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I'm not quite sure if us Brits are going to get a proper summer, we normally only get a week or two of good weather. But its good to be prepared right? So I though I'd share with you my top fake tans! To be honest I'm a self confessed tan addict, I fake tan all year round. So with out further ado...

Vita Liberata NKD SKN Liquid Self Tan Dark | £12.95

This tan is one of the best I've tried! Its a liquid in a spray bottle, it's so easy to spritz and rub in. Its tinted too to make application easier. I personally don't like tinted tans, I find it a faff that you have to wash it, but I'm yet to find a good untinted one. I have the darkest shade, because I want to look like I've stepped off a Caribbean island all year round. And this really does leave me with a deep, natural looking glow! I apply this at night and in the morning I'm left with a streak free tan. This is the best tan for wear time, it lasts well over a week on me. And it fades really well, no patchy-ness or flakes!

Lauren's Way Self Tan Bronzing Lotion Darker than Dark | £17.95

I believe this Tan was developed by Lauren Goodyear from The Only Way is Essex. Which put me off buying it because I don't want to look like her but this gets rave reviews, I decided to pick it. This isn't darker than dark, its just dark - its no darker than any other tans I've used. This is really tinted, like really tinted, after I've applied this I look like I've painted myself with wood stain! But don't let that put you off, it washes off to a nice, Bronzy colour. The Lotion itself is very thick so it takes a bit longer to rub it in; but it still dried relativly quickly. This lasts about a week on me and wears evenly. But what I really like about this is how easy it is to scrub off. There's nothing worse than tans you can't remove! I've also never experienced streaks with this.

He-shi Express Liquid Tan Meduim | £20

This is like a water liquid. It's impossible to apply out the bottle, so I actually decanted it into a spray bottle, which works fine. I think its designed to be used with a mitt, I personally don't like them - I find they absorb way too much of the product and doesn't actually apply a lot to the body. I accidentally picked up the medium shade which is actually pretty dark as medium shades go, so thats definitely something to bare in mind. This again is tinted but the tint is so light and even than it could be used as instant tan. This also doesn't transfer onto clothes either. The colour it leaves is a nice streak free, glow-y Bronze look that isn't Orange.

ST. Motiz Fast Self Tanning Mousse | £4

I'm definitely a bargain girl at heart but when it comes to fake tans I do feel like you get what you pay for. Especially in terms of wear time. But this is a great budget option! Its a tinted mousse that applies evenly and smoothly. This one in particular says it develops in one hour and leave it 3 for a deeper tan. I haven't tried it this way I just leave it on over night. And in the morning I'm left with a medium streak free tan. I only get around 3-5 days wear out of this. But as £5 tans go, this is a very good one!

Have you tried any these? What's your favourite fake tan?

Until next time...

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