Drugstore Skincare | The Good, The Bad & The Ugly part 2

As promised I have Drugstore skincare part Two. You can see part One here. I think there may be a part 3 because I have so much drugstore skincare that I haven't managed to fit it all into this post. So lets get into it...

The Good (the really good)...

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Fluid | £17.50                                                         POST

I've spoken about this so much recently but this is such a good moisturiser! It is slightly pricier than some drugstore moisturisers but its definitely worth the few extra pounds. This is aimed at people with really sensitive skin. And this is a great, fuss free product for adding intense hydration. Since using this dehyration is no longer problem.

Good Things Argan Oil Moisture Boost Serum | £7.99

As I said in part One, I'm a huge fan of the Good Things as a brand. They offer great affordable skin care thats free from nasties such as Prabens and mineral oils. I have been really enjoying this serum. Its really watery, it reminds me of the Vinchy Idella serum, and instantly sinks into the skin. Leaving it soft and smooth. 

Superdrug Face Masks | £2.59

This range of face masks from Superdrug are a brilliant, purse friendly quick fix. I've tried all the masks from the range and I really like them all! My favourites though are the Aloe Vera which offers a gentle deep clean and smells lovely and the Strawberry Mud Mask, which genltly exfoliates to lift away dead skin cells, leaving skin smooth and radiant. I couldn't find these online to link but they are available in store.

The Bad (The ok, but not for me)...

Yes to Grapefruit Pore Perfection Night treatment | £12.99

First of all this is confusing, the name says its a night cream but on the directions it says use twice a day. I unfortunately don't sleep twice a day so the name is kind of misleading. Anyway the cream itself is quite difficult to work into the skin and I've been using it for a while and haven't noticed any difference to my pores or skin tone. So this isn't for me. 

Garnier Moisture Match  Normal Skin | £3.99

When these Moisture Match moisturisers came out I feel like everybody went crazy for them. I do really like how easy it is to find a moisturiser for your skin type. But theres an ingrediant in Garnier products that my skin doesn't like. Every time I use most Garnier products my skin goes crazy - it goes bright red and blotchy! I've included this in this category though because I feel like these are great afforable products, if your not sensitive to them. 

The Ugly (The Really bad)...

Freedom Studio Dramatic Sensitive Eye Makeup Remover | £5

This says it can be used on sensitive eyes but it's so heavily fragranced and stung my eyes a little and I don't know how someone with super sensitive eyes would cope for this. It also didn't remove my eye makeup well at all. It took 3 attempts along with the stinging before I gave up and used someting else. 

Soap & Glory Bright + Beautiful Energzing 6-in-1 Radiance Serum | £13 

I really like Soap & Glory as a brand but there are a  few items which fall below their highly set bar. And this unfortunately is one of them. When I applied it, it rolled up and kind of flaked off and continued to do this when I applied my moisturisers and then the next day had some pretty bad breakouts. So as much as I love Soap & Glory I don't love this! 

Side note - skin care is so subjective and all down to the individual so although it didn't work for me doesn't mean it won't work for you!

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts? 

Until next time... 

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