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Essie are my favourite polishes. High Gloss finish, easy to apply, a brilliant brush and they're longlasting. Most polishes chip within a day on me, even with my trusty Sche Vite top coat. With Essie polishes I get a good day or two wear before it chips. Which may not sound like long but for me thats impressive. They are slightly more expensive than most drugstore nail varnishes, but I think they are definitely worth it! I have quite a large collection so today I thought I'd share my favourites with you...

Essie Fiji | £7.99

Fiji is one of my all time favourite shades. Its a beautiful, stunning, milky, pale pink. This is the ultimate summer shade (although I actually wear it all year round). It also looks stunning against a tan.

Essie Go Ginza | £7.99 

This is a stunning, creamy Lilac colour. Although, its described as a Cherry Blossom Pink, which is how it looks in the swatch below. But I think its definitely more Lilac. Either way its an absolutely beautiful shade!

Essie Mint Candy Apple | £7.99

Is this blue or green? - is the debate I always have with myself. But I think it's more Green so we're going to go with that. Its a lovely Minty Green. Its one of my all time favourites! A must for any polish collection.

Essie Virgin Snow | £7.99

This was released as part of the Winter 2015 collection and as soon as I saw it, it had to be part my collection. Its a Lavender colour with a cool icy-ness to it, but at the same time has a kind of creamy-ness to it. Its like nothing I own.

Essie Spin the Bottle | £7.99

Every collection needs a good nude and this mine! Its a Cream, Beige colour, that gives an understated, yet put together look to the nails.

Essie Limo-scene £7.99

I don't how this got into the polishes for this post. I don't really like this, but it managed to get into the picture so I thought I'd just throw it in. This is a very sheer Pink. Its barely visable on the nails, just look at the swatch. Although Essie do say this is good for French manicures.

Essie Blanc | £7.99

I love White nails, especially against a tan. And Essie has nailed this White. I've tried a few drugstore Whites and none them apply, or look so opaque and good on the nails. Most look like I've painted my nails with tip ex, but not this!

Essie Cabana Boy | £7.99

This was released as part of their recent retro collection. Which was some favourite Essie Polishes throughout the decades. And this is a pale Grey with shimmers running through it. Although, It looks kind of pink in the swatch, but its definitely Grey in person.

Cocktail Bling | £7.99

Cocktail bling is a lovely, Grey toned Blue. I love nude and pastel shades so this was the perfect compromise during the winter.

Essie Wrap Me Up | £7.99

This was part of their cashmere matte collection, which I was so excited about. All the polishes in the collection were matte but had subtle shimmers running though them that refected the light for a hint of shine. And Wrap Me Up is a beautiful Beige-y nude. This dries in record time and looks so unique on the nails. The alone downside is it chips like crazy!

Essie In The Lobby | £7.99

I do love my pale polishes but sometimes I do like something darker. And In The Lobby is perfect for those occasions. To me this shade also sums up autumn. Its a deep Red wine colour with Purple undertones.

Essie Cozy In Cashmere | £7.99

This is another shade from the Cashmere matte collection. This is a Mauve colour with Violet undertones. Its such a pretty shade. Although like, Wrap Me Up it chips very quickly.

Essie All Eye On Nude | £7.99

In keeping with my love of nude nails, All Eye On Nude is a camel toned nude. This is also from the cashmere matte line. And this my go to nude when I'm not tanned.

Essie Angora Cardi | £7.99

Angora Cardi is a beautiful, dusky Mauve colour, with a creamy-ness to it. This is one of Essies best selling polishes and I can see why! Its simply stunning.

Essie Sand Tropez | £7.99

Sand Tropez is inspired by women in France and this creamy Beige gives a clean, elegant look to the nails.

Essie High Class Affair | £7.99

This is the newest polish to my collection, from the spring 2016 collection. The shade is a beautiful Apricot nude, that is fully opaque in two coates. This makes me look so tanned and compliments my skin tone well. I definitely want to get some more polishes in this kind of shade.

All the polishes were swatched with two coats. All applied evenly and easily! So thats my favourite Essie polishes. If you make it to the end *high five*, it felt like it took forever to write!

Have you tried any of these? What are your favourite nail polishes?

Until next time...

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