High End Favourites Of The Year So Far

How are we halfway through the year already? I swear it was christmas yesterday. Well it wasn't  and we are in fact halfway through the year so I thought I'd share my high end favourites of the year so far. I wanted to only include products that I've been loving for more than a month or two as I tend to flit between products so apologies if this is repetitive! This was going to be a drugstore favourites, but I feel like I've drugstore-d you to death recently. I do still plan on doing that post though. So without further ado...


High end bases really do it for me. I'd much rather spend money on high end base products than palettes!

Becca Backlight Primer filter | £32                                                                               POST

I know, I know I've bored my regular readers to death my this primer. But in my opinion this is really the best high end primer I've used! If illuminating primers are your thing, this is for you! It leaves skin with a luminous, radiant glow and makeup applies so smoothly over the top. I can't recommend this enough. 

Becca Complete Complexion Cream | £34                                                                     POST

I'm sensing a bit of a Becca theme throughout this post. But its a great all round brand, from highlighters to bases they do everything well. This foundation in particular is what I reach for when I want a full coverage, undetectable flawless base. It has a satin finish that still lets skin breath. I tend to find with some full coverage foundations, they're either too drying or make me feel caked in makeup. 

Another one that I feel like I talk about a lot. But I just couldn't do a mid year favourites and not include this. It's my go to foundation most days. Well, I say foundation but its actually a bb, cc cream hybrid that combines all the benefits of a moisturiser, while offering pretty decent coverage. The finish of this is dewy but not oily and it lasts all day. I just love it! 

This has knocked my much loved Urban Decay Naked Skin off the top spot. I do still really love that one though, I just find this one so much better for under the eyes. The name Creamy is very fitting, this is so creamy, but it doesn't crease. Its amazing. See Concealers | the good, the bad and the ugly for more concealers that I love. 

The best powders ever. I know, bold claims. But these really are. Having dehydrated skin means many powders dry my skin out and just make my makeup feel gross. But not these! They set my foundation wonderfully and leave behind a stunning glow, but nothing over the top, it just leaves skin with a healthy glow.  See this post for more details and swatches. 


So far this year the high end highlighter crown goes to this beauty. Becca have developed a formula that no other has matched up to (well, not that I've tried). This is so soft and creamy, I've not tried another powder formula like it. And the shade is a beautiful Champagne colour that catches the light beautifully.


I don't have any high end mascaras, I feel like the drugstore do them so well theres not much point in spending a lot on them. 

I question if these are really high end. But there not really drugstore. So I thought I'd include them in this post. Regular readers will know how much I love these. I've found reasonably priced, make your own eyeshadow palettes quite a revolution! The formula of pretty much all Makeup Geek shadows are soft, well pigmented and easy to work. The foiled pans, which retail for a few pounds more than the regular ones are fantastic too, They really give a metallic sheen to lids. See this post for my full collection, shades and swatches. 

Stila Eyes are the Window Soul Palette | £30                                                                 POST

I say this everytime I talk about this palette but its so underrated. All the shades are so pretty and this has a good mix of shimmers and mattes, with a range of cool and warm shades from an off White to a super pigmented Black! My favourite shade in the palette is Kitten, which is a lovely champagne toned highlight colour. All the shades are well pigmented, soft and last all day on me. And this retails for around £30 which I think is a really good deal for 12 well formulated shadows. 


I do like a good high end lip product. But as I sat down to think of what to include in this post I released I actually don't own that many. Apart from MAC ones. And while I do whole hearted love Mac lipsticks I wanted to talk about some other products. 

When I first got this I questioned how much I would actually use it. Its not my normal Brown toned nude, its also not matte and matte lipsticks are my favourite kind of finish. But its actually become a regular in my lipstick rotation. The formula is creamy, comfortable and surprisingly longlasting considering it has a semi gloss finish. And the shade is a muted Coral colour that actually suits my skin tone well! See this post for swatches. 

At the end of last year and the beginning of this year this was my go to lipstick. The shade is mid to dark Brown. This really adds some drama to simple makeup looks which I really appreciate sometimes. On me its definitely more of a bold shade. Urban Decay have got the formula spot on - they're really matte, yet comfortable and so long lasting! I need to get more shades. 

I love a liquid lipstick! And Stila have created a winning formula. I don't find these drying, uncomfortable and they're transfer proof. The shade Dolce which is a mid toned Brown nude-y colour. What I love about this shade is it dries completely matte, but the colour has subtle Gold shimmers running through it, gently catching the light, giving a plump look to the lips. I'm sure this will remain a favourite throughout the months to come. 

So there you have it my high end favourites so far. I didn't have any blushes' to include though. I only own a few high end blushes but don't actually love them any more than drugstore ones. So I didn't include them. That's definitly part of my makeup collection I want work on.

Have you tried any of these? What are thoughts? 

Until next time... 

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