ColourPop Haul & My Shipping to the UK Experience

I think I'm not alone in saying ColourPop not shipping to the Uk is so frustrating! With everybody and their nan raving about the unique formula and rediciously cheap prices -  Most of there products are just $5! Crazy. But I've seen a lot of people talking about these 3rd party shipping companies. And what they basically do is give you an American address. So you ship the order to the said American address and they forward it to you, once they have received it. I know, it sounds scary, I was scared and put it off for the longest time. But I just couldn't wait any longer!

I used MyMallBox. I'm very happy with service and I don't think it will be long before I make another order! I've put together a step by step guide:

1. Sign up with MyMallBox (you can do that here). They will give you an American address.

2. You can now use that address with brands that don't ship to the Uk. Such as Colourpop, Bath and Body Works, etc. At the checkout Enter the address that MyMailBox have given as your shipping address.

3. Once MyMallBox have recieved your package they will notify you by email. Go to your MyMailBox account and select what shipping option you want and the address you want it delivered to. There are a few delivery options that vary in price. Obviously the cheaper options will take longer to arrive. If you have more than one parcel you can also choose to consolidate them into one.

4. Wait for Delivery to arrive at you door!

To be honest the whole process really scared me. But it was absolutely fine and easy! I chose the quickest delivery option which was around $30 and my package arrived in 3 days from when MyMailBox received it. Which I was super happy about! Overall, the whole process took 13 days. And the Longest part was ColourPop actually shipping the item. So I was impressed.

Shipping from America also means there is a chance you could receive customs and VAT charges. I'm not sure how it all works, I read a bit about it here. But I thought I may as well just order what I wanted in one go, risk getting custom changes, rather than pay delivery for loads of little orders. I spent around £33 and I didn't recieve any charges.

This is what I picked up...

ColourPop Super Shock Show | $5

It was a no brainer that I had to get a few of the famous eye shadows. The formula is so strange, it's sort of moussey. I'm still having a play around the best ways to apply to them so I'll report back. The shades I got are:

KaePop - which is a Gold shimmery Copper colour.

So Quiche - This arrived broken. But thats the risk when shipping cosmetics. Thankfully with the formula of these shadows I was able to push it back together. The shade is an Olive Brown colour with Pink flecks of glitter and a pearlised finished. Its such a pretty shade, unlike anything I already own.

Kathleen Lights - This is a bright Copper colour with a metallic finish. This is so pigmented, and looks stunning all over the lid.

Central Perk - This a deep matte Burgundy shade.

ColourPop Lippie Stix | $5

Their Lippie Stix have also been on my radar for sometime! I picked up Two; Lumiere, which is a dusky, Mauve-y Pink and, Brink which is a matte Orangey Brown shade. I'm so impressed with these! Both are creamy, and comfortable on the lips and last a good 4 hours! I'm definitely going to add more of these to my collection.

ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick | $6

After hearing so many good things about the Ultra matte liquid lipsticks, I picked up the shade Beeper. Which is a mid toned Brown. The formula is brilliant too. Its very liquidy, applies smoothly, dries completely matte and lasts for a good 3 hours! I didn't find the formula drying either.

ColourPop Sculpting Stix | $5

I haven't heard anyone talk about these so I thought I'd get it in the hope it was a hidden a gem. And I really like it. I got the shade New Renaissance which is a cool toned Brown. It's described as a warm Brown but I say its more on the cool side. Because its more of crayon its a lot smaller than other cream contour sticks, it makes it so easy to draw on to the areas you want to contour. The formula is a little difficult to blend out, it does take some work but once it has it looks very natural. The formula is also quite dry considering it cream, but I actually prefer this, it gives more of a powder finish. It doesn't smudge, melt or fade! I'm very happy with it!

ColourPop Super Shock Cheek Highlighter | $8

Highlighters are my thing at the minute so the shade Wisp swiftly made into my basket. The shade is a pretty Champagne, Copper-y colour. It looks beauttiful on the cheeks and catches the light beautifully! I'm still unsure of the best way to apply this but I'll report back.

So thats my ColourPop haul and my shipping experience. Overall I'm really happy with the process and I can't recommend MyMallBox enough. I also have a code: A7414  where you can get a free $5 added to your account when you sign up.

I hope you find it helpful! Have you tried ColourPop? What should I get next?

Until next time..

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