Drugstore Foundations | The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Part 2

As promised in my Drugstore Foundations | the good, the bad and the ugly part 1 (you can read it here) I'm back with part 2. I still had too many foundations to fit into this post, which is slightly concerning, but lets just ignore that and get into it...

The Good (the really good)...

NYX High Definition foundation | £12.50

NYX can do no wrong in my eyes. I've really enjoyed using everything I've tried from the brand so far. This foundation comes from their HD line which promises to make you look picture perfect; blurring imperfections, smoothing the skin and remaining undetectable on the skin. Although this doesn't make me look as airbrushed as I'd like, this is a very good foundation. In fact one of the best I've tried from the drugstore. The formula is so light and easy to blend, it offers a good medium coverage. But it's the finish of it I really love. It gives skin a delicate glow, that really looks like its been lit from within! I highlighly recommend this! See my full review of it here. 

Milani 2in1 Concealer + Foundation | £9.99

Ah the drama I had to get this in the right shade (Read all about that here). Although this isn't technially a drugtore foundation here in the Uk, it is in the US and Milani now have a UK website (miliani.co.uk) I thought I'd include it because it's a great foundation! This does offer amazing full coverage and it has a plumping effect on the skin. It just makes it look so smooth. The finish is satin but more on the glow-y side. My only issue with this is the staying power - it's rubbish. It only lasts at best 4-5 hours before it starts to break down and go patchy. But as £10 foundations go this is very good. 

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Foundation | £10.99

This is my holy grail foundation. Its one of the only ones I've used up and brought several times, which I think speaks volumes considering I rarely use up a foundation! The foundation is so lightweight but offers a meduim coverage. And the finish is so lovely and glowy! Every time I use it I'm wowed! One of the best foundations the drugstore has to offer!

L'Oreal Infailable Sculpt | £8.99                                                                                           POST

Now this isn't marketed as a foundation, L'Oreal say its a contouring base. But its basically a foundation. This has a light to medium coverage thats so easy to blend and looks flawless on the skin. The finish is not quite dewy but not quite satin, its in between, which I really like! The staying power is brilliant, it lasted all day on me! I really really like this! Although, I believe this only comes in two shades. Light and medium. Which is disappointing. 

The bad (the ok but not for me)...

Bourjois City Radiance Foundation | £9.99

I feel like the beauty industry has gone crazy for this whole pollution protection thing. Which is what this foundation promises to do. It has an anti pollution screen which prevents pollution from dulling down the skin whilst keeping it looking fresh and radiant. This does leave the skin looking fresh and glow-y. Although I'm not sure if it actually protected my skin. But the thing I didn't like was how tacky it stayed on my skin. And this made made it difficult to apply powder products over the top. But I think if you use a lot of cream products this would be great. 

MaxFactor Miracle Match Blur & Nourish Foundation | £12.99

This promises to make colour matching easy, whilst offering skin care benefits and coverage. I did really like this, it has a serum like texture and has a beautiful, radiant finish. But like the Bourjois foundation it remained tacky and didn't really set, so it was difficult to blend powder products over the top. See my full review of this here. 

Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup Foundation | £8.99

I'm not quite sure why this is called Naked, it definitely doesn't offer undetectable coverage. I mean it is lightwieght, but I'm yet to find a foundation this is completely undetectable. The finish was very natural looking with light to medium coverage. But it was just too drying for my skin and left it feeling tight and uncomfortable. So maybe if you have normal to oily skin this might be great for you. 

The Ugly (the really bad)... 

Revlon Photo ready Airbrush Effect | £12.99

This is a reformulation from the original Photo Ready foundation, which I used to love. It was my favourite all time foundation. So I had high hopes when I saw this. But I have no idea why they reformulated it. This one is rubbish! Its drying and has chunks of glitter in it! This is just rubbish!

Maybelline Super Stay 24h Foundation | £8.99

Being the foundation junkie I am, I have to buy new drugstore foundation lauches, so this was no exception. While this does have great coverage and amazing staying power - I've not actually tested it for 24hours but it didn't last all day on me - The formula is so thick! And I mean thick, it was difficult to blend and looked kind of heavy on the skin. And it creased in every fine line! Not great. 

Max Factor Face Finity All day Flawless 3in1 foundation | £12.99

This promises to be a primer, foundation and concealer all in one. Its not. The coverage is ok, but no where near anything like a concealer. It didn't add a glow, or smooth the skin the like a primer would. And it was too cakey looking and drying for me! 

So thats part 2 of the Drugstore foundations? Have you tried any of these? Whats your favourite Drugstore foundation? 

Until Next time...

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