A Few Drugstore Discoveries

These Drugstore Discoveries Posts have become an unintentionally regular thing - you guys seem to enjoy them and I enjoy sharing what I've discovered from the drugstore in the previous month. During May the purse strings were tight so I didn't really have much cash to chuck around the drugstore but I did manage to discover a few things to share with you...

Boots Time Delay Flawless Primer | £10.99

I could spend hours looking through the Boots website (and sometimes do) and as I was looking through the Best Beauty Buys section I found this primer. The reviews were so good I just had to get it. I haven't really heard anyone talking about it either, which intrigued me more. I can completely see why Boots would say this is a best buy! I have haven't tried a primer that has blurred my skin so well. I don't know how it's done, but after application my skin just looked better. Not going to lie this doesn't make me flawless but there was a definite improvement in my skin. I didn't find this mattifing or glow-y it just made my skin look a bit perky-er. Very impressed by this.

NYX Skin Elixir Renew -Q10 Primer | £11

Yes, I brought Two primers. I'm all about perfecting my base. This is a primer and serum in one. Win. And I'm very happy with this. Its not silicon-y or shimmery - it definitely feels more like a skin care product - its very hydrating and makes a good base makeup. It kind of reminds me of the Too Faced Hungover primer, but less watery (if you tried the Too Faced one you'll know what I mean).

NYX Matte Lipstick | £6.50

NYX has quickly become one of favourite drugstore brands, but I've not tried their Matte lipsticks so I thought it was about time I did. I picked the shade Euro Trash. I hate the name but love the product and shade. Its a Mauve-y nude colour and the formula is so good! Its not dry at all and actually feels kind of hydrating, whilst still being matte. Its stays put for a good few hours before it starts fading too.

NYX Gotcha Coverage Concealer | £5.50

Another NYX product in the form of this concealer. I'm not a fan of the packaging, its a squeezy tube. But I'm too fussed about it. This is a seriously full coverage concealer - I've never tried one like it! It takes the tiniest dot of product to cover pretty much anything. This completely covered my dark circles in one application, which is so impressive, they are really bad. My only issue with this is it doesn't seem to dry or set on me. It stays looking shiny. I'm still working on what powders and stuff are best to set it so I'll report back.

Collection Define and Perfect Eye Brow Powder | £2.99

This is a strange concept, it's a powder in a liquid eye line style tube with a liquid eye liner style applicator. The applicator is very fine though, so it makes defining the eyebrows easy without being over the top. I have the shade Blonde, which I'd say is pretty dark. This doesn't fade or smugde on me, so if you can find a good shade this is definitely worth checking out.

Barry M Lip Liners |  £2.99

I see on Barry M's Instagram that their new lip liners where good dupes for some of the MAC lip Liners so obviously at £2.99 a pop I had to get some. I picked up the shades Rose and Toast. Rose is a lovely Rose colour and Toast is a mid toned Brown, which is perfect for most nude lipsticks. Both are easy to apply and last well. They're not the creamist lip liners I've ever used but they are really good for the price.

Barry M Lip oil | £4.99

Lip oils seem to be the thing at the moment and I really want to try the Clarins so when I see this offering from Barry M at just under £5 I was a little excited. I really like this, it smells nice and applies smoothly to the lips. Although I'd say this is more a silky smooth gloss than an actual oil. Although I do like this and looks nice on the lips. I'm going to get the Clarins one to see how they compare though.

Barry M Illuminating Strobe Cream | £4.49

Next up is the Barry M Strobe cream. This is a highlighter in stick form, That is so creamy. It applies smoothy and blends easily without moving any makeup underneath. I got the shade Iced Bronze which is a Champagne, Bronze colour. It doesn't have any glitter in it and catches the light well. Overall, a good cream highlighter!

So thats everything I've discovered recently. Have you tried any of these? What are you thought?

Until next time...

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