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I feel like I don't often talk about brows on here and I've realised I actually have quite a collection of brow products. I'm not a huge fan of big fake drawn on brows, they just don't suit me. I like my brows to be there but not the first thing you see when you look at me. I'm quite fortunate with my brows, I never jumped on the whole over plucking bandwagon so they just need a bit colour to add extra definition. So here I am with some brow products...

Rimmel Professional Brow Pencil | £2.99

This is one of the first brow products I brought, I've repurchased it many times and it's still my favourite today! The shade (002 Hazel), the formula, everything about this pencil is perfect. Even though its a dirt cheap pencil its not difficult to use, the formula is very creamy and it glides through the brow easily, making them look defined but not over the top.

L'Oreal Brow Artist Sculpt | £8.99

I definitely see why some people are put off by this, the applicator does look scary and rather strange! But the tip is designed to fill in the brows and the brush to comb them in place. Despite it looking tricky I actually found it really easy to use the tip to fill the sparse areas. Its a gel formula so once it sets those brows aren't moving! I have the shade 02 Brunette which is a good match if I use a light hand, I could probably use a shade lighter.

Soap & Glory Brow Archery | £8

This is double ended, one being a pencil and the other end being a super fine felt tip. The felt tip end scared me a bit - I didn't wanna look like I'd used a Sharpie pen to fill in brows! But I actually really like it. It makes it so easy to mimic tiny hairs and gives amazing, natural looking definition. The pencil end though, I'm not so sure about. It just crumbles everytime I try to use it. Which is super annoying. Maybe I have a dud or something. But its well worth buying just for the pen side. The shade Brownie Points is also a good match.

Collection Define & Perfect Eye Brow Powder | £4.19

Anther strange little concept from the drugstore. Its a powder with a liquid liner style tip. This is very fine so again, this makes it really easy to use. I have the light shade 01 Blonde which is good match, although I'm not blonde so this isn't promising for those who are. I do really like it but I find because its a powder I do have to use a gel over the top or it starts to fade throughout the day.

L'Oreal Brow Artist Plumper | £5.99

I remember there was so much hype around this. With everybody say how amazing it was. It is good but I wouldn't say its amazing. It works well at setting my brows in place, but I didn't actually find it plumped them. And I can't use this on its own, I need something else underneath. I have the shade Medium / dark  but I didn't notice it over change the colour brows. But over all a pretty good brow gel.

Maybelline  Brow Drama Promade Crayon | £5.99

This is a crayon style product that's kind of a gel like formula. The crayon itself, its actually to big to draw fine hairs. But it works really well for just filling in the brows. And it sets them in place too. I have shade Dark Blonde which is actually a bit too Grey toned for me.

Essence Make Me Brow | £2.50

This is the newest edition to my brow family, and being dubbed a good dupe of Benefits famous Gimme Brow I knew I had to try it. The brush on it is so fine! It coats every hair easily and holds them in place until removal. I really like this, easily one of the best brow gels out there!

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara | £4.99

This really is like mascara for brows! It really holds them in place and sets almost like a mascara. I have to use a really light hand or it makes my brows feel crispy and stuck down! The brush is strange. Its like a round ball, it could be smaller but it's ok. If you have really bushy, unruly brows, this is definitely for you!

Have tried any of these? What are your current favourite brow products?

Until next time...

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