Drugstore Skincare | The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Part 1

Drugstore skincare can be a real hit and miss. But i do think there are some real gems to be found in there. I have way to much drugstore skin to fit into one post so I've spilt it into two parts. I have dehydrated skin, which can is prone to the occusional breakout, so i tend to go for products that aim to combat this...

The Good (The really good)... 

Boots Botanic Hydration Burst Dual Action Cleanser | £5.99

Don't let the ridiculously cheap price put off, this does everything you'd expect from a high end cleanser. Its a gel that melts into an oil upon contact with the skin. This thoroughly cleans the skin and melts away makeup with ease. What I really love about this is how clean and fresh it leaves my skin, without it feeling like its stripped the skin. 

L'Oreal Age Perfect Golden Age Glow Reactivating Essence lotion | £14.99

Essence lotions are pretty new to the UK shelves and are causing a bit of a stir in the beauty world and L'Oreal have released there take on it. This is a relativly new purchase but I was so excited I just had to share it. This is a watery gel that aims to replenish the skin from lost hydration that washing can cause, and awaken skins natural glow. This is aimed at very mature skin but it's never too early to start with anti ageing. And this is incredible, it really has helped my skin glow and make it look more healthy. I definitely recommend checking this out! 

Good Things Argan Oil Perfecting Facial Oil | £6.99

I've found using oils over night are the best way to add extra hydration and help repair the skin. Most oils I've been using have a high price tag so I was looking for something more affordable. I love the Good Things as a brand and I've liked almost everything I've tried and this little beauty is no exception. This really hydrates my skin and leaves it looking and feeling soft and smooth. 

The Bad (the ok but not for me)...

NIP + FAB Bee Sting Fix Lifting Mask | £9.95

This is essentially a mask that smooths lines, plumps and firms the skin to leave it looking younger and smoother. I did really like this. It did add that extra hydration and leave my skin looking plumper, but it broke me out. So as much as I love smooth, plump skin I don't love horrible blister like spots. 

I'm willing to try anything to brighten my skin. And this offering from Superdrug is great for brightening. It kind of reminds me of MAC Strobe Cream only thicker consistency. I did really like this, the only problem I had with it is it kind of rolled up into bits when I applied my makeup, and I had lumps of it around my face. It wasn't pretty so for that reason this isn't for me! 

L'Oreal Skin Perfection Day Cream | £15.99

So this is meant to be a moisturiser but it feels more like a primer - kind of silicon-y. Because of this it didn't feel like it was giving my skin the hydration it needed. Maybe this would be good for oiler skins.

The Ugly (the really bad)...

I hate to slate anything from the Body Shop. I love the brand, its ethics and most of the stuff I've tried from them. But this is rubbish. Its so drying! My skin was so tight after using this. For that reason this is no go for me! 

Another essence lotion I picked up to see what all the hype was about. And this being the first one I tried I had little hope for any others. This is like water and after application it made my skin sting and not good tingling, exfoliating kind of way. I immediately washed it off and left my skin looking a little red and the next day it had broke out in spots. Arg not impressed at all by this. 

This is one of those bouncy weird, hydrating night masks a few brands have brought out. This is the only one I've tried. But I didn't like the consistency. It felt silicon-y, thick and sort of dry. I questioned its hydration abilities before I'd even put it on my face. It felt horrible on, like my skin was being suffocated - it was horrible. In the morning my skin didn't feel as hydrated as it normally does. So this did nothing apart from make me feel uncomfortable! 

So thats it for part one! Keep you eyes peeled for part 2, lots of masks will be in that one!

Have you tried any of these? What are your favourite drugstore skincare products?

Until next time...

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