A Skincare Revamp | The Update

At the beginning of last month I posted about the new products I'd brought in a bid to tackle the bad skin I'd been having (see that post here). After giving them a thorough test I'd thought I'd let you guys know if they'd make the cut in my skincare routine. I have dehydrated skin, with the occasional breakout.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Wash | £9.50

As I said in the Skincare revamp post I was looking for a nice light cleanser for morning use. Unfortunately I've used this only a handful times. It left my skin feeling really dry and tight. Which is a shame because I love everything else I've tried from the Vitamin E line. So this has been left at the bottom of my skincare basket.

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel | £29.50

I don't think I've been more excited over my cleanser. I feel like this has been hugely hyped up and sounded promising - With fruit extracts for gentle exfoliation, many other skin loving ingredients. This is a real pleasure to use and the light gel melts into an oil to dissolve makeup and impurities. But this didn't help my breakout, in fact it made them worse. So it pains me to say, as this stuff doesn't came cheap, but this hasn't made the cut and I've stopped using it.

Origins Mini Mask Marvel | £20

I've wanted to try the Origins Drink up overnight mask for the longest time, so I picked up this little set with two of their other greatly loved masks. And I've been thoroughly enjoying them all:

  • Origins Drink It Up Intensive  Overnight Mask - Love this! It's a really thick cream that you apply before bed for an intense moisture hit. In the morning my skin looks and feels so much better; its more plump and velvety soft to the touch. I think I may have to repurchase the full size
  • Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcole Mask - This contains Charcoal and White china clay to draw out impurities that can clog pores and lead to breakouts, in 10 minutes. I've been really enjoying this. And it really does leave my skin looking and feeling cleaner and fresher. 
  • Origins Orginal Clay Mask - this is my favourite of the 3 masks. This ones contains clay to deep cleanse the skin, but this one also gently exfoliates to combat roughness and dullness. This really does what it claims, and leaves my skin, soft, smooth and brighter. I will certainly be rebuying the full size! 

La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra Fluid | £17.50

Love love love this moisturiser! It's formulated for sensitive, dry / dehydrated skin to add hydration without irritation. At first I thought this was just a fuss free moisturiser that just moisturises, but it wasn't until I stopped using this I realised how good it really is. This really nourishes the skin and since I've been using this since the dehydration and tightness haven't been a problem!

Kielhs Midnight Recovery Concentrate | £37

This little oil promises the world in terms of skincare. It hydrates, nourishes and smooths the skin overnight. I really like this! I apply a few drops every night and in the morning my skin is super soft and smooth. This is really pricy, and I do really like it but I feel like there are more affordable alternatives, such as the Body Shop serum in oil (post) which does pretty much the same thing for less than half the price.

Have you tried any of these? Whats you favourite skincare product?

Until next time...

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