Drugstore Foundations | The Good, The Bad & The Ugly | Part 1

The drugstore can be a mine field when it comes to foundation. All the diiferent formulas, finishes and then there's shade matching. I know this can be a real struggle for many. I'm quite fortunate and its only the really cheap brands that only have like 4 shades, that I struggle with. So today I thought I'd share them with you, in this the Good, the Bad and the Ugly format! I have far too many drugstore foundations to fit into one post, so I thought I'd do this over two posts. Starting with the foundations I don't overly talk about.

The Good (the really good)...

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless | £5.99                                                                         POST

So this has finally landed in the Uk. I couldn't wait and ordered mine from ebay a few months ago. And the Uk version is in a different style of bottle. I haven't heard that the formula is different, but I might pick up the Uk version to check. But I'm really happy with this! Its definitely a matte foundation, with a good medium to full coverage. I have dehydrated skin so matte foundations tend to be a no go. But this isn't drying at all! It isn't cakey either and looks pretty seamless and flaweless on the skin. And the staying power is insanely good! This lasts all day, and looks pretty much how I applied at the end of the day. I have a full review of this here.

L'Oreal True Match Foundation | £9.99                                                                                 POST 

I didn't like the original version of this. It was too cakey and drying for me. But this new formula is spot on. L'Oreal have added oils, and other ingredients that not only help it look better but look after the skin at the same time (See this post for more details). This glides on and blends in with ease. And has lovely glowy, but not greasy finish. It has a good medium coverage and lasts pretty well throughout the day. I have the shade 4.0 which is an ok match. I probably could do with a shade darker. 

Bourjois Healthy Mix | £9.99                                                                                                 POST

I feel like this is either a love it or hate foundation. I personally love it. I wouldn't say the finish is overly glow-y but its definitely not matte or satin. It just leaves behind a healthy look to the skin. The coverage is medium and it lasts all day on me. I have the shade Dark Biege which matches me perfectly. Although I do know some people really struggle with Bourjois shades, but if you can get a good match I definitely recommend this! 

Vinchy Dermablend Corrective Foundation | £18

This is at the higher end of the price scale of drugstore foundations. For good reason -its a super full coverage foundation, probably the most full coverage foundation I own. I found drugstore full coverage foundations tend to be thick, cakey and not easy to work. But this is something different. The texture is actually quite runny and easy to blend, nor does it look heavy on the skin. It does look a little flatter than I like but with a illuminating powder and highlighter it looks great. I believe this comes in 8 shades, which is pretty impressive as drugstore foundations go. For more details see The Ultimate Flawless Base with Vichy. 

The Bad (ok but not for me)...

Rimmel Match Perfection | £7.99

I heard a while ago someone comparing this to NARS Sheer Glow so I picked it up. Its nothing like Sheer Glow. This is supposed to have good coverage and look weightless on the skin. But I found this difficult to blend and then it kind of went transparent. It didn't really cover anything. So I guess this would be a good foundation if you have pretty flawless skin to start with. 

L'Oreal infallible foundation |  £9.99                                                                                           POST

This is supposed to be a long wearing foundation that is also hydrating. Sounds right up my street. I do really like the finish of this. It's nice and glowy. But long wearing, I think not. This lasted around 3 hours before it started going patchy. Ant the formula is really thick and looks heavy on the skin. 

Essence Stay All day Foundation | £3.80                                                                                POST 

I picked this up after hearing one of my favourite Youtubers raving about. And its dirt cheap - just £4! This is another foundation I really like the finish of. Its a satin finish and has a glow about it. But my gosh, this is so thick! It settled in all my lines and I didn't think I even had any! The staying power was good though - around 6 hours. The shade range is pants, 4 shades. I imagine this would be good if you have super smooth skin. I don't so its not for me. 

The Ugly (The really bad)...

Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation | £7.99

This is described as a soft matte foundation with a hydrating formula. This is one of the most rubbish foundations I've ever tried. Its so difficult to blend and just sat on my skin. Despite using brushes, Damp sponge and my fingers this would not blend into my skin. Its wasn't overly long wearing, but it didn't dry my skin out so I guess it is hydrating. 

MaxFactor Skin Luminizer | £11.99

Max Factor tends to be a brand that I over look. I love their Creme Puff Blushes but anything else I just feel a bit meh about. So I though I'd at least try a foundation. And I was majorly disappointed. This is supposed to bring coverage and light refecting properties for a healthy glow. Healthy glow? This left me looking so flat! The foundation was also on the heavy side. 

L'Oreal Infilable 24hr matte foundation | £7.99

When this was first released everyone was hyping about it - claiming it was the best drugstore foundation ever. In my opinion this isn't the best drugstore foundation, in fact its probably one of the worst. Its so heavy, cakey and flat looking. Everything I don't want in a foundation. I can kind of see why people with oily skin would like this but my skin type this is no go! 

So thats part one of the Drugstore foundations. Have you tried any of these? Whats your favourite drugstore foundation? 

Until next time... 

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