Primers | The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

I've been wanting to do a primer post for a long time and since my Concealers | The good, The bad and The ugly (you can read it here) was so well received I thought I'd do a similar thing with primers. 
Primer for me is such an important step in my makeup routine - it makes my skin smoother, stops it from drying out and makes makeup last longer. With many primers promising the silky smooth, poreless, flawless skin I have collected quite a few! So lets get into it...

The good (The really good!)...

Sleek Barekissed Illuminater | £8.99                                                                       POST

I definitely prefer illuminating primers over any other, having dehydrated skin, they add hydration and make everything look brighter. And this one from Sleek is brilliant! It can be used as a primer, highlighter or mixed foundation. I personally love this as a primer. It has a shimmery finish and really brightens the skin while leaving it smooth. The formula is also really thin so it doesn't feel heavy on the skin. I have the shade Monaco which is white with a pearlised finish. This is also a very good dupe for the Becca Backlight Filter primer! 

The promise of smooth skin and lots of added skin care benefits, count me in! Not only does this leave me with super smooth skin, it adds hydration and this really does leave a luminous finish without any shimmer. Its amazing! Theres nothing not to love!

Becca Backlight Filter Primer | £32                                                                          POST 

Regular readers will know how much I love this. Its brilliant! This really does give a Backlit glow and leaves my skin smooth, radiant and polished looking! When it first comes out the pump its White with a pearlised look but it blends clear and leaves behind the most gorgoeus glow and a smooth base for makeup. This is pricy stuff but well worth every penny! 

Rimmel Insta Flawless | £6.99                                                                                     POST

This promises to be a skin perfecting Radiant skin tint. Its a primer that promises to hide signs of tiredness, give skin a radiant glow and protect the skin. I've been really enjoying this. It has pretty good coverage for a skin tint. If you have pretty good skin you could use this alone. It really does give the skin a lovely glow. It also remains kind of tacky, which helps makeup stick to it and last longer.

A super purse friendly option that promises to add hydration. This is very refreshing and cooling on the skin. it doesn't feel oily, slippery, or siliconey. It just left my skin really smooth! The consistency of this is like nothing I've tried before - its like jelly - and can be a bit difficult to scoop out the pot. But that aside I really like this primer! It stops my skin breaking down my makeup and helps my makeup stay comfortable all day! It also has added benefits of a self-repairing system that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines. After application I'm left with a smooth complexion, ready for makeup!

Soap and Glory One Heck Of a Blot Primer | £10

I surprisingly really like this considering its geared towards oily skins. It does feel slightly silicony but this doesn't dry my skin out at all. It really smooths the skin and refines everything. It also keeps my makeup in place all day! This is the primer I reach for when I want my makeup to stand the test of time! 

The Bad (Ok but not for me)...

Smashbox Primer Water | £20

This promises to add hydration, radiance and all the benefits of a conventional primer in any easy spray application without any silicone or alcohol. To be honest I'm not convinced on the whole primer water thing (see this post). But this is really convenient to use and does leave my skin a little smoother, but I just prefer your average cream primers. 

When I first picked this up I did like it. It does leave my skin really smooth, fills in pores and fine lines. It doesn't really make my skin look any less tired or more awake though. But this is far to silcony for my dehydrated skin. It really dried my skin and left my makeup looking not so good. Although I imagine this may be good for those who have normal skin. 

Velvet smooth skin with added anti aging benefits, count me in. But this was way to siliconey and left my skin feeling greasy. For that reason it's been sitting at the back of my stash and won't be making a comeback any time soon. 

L'Oreal had me at blur cream. This also contains light reflecting particals to blur skin and leave skin looking smooth and radiant. Again, this was far to silicony and dried my skin out! I feel like if my skin was more normal to oily this would be very good. 

The ugly (the really bad)...

I was so excited when these launched but I was left disappointed. I brought all the primers in this range and they're all rubbish to be frank. All of them didn't really do anything to my skin. Read more about them here. 

I've come to the conclusion that me and Makeup Forever just aren't meant to be. I've tried a few products from them and not liked any of them. And this primer is among them. It promises to blur imperfections,  leave skin smooth and prolong makeup wear. This completely dried my skin out and an hour after application I was itching to take my makeup off. 

There's definitely a theme of glowing brighter primers here! So obviously I thought this would be a welcomed addition to my collection. With added vitamin E and skin care benefits, along with being purple in tone to brighten the skin. Sadly this was so thick and left a film on my skin that prevented my foundation from blending and it just sat on my skin. 

So they are all my favourite and not so favourite primers. I feel like primers are subjective and all depends what you want from them. I have dull dehydrated skin, so I gravitate towards ones that give me glow and hydration. But if you have more oily skin than maybe you prefer more silicone based ones. and primers that aim to reduce oil production. Just because they didn't work for me, doesn't mean they won't for you! 

Have you tried any of these? Whats your best and worst primer? 

Until next time...

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