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I finally finished my medium Z palette (14.75), which holds 27 eye shadow pans, with all Makeup Geek Shadows. I even have a couple that won't fit. I need to buy a bigger palette. I'm totally converted to custom build palettes and Makeup Geek shadow pans are some of the best affordable shadows on the market at the moment. If you didn't already know (which I'm sure you did) Makeup Geek Shadow and Z palettes are available from Beauty Bay Here. I thoroughly enjoy reading these posts so I though I'd share my collection with you...

Top Row:

White Lies | £4.95

White lies is a shimmery White. This isn't the most pigmented White but its buttery soft and makes a perfect inner corner, brow bone highlight. 

Shimma Shimma | £4.95

This is another ideal highlight shade. Its an off White shimmer shade, that isn't glittery it just has subtle sheen to it. This is so soft and easy to blend.

Rupunzel | £4.95

I've actually hit pan on an eye shadow, this never happens! So I think it speaks volumes for how much I love this shade. This is similar to Shimma Shimma only more champagned tones. This is great as a highlight shade. But I really like it as an eye shadow base. I also wear this alone on days when I don't have time to be blending 3+ shadows, for a beautiful barely there finish. 

Cinderella | £4.95

This is a pale Pink colour with shimmers in it. On me it kind of leans a bit Peachy. Its a beautiful shade all over the lid. It has good colour pay off, easy to blend and lasts all day. 

Cosmopolitan | £4.95

This is another one of my favourite shades. This is a stunning Rose Gold colour with a shimmer finish. Its a perfect lid colour! This is also blendable, well pigmented and lasts well. 

Peach Smoothie | £4.95

I feel like this is a highly talked about shade. And for good reason. Its a pale Matte Peach shade that works wonderfully in the crease and adds an extra dimension to any eye look! 

In the Spot Light | £7.95

This is from the Foiled Finish line. So its super pigmented and really has a beautiful, foiled finish. This in particular is a Peachy Pink with warm undertones. This works so well as a lid colour or as a inner corner highlight. The formula is amazing, its so creamy and easy to work with. 

Second Row...

Glamorous | £4.95

This is a golden Copper colour with hints of Brown and a soft shimmer finish. This is another beautiful all over the lid colour and lower lash line. Like the others this is well pigmented, blends easily and lasts all day. 

Creme Brulee | £4.95

This is one of my most used shades. Its a matte, warm toned, mid Brown. This is my perfect crease shade and adds a little something extra to any look! 

Latte | £4.95

Latte is a mid toned, cool brown. This is another great crease shade that is easy to blend and last all day. 

Frappe | 4.95

Frappe is very similar to Latte only its warmed toned. You probably don't need both, its down to what you prefer. I personally prefer warm tones so Frappe tends to be my go to crease shade.

Gold digger | £4.95

Gold digger is a beautiful Yellow Gold shade with a frost finish. I love this all over the lid. Like the others this is well pigmented, and easy to blend.

Chickadee | £4.95

With spring upon us and a nice few days we've had here in the Uk, I've been enjoying a warm Orangey, smokey eye look. And this shade is a perfect crease shade for blending out Orange tones. Its a warm matte Yellow-y Orange shade. I also enjoy wearing this alone in the crease with Magic Act all over the lid for a super easy, but put together eye look.

Cocoa Bear | £4.95

Another highly talked about MUG Shadow. Its a warm toned, matte Brown with Red undertones. Another great crease or outer v shade.

Third Row...

Tiki Hut | £4.95

Tiki Hut is one of my most recent MUG purchases, so new I haven't actually used it yet. This shade is a matte, mid toned brown with Yellow-y undertones. As its matte this would make a great crease shade, or all over the lid. 

Wild West | £4.95

Another very new shade. This is a muted Plumy, Purple shade with a matte finish. This is great crease and outer v thats works well with most shadows. I found the formula slightly powdery but it still applied smoothly and blended well. 

Goddess | £4.95

This is mid toned, Brown Coppery shade, that has a kind of Pink sheen (on me anyway). Another, soft, smooth, bendable lid shade.

Flame Thower | £7.95

I feel like with my super dark Brown eyes I need really warm toned eye shadows, or my eye just looks like a big Brown smudge.. Does anyone else get that? Anyway, Flame Thrower is the most beautiful, warm toned Orange Copper colour. This is a foil finish so it really packs a punch in terms of pigmentation. And looks absolutely stunning all over the lid. 

Magic Act | £7.95

This is a light Gold colour with Yellow undertones, with a foiled finish. This is another one of my most worn shades. Its crazyley pigmented and looks great all over the lid, with Chickadee through the crease. This could also be used as a highlight on darker skin tones. 

Morocco | £4.95

In keeping with my love of warm toned shadows Morocco is another one of my favourites. Its a warm toned, matte Red with a Brown undertone. This works brilliantly in the crease or all over the lid. I like this in the crease and Grandstand all over the lid. 

Poppy | £4.95

This is a bright Red, matte colour. To be honest I haven't got much use out of this yet. But it swatches well, and seems soft and smooth. 

Last Row...

Grandstand | £7.95

This is a Rose Gold Copper colour with a Foil finish. This is quite a strange (in a good way) shade. It looks warm but has a slight, Taupe-y undertones at the same time. The colour is simply beautiful and looks great all over the lid. All the foiled finish shadow I've tried are brilliant and this one is no exception. 

Toxic | £4.95

I'm not to sure why I brought this shade, but I'm determinded to make it work some how. Its a metallic Purple shade with Black undertones. The formula is on par with the all the other MUG shadows. 

Cherry Cola | £4.95

This looks like a Purple-y shade in the pan but translates to a warm Red toned Brown. Its more Red than Cocoa Bear. The formula isn't as smooth as the Makeup Geek shadows and feels kind of gritty to swatch but it is still very blendable, easy to work and well pigmented. 

Taupe Notch | £4.95

As the name suggests this is Taupe-y muted medium Brown, with Grey undertones. Its super soft and pigmented with a very slight shimmery finish. This is a great versatile shade.It works well all over the lid and can be used in the crease. 

Vintage | £4.95 

This is a muted Mauve-y Brown, with Plum undertones and a matte finish. This is another great crease shade. It can be easily sheered out to something more subtle or built up for a more intense look. 

Bitten | £4.95

Bitten is a deep Berry Purple shade with a matte finish. This can be used all over the lid for a dramatic look, in the crease or Outer v. The formula is well pigmented and applies evenly.

Overall, I'm very happy with all my Makeup Geek shadows and all of them are well pigmented and a pleasure to apply and blend! I'm definitely going to be investing in a bigger Z palette so I add more to my collection.

What shades do I need next? Have you tried any of these?

Until next time...

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