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Todays post is slightly different! I was tagged in the Beauty lovers tag, by the lovely Kay for shoes and glitter. So lets get straight into it...

If you could have anyone in the world do your makeup who would it be?

I'm kind of picky when it comes to doing my makeup - I know how I like it done and I like to do it my own way, If that makes sense. I'm also not very up on my makeup artists. But if I had to pick one person, it would Rosi from Rosanna Pierce. Her looks she does on her Youtube channel are so good, plus I could watch her all day haha.

Whats your makeup top tip?

I don't really have anything revolutionary to share. But I find it so much easier to apply my concealer before foundation. That way you don't have to over worry about the shade match. Although I do apply my concealer under my eye over the top, purely for highlighting.

What Skincare Product could you not live without?

Ahh this was a tough one. I mean, I love the feeling of taking makeup off and a cleanser is such an important step but then for my dehydrated skin, moisturiser is too! And moisturising without taking my makeup off, I'm cringing at the mere thought, so if I had to pick 1 it's moisturiser.

What are you worst at when it comes to applying makeup?

Eye shadow. I Always see amazing pictures of perfectly blended shadows, you know the Instagram worthy pictures, where everything is perfectly blended, yet everything looks so precise. How is that done? I can't seem do it for love nor money!

What's your biggest pet peeve about makeup?

I don't really have a big one. But I hate when you see people getting stressed out over makeup like and makeup comments like 'you're wearing too much makeup'. Who actually cares! If it makes YOU happy than go for it!

Whats your Guilty Pleasure Product?

This was another tough one. Probably my whole high end foundation collection. I have way too many and wince at how much they are all worth added together. But I just love foundations!!!

Whats your underdog product?

Probably the Maybelline 24H concealer or the Urban Decay Naked skin foundation. Both are so underated and are brilliant!!

Whats your favourite Makeup product of 2016?

I actually have quite a few. See best beauties discoveries of 2015. But if I had to pick one. It would be the Too Faced, Born this Way foundation. It has good coverage, easy to blend and lasts all day!

I'd like to tag all my readers! ( If you do this let me know, I'd love to read it.) But in particular I'd like to see:

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