Concealers | The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Take 2

I need concealer. I have the worst dark circles ever! So I'm always trying new ones to find the perfect one, one that doesn't crease under the eyes, has good coverage, long lasting, one that makes me look awake basically! On this mission I've tried so many. And since my first concealers | the good, the bad and ugly post went down so well, I thought I'd do another one...

The Good (the really good)...

This is a great full coverage concealer. And when I say full coverage, I mean full coverage! I've not tried one that has coverage like this and I've tried a fair few! It also works really well at brightening the under eye area. It is more on the thick side which won't be for everyone, but I really it like because it actually covers my dark circles. I do like to set this with a Yellow powder because without it, it is prone to creasing but apart from that this is a fantastic concealer. 

NYX just can't do wrong in my eyes, everything I've tried has been incredible! And this concealer is none the less. It's a thick concealer but blends out well. I have the shade Yellow which I found is perfect for colour correcting my dark circles, as they are more Blue toned. When set with powder I don't find this creases. I also have a skin tone shade for belmishes, and just a tiny dap covers them. This is a great all round concealer!

I heard this was a dupe of MACs Pro Long Wear Concealer, I don't have that concealer but this one is very good. It's lightweight and very liquid-y, this makes it so easy to blend. The coverage is more on the light to medium side which makes it perfect for going over the top of Yellow concealers. 

The Bad (the ok but not for me)...

If you're a regular reader you will how much I love the Yellow version of this concealer (read all about that here) So after hearing rave reviews about how good the Orange one is for concealing dark circles, I had to get my hands on it. The formula is the same as the Yellow one - light, creamy, blendable but still has good coverage. But this is so pigmented, It's impossible to cover. It just leaves my under eyes bright Orange, which isn't a good look. 

Again this is a concealer that gets rave reviews. And I can see why. The formula is very nice, especially for under the eyes. It's light, creamy, blend-able, doen't crease and has good staying power while offering a medium build-able coverage. But this oxidises and goes a weird Orange shade on me. I do really want to try the brightening US shade though. 

The Ugly (the really bad)...

What is the deal with this!? I don't even know where to start. It has quite a solid texture that is really difficult to get out of the pot. But with a good bit of elbow work it does but it's really oily consistency and blends out too a really light coverage. I did try building it but it just creased like hell. To some it up. A waste of money!

This is supposed to be a brightening concealer for the under eye area. Granted, it is brightening. It doen't have good coverage though, it's very light. But what I really don't like is how oily it is! It looks wet on the skin and creases under the eye like crazy! So basically I'm left with dark shiny under eyes. While this isn't great for under the eyes. I do like this as a highlighter for the centre of my face when my skin is very dry. 

So theres some more good and not so good concealers!

Have you tried any of these? What's your favourite concealer?

Until next time... 

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