect. It is easily my most worn lipstick.

Have you tried any of these? What are your thought? Whats your favourite cult makeup product?

Until Next time...

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The Beauty Lover Tag

Todays post is slightly different! I was tagged in the Beauty lovers tag, by the lovely Kay for shoes and glitter. So lets get straight into it...

If you could have anyone in the world do your makeup who would it be?

I'm kind of picky when it comes to doing my makeup - I know how I like it done and I like to do it my own way, If that makes sense. I'm also not very up on my makeup artists. But if I had to pick one person, it would Rosi from Rosanna Pierce. Her looks she does on her Youtube channel are so good, plus I could watch her all day haha.

Whats your makeup top tip?

I don't really have anything revolutionary to share. But I find it so much easier to apply my concealer before foundation. That way you don't have to over worry about the shade match. Although I do apply my concealer under my eye over the top, purely for highlighting.

What Skincare Product could you not live without?

Ahh this was a tough one. I mean, I love the feeling of taking makeup off and a cleanser is such an important step but then for my dehydrated skin, moisturiser is too! And moisturising without taking my makeup off, I'm cringing at the mere thought, so if I had to pick 1 it's moisturiser.

What are you worst at when it comes to applying makeup?

Eye shadow. I Always see amazing pictures of perfectly blended shadows, you know the Instagram worthy pictures, where everything is perfectly blended, yet everything looks so precise. How is that done? I can't seem do it for love nor money!

What's your biggest pet peeve about makeup?

I don't really have a big one. But I hate when you see people getting stressed out over makeup like and makeup comments like 'you're wearing too much makeup'. Who actually cares! If it makes YOU happy than go for it!

Whats your Guilty Pleasure Product?

This was another tough one. Probably my whole high end foundation collection. I have way too many and wince at how much they are all worth added together. But I just love foundations!!!

Whats your underdog product?

Probably the Maybelline 24H concealer or the Urban Decay Naked skin foundation. Both are so underated and are brilliant!!

Whats your favourite Makeup product of 2016?

I actually have quite a few. See best beauties discoveries of 2015. But if I had to pick one. It would be the Too Faced, Born this Way foundation. It has good coverage, easy to blend and lasts all day!

I'd like to tag all my readers! ( If you do this let me know, I'd love to read it.) But in particular I'd like to see:

Dragmara from Mummy's Beauty Corner
Sal from Umm Baby Beauty
Shay from Shay Holly
Jasmine From Jasmine Talks Beauty
Ash From Ms Tantrum

Until next time...

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The Bad Skin Day Kit

My skin has been freaking out at the moment. I've been getting breakouts while some areas have been so dehydrated. My makeups not been sitting - urg its just being nightmare. So I've incorporated a few things to not only hide my belmishes, but skincare to help the underlining problem. So I thought I'd share them with you today..


Quick Fix Facials Exfoilating scrub mask | £4.99

This scrub is brilliant for really giving skin a thorough clean. Its really thick, pasty with large scrubby particals. I know some thick manual scrubs are bad for skin, but sometimes you just can't beat the feeling of a good old scrub. This one is brilliant, sometimes it literally takes the heads of spots (gross, i know). And leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean! It also doubles up as mask, just rub it in and leave it on for 5-10 mintues for an extra deep clean.

Una Brennen Super facialist  Salicystic Acid Anti Belmish Clay Mask | £9.99

This mask is a godsend when my skins not looking its best. It contains Salicyic acid which is a type of BHA (if you want to know more about AHAs and BHAs see this post) which is a type of acid that penetrates deep into the pores to unclog them and remove impurities. This also contains vitamins and Avocardo oil to help nourish the skin. I like to apply a thin layer and wait 10 minutes and remove. After removing, my skin is left so much brighter and smoother. A must for bad skin days!

Pixi Glow Mud Mask | £18

Having dehydrated skin means some spot / blemish treamtments leave my skin feeling dry and tight. On days when my skin is particularly dehydrated I reach for this. It's brilliant for deep cleansing and drawing out impurites without being overly drying. After using this my skin is brighter, softer and smooth.

First Aid Beauty ultra Repair cream | £9

With my dehydrated skin after spot treatments, I need to really nourish my skin to stop it from drying out. And this is perfect, its hydrating but light enough to use under makeup. It also contains a range of ingredients to not only moisturise but help the skin repair process, making it a great option for helping heal blemishes and redness.


Now when skincare alone is not enough its time to pull out the big guns, in terms of coverage...

Rimmel Insta Flawless | £6.99                                                                                    POST

This primer is perfect for bad skin days. It has little bit of coverage which is brilliant. It leaves skin, smooth and radiant. This would be perfect for those who have really good for skin but for me it's brilliant for layer coverage. It also is hydrating enough to stop my skin drinking the moisture out of my foundation.

Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion creme | £34                                                 POST

This stuff is brilliant! A full coverage foundation, that is light weight and breathable and promises to give an air brush finish; ticks all the boxes for me. And this really does what it promises. I rarely like full coverage foundations because they tend to be matte and too drying for my dehydrated skin. But this isn't drying in the slightest. So when my skin is not looking its best. This is my best friend. 

Maybelline Superstay 24H Concealer | £6.19

Concealer is another essential for those pesky breakouts. I reach for this one, it's full coverage, easy to blend and doesn't look cakey, and stays in place all day. 

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation | £31

I love a glowy base and when my skin is bad sometimes this isn't an option but thankfully NARS has my back. This is a good, medium coverage, with a slightly glowy finish, it blends with ease, and lasts all day. It covers most imperfections, and whats left is nothing a bit of concealer won't sort out. 

Vichy DermaBlend Corrective Foundation | £18                                                  POST

For a more affordable, full coverage foundation this is perfect. Its packed full of pigment to offer the fullest of full coverage in a lightweight blendable finish. This finish isn't matte, which I love, its a demi matte. The staying power is incredible. Overall, if a full coverage foundation is what your looking for this one has nothing not to love. 

So they are my go to products for sorting out bad skin days? What are yours?

Until next time...

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The Only Nude Palette You'll Ever Need | Zoeva Nude Spectrum Palette

For reasonably priced, brilliant quality eyeshadows, I know Zoeva will have my back! Although I have noticed they've upped the price of their 10 shadow palettes, which I'm not best pleased about but I still think they're pretty reasonably priced for the quality. I already own 4 Zoeva palettes and when they lauched their spectrum palettes, I resisted for quite sometime - I mean, did I really need another Nude eyeshadow palette? Well, the answer is yes, yes I did! So here I am with this beauty.

The Nude Spectrum palette houses 15 shadows all inspired by nude and natural hues, housed in sturdy cardboard. The shades are:

ND010 - A shimmery, Mocha colour with pink undertones. This didn't swatch well. I think it was because I had freshly applied tan. But this is well pigmented.

ND020 - A dark shimmery chocolate shade. I love this all over the lid or outter V.

ND030 - A matte black. I love that this contains a matte black. This is perfect for lining the upper lash line for a bold, smokey look.

ND040 -  A Stunning golden copper shade. This looks beautiful all over the lid.

ND050- A mid to dark brown, taupey shade. Perfect Crease colour.

ND060- A deep, golden, shimmery Brown. Another great lid colour. Or it looks lovely smoked out on the lower lash line.

ND070- A matte mauvey, rose colour. This is a great a crease shade or all over the lid.

ND080- A purply brown shimmer shade. I love this all over lid.

ND090- A warm rusty copper shade. This is one of my favourites! I love this all over the lid and smoked along the lower lash line.

ND100- A creamy champained toned, pale shimmer. A perfect inner corner or brown highlight. I also used this all over lid, on its own and loved it!

ND110- A shimmery biege peach. This would be great as a highlight on darker skin tones or a lovely lid colour on paler skin tones.

ND120- A mid toned shimmery coppery brown. Another perfect lid colour.

ND130- A creamy, very pale matte pink. This would make a lovely matte highlight.

ND140- A beautiful pale cream that shimmers.

ND150- A pale brown with mauvey undertones. I love this as a crease colour.

Every shade in this palette is brilliant, with the exeption of ND130 - I found it a little chalky. But the rest are super buttery, well pigmented, have minimal fall out and last all day on me, without fading or creasing. Almost any nude eye look can be created with this. From something subtle for everyday wear to something smokey and more dramatic for an evening out. This palette has it all. Who doesn't love nude, natural eye shades and for that reason I've been reaching for it nearly everyday! My only issue with this palette is the names. Or lack of them, they're more like codes. I found them actually difficult to read because they're placed above the shadow pans rather than below. But, its really not that big of a deal.

I can't recommend this palette enough! I already have the cool spectrum palette and I'm eyeing up the warm spectrum palette to complete my collection.

The Zoeva Nude Spectrum Palette is available from Beauty Bay £28.50

Have you tried this palette? What are you thoughts?

Until next time...

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Makeup Lately

So it's time for another makeup lately! If you haven't read previous ones, it's just basically the makeup I've been reaching for. I have a few new things that I've been using and loving  that I'm excited to share!

Too Faced Hungover Primer | £27

This has been my primer of choice. Its brilliant! It promises to make dull tired skin awake and refreshed. This is super hydrating, leaves my skin smooth and with a luminous finish! There's nothing not to love about this primer!

Urban Decay Naked Skin One and Done | £25

This is a relatively new purchase that I have been wearing almost everyday. Its a tinted moisturiser hybrid packed full of skin care ingredients. It promises to blur imperfections, even skin tone, and feel weightless on the skin. Urban Decay say it has the coverage of a tinted moisturiser but I think it has better coverage. More on the medium side than sheer. It really does feel weightless on the skin. The finish is demi matte but still radiant looking. The lasting power is also really good. It lasts all day on me without powder, which is very impressive for this type of product. This is a perfect foundation for the warmer months!

Milani 2in1 Foundation + Concealer | £8.99

If you read my recent Milani hall (you can read here) You'll know that Milani now has a uk website and the drama I had getting this in the right shade! I'm so happy with this though! It has full coverage with an amazing finish! It has a kind of plumping and smoothing effect on the skin, with a lovely radiant finish! The only downside to this is the wear time. It only lasted around 5 hours on me before it started going patchy. At the end of the day I looked like a melting wax doll - it wasn't pretty!

Seventeen Skin WOW concealer | £4.99

If you read my recent concealer post, you'll know how much I love this! It's such a brilliant drugstore concealer - it has great coverage, Highlights well, and lasts all day!

Zoeva Rose Golden Palette | £13

This nifty little palette contains a contour shade, blush and highlighter. At first I thought the contour shade would be too light for me - it's a very milky brown colour - but if I build it up it works well as a subtle contour. The blush is a stunning Rose Gold colour with shimmers running through it. The blush is my favourite out of the 3, it looks so beautiful on the cheeks! The highlight looks straight up white in the pan and scared me a bit. But once blended in, it transforms to a gorgeous champagne toned highlighter! See the Spring Beauty edit for swatches.

Stila Covertable Colour | £16

I'm so late to the party with this! I'm not sure why I haven't picked one up sooner. Its brilliant! Its a multi tasker that can be used on the lips or as blush. I love it as a blush! Its a cream to powder formula that is so easy to apply! I like to use my Real Techniques stippling brush to apply it. I have the shade Peony, which is a brownish rose colour with warm under tones. I'm definitly going to pick more shades to see me through spring summer.

Makeup Geek Shadow Pans | £4.95 & £7.95

I just get enough of makeup geek shadows. I've nearly filled my meduim Z palette! The formula, price and pigmentation is just brilliant and for that reason most of my other shadows have been over looked. My favourite shades are:

Creme Brulee - A light warm toned brown. This a perfect crease colour.

Latte - A mid to light cool toned brown. Another great crease shade.

Frappe - This very similar to Latte only more warm in tone.

Cocoa Bear - A stunning warm, reddish brown colour. I love this in the outer V, crease and sometimes all over the lid.

Bitten - This is deep Berry purple shade. This is perfect in the crease and outer V.

Cherry Cola - This is very similar to Bitten. It looks purple in the pan but I find it translates to a reddish, warm toned brown.

Granstand - This is one of the prettiest shades I own. Its a foil finish so really packs a punch in terms of shimmer. The shade is a Rosey Coppery shimmer colour. This looks stunning all of the lid.

Magic Act - Another foil finish that is beautiful gold colour! Perfect all over the lid. Or as a highlight on darker skin tones.

Chickadee - Is a kind of yellow, mustard colour. This is one of my favourite shades! I like to use in the crease, and Magic Act all over the lid for a quick easy, yet put together eye look!

Revlon Ultimate all in One | £9.99                                                                                          POST

I'm so impressed with this mascara. At first I found it annoying because the brush is so small. But its perfect for catching every lash. This really is the Ultimate All in one - it adds length, volume and is super black. It doesn't smugde or flake. Its just brilliant!!

NYX Lip Lingerie | £6.50

Liquid lipsticks are my thing at the moment and this is one the best I've tried! The formula is not too liquidy so it makes them super easy to apply. They are so long lasting and I didn't find it drying! And the exotic is a beautiful Brown colour. I can't fault these!

NYX Lip Butter Lipstick | £5.50

For days when I'm in a rush I've been reaching for this! The Shade Root Bear Float is a dark pinky nude which adds a subtle wash of colour in a creamy, hydrating formula. The formula of the Butter lipstick line would be perfect for summer, so more shades are sure to make their way into my collection.

So thats been my go to makeup lately! What has been yours? Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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Illuminating Powders For all Budgets

My love for glowing skin is no secret. I'll try anything that promises to illuminate, add a soft focus finish and leave my skin looking air brushed. Having dehydrated skin used to mean I'd avoid powders. Most are mattifying and too drying on my skin. However, the beauty industry has gone crazy for powders that give a glow. Naturally, I jumped on this bandwagon and here I am sharing my favourite illuminating powders with you...

Hourglass Ambiant lighting palette | £59

At the top end of the price scale is this little trio from Hourglass. There are three shades that all work in different ways:

Dim Light is a neutral beige colour with slight warm under tones.
Incandescent Light is a light beige colour with neutral under tones.
Radiant light is more bronzy in tone and is ideal for adding warmth to the face. 

Each of these powders promise to give a soft focus look to the skin, as if lit by a candle. And these really do give a subtle lit from within glow! I like to use Dim Light all over the face to set my makeup, Incandescent light across the tops of cheek bones and the down the centre of the face, and Radiant light on the cheeks to give a bronzy glow to the skin. All the powders work beautifully together. These aren't drying at all on me either. So these are perfect for those looking for a non drying setting powder. This is pricey but if you have the spare cash this is definitely worth investing in. 

Makeup Revolution Radiance Palette | £8

This is very similar to the Hourglass palette (see Hourglass vs Makeup Revolution). It has 3 powders (pictured above). A light Beige, A slightly lighter biege and a bronzy shade. These offer a stunning glowy finish. The Bronzy shade gives the most perfect sun kissed look to the skin. I get most use out the lighter biege colour (centre) and bronze shade (far right) to be honest I find them a little over the top to actually set all of my makeup. But the Centre shade gives a lovely subtle highlight to the check bones and centre of the face. £8 you can't really go wrong these! 

Makeup Revolution Beyond Radiance palette | £8

Because I loved the Radiance palette so much, I obviously needed both. Again it has 3 powders. These don't have shade names, which makes comparing them so frustrating! But the centre shade and the shade on the far right are pretty good dupes for Incandescent light and Radiant light from the Hourglass palette. The bronze shade is much lighter than the one in the radiance palette and is very very similiar to the Radiant light. The centre shade is a light beige that offers a beautiful glow. This is perfect for setting all of my makeup. And the far left shade looks white in the pan but blends out to a lovely pearly highlight. I think this palette would be perfect for those who have a paler complexion. And all the powders in this palette offer a more subtle glow than the original Radiance Palette. I'd definintly recommend this and the Radiance palette if the Hourglass palettes are out of your price range. 

Laura Geller Baked N Brighten Foundation | £26

Laura Geller falls in the middle of the price spectrum. This is designed to give a sublte glow, balance complexions and make skin look all round better. The texture is silky smooth and finely milled. This gives a very subtle glow, more subtle than any of the others. But what I love about this powder is the way it blurs everything! Pores are gone, and the over all texture of my skin looks smooth and even! I look to use it as a final step, I swirl this on a large fluffy brush and buff it in, in circular motions for the best results! This also comes in 5 shades to match most skin tones. This isn't swatched below because it's so subtle and lighting wasn't on my side! 

Have you tried any of these? what are you thoughts? Whats you favourite brightening powder? 

Until next time... 

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