Milani Has Come To The UK | Haul + First impressions

So Milani finally have a Uk site -! I don't think I could contain my excitement when I found out. If you didn't know Milani is brand readily available in America and have left us Brits lusting over their beautiful products for quite some time! Obviously I headed straight over to make an order. So heres what I picked up...

Milani Conceal + Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation concealer | £8.99

As you can see I have two of these (I made two orders) because for some reason I thought it was a good idea to order 09 Tan, Which I think is the second from darkest shade. And it's far too dark! I couldn't even mix it with a light foundation to make it work. Being the complete foundation junkie I am and after hearing so many good things about this I obviously had to order it in the right shade. I also was very impressed with the finish to it, so I opted for shade 04 Medium Beige which is a far better match. I could have done with a shade darker to suit me when tanned, but I can mix the two! My first impressions of the foundation are WOW! Its brilliant. It's described as medium to full coverage, but its definitely more on the full side. It also says its light weight - its not the lightest of foundations, but its lightweight as full coverage foundations go. The finish is amazing, its very luminous. And has a kind of plumping effect on the skin (if that makes sense), It doesn't sink into fine lines or scars, but still looks very natural. I'm not sure about the staying power yet, but I will keep you updated. But so far I love this foundation!

Milani Secret Cover Concealer | £3.99

Next up I picked up this concealer. I'm also in the market for a new concealer and at the cheap prices of Milani I thought why not. I haven't given this a proper test yet. But It seems like this would be good for blemishes, I probably won't use it under the eyes, it seems to thick for that. I got the shade 07 Natural Beige which is a shade or two lighter than the 04 foundation.

Milani Moisture Lock Grapeseed oil Infused Lip Treatment | £7.99

This caught my eye because it reminded of the Clarins Lip oils, which everyone is raving about at the moment. At less than half the price I thought I'd give it whirl. I wish I hadn't. This reminds me of those lip glosses I used to use when I was 12. You know the super sticky ones which have the strange smell. Its not overly sticky but it feels heavy on the lips. Its definitly more of a gloss than an oil. The applicator isn't very good either - its a large, curved doe foot -Which just applies far too much

Milani Rose Powder Blush | £7.99

How beautiful is the Rose design on this! I wanted one of these for the longest time. I have a few of the baked blushes but I needed this in my collection. The first thing I noticed was the strange plasticky scent it has, but I can forgive it because it's just so beautiful. I picked up the shade Romantic Rose, I did really want Tea Rose but that was out of stock. But I'm happy with this! The shade is a lovely mauve-y pink. The Formula is buttery and it applies smoothy and lasted all day!

Milani Baked Blush | £6.99

What Milani haul would be complete without a baked blush? I have a couple of these already and they are amazing so I wanted to add another one to my collection. I'm getting a bit bored of my makeup and wanted to go for something a bit different to what I already have, so I opted for the shade Coralina. This does look scary in the pan. It even scared me. It looks straight up bright orangey red but it blends out to a lovely natural flushed colour. I actually really like it and it suits my skin tone well.

Milani Matte lipstick | £4.99

I already have one of these too and the formula is brilliant - Matte, comfortable on the lips and longlasting. I went for the shade Confident, Which is a straight up red. This looks more pink and not as statement on the website - so bare that in mind when ordering. I think that was the case with the Coralina blush as well. To be honest this isn't the kind of shade I would wear. But it's always good to have a red, right?

Milani Amore Matte Lip Cream | £7.99

My liquid lipstick obsession it's not going away anytime soon. So here I am with this! I went for the shade Loved, which in the tube looks like a a nude pink colour, but its actually quite red with brown under tones. This was another waste of money - Once it had dried, it went flakey and flacked off my lips. Within half an hour the colour had completely gone from the centre of my lips and left a strong outline around the edges - Not the look I was going for!

Side note - definitely research swatches and shades before ordering so don't end up disappointed. I also questioned the authenticity of the site, but Milani told me on twitter it was the Uk website. Also with both my orders I did not receive any dispatch or tracking information (which is what made me think it was dodgy). I did email them about this on Sunday, I'm writing this on a Tuesday and I still haven't received a reply. However, I did receive both my packages safely! If you have ordered from do let us know in the comments how you got on. If you're unsure about this ordering A good alternative to the Milani Website is (customer service is spot on!) See this post here. 

Have you tried any of these? What are you favourite Milani Products?

Until next time...

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