Contour Kits | The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The beauty market has become heavily saturated with contour kits recently. With almost every brand bringing out their take on it. I personally love contouring and it's become a step I cannot miss in my everyday makeup routine. So I have quite a few contour kits. So I thought I'd chuck them into a Good, The Bad and The ugly style post...

The good (the really good)...

I haven't had this palette long but it's quickly become my favourite contour palette. It's one of the best I've used. Maybe it might even have holy grail status. It has 6 powder shades - 3 for contouring and 3 for highlighting. The highlighting shades are all matte. Matte highlight shades don't really do it for me but the ones in this palette are great! I really like the Yellow shade, it works perfectly for setting my under eye concealer and adding brightness. It photographs really well too. The contour shades are soft, finely milled and so easy to blend! The shades vary from cool to warm which makes it perfect for creating a custom shade. I really like the centre shade for everyday wear and the far right shade for an evening look. I can't recommend this palette enough. And exciting news Kat Von D is coming to Debenhams! So us Brits can easily share the Kat V D love!

Collection Contour Kit | £4.19

As drugstore contours go this one is amazing! As you can see I love this. The contour shade is perfect for my skin tone. It's ever so slightly warm, which I prefer. I find ones that are too cool look ashy and dirty on me. The formula is soft, easy to blend and well pigmented. The highlighter shade is ok. Its not as finely milled or as 'glow-y' as I like. But its well worth buying this palette just for the darker shade.

Sleek Makeup Cream Contour  | £10.99

Cream formulas can be a bit hit and miss, I've found. But this offering from Sleek is definitely a hit! It has 3 darker shades, ideal for contouring and bronzing and 3 shades for highlighting. The darker shades are really good. The formula isn't too oily so it just moves over the face but still creamy enough to blend and apply. They set well too. The paler shades are ok. The palest shade is a bit too stiff and not as creamy as the others. But overall, a really good drugstore cream contour! See my full review here.

This beauty for Makeup Revolution contains 8 shades. 3 shades for contouring and 5 for highlighting. The contour shades are really soft and finely milled. Which really surprised me, I thought for the price they probably weren't going to be overly good! They're also well pigmented and easy to blend. I'm not too fussed by the highlighting shades. The matte ones are ok, if you like matte highlighters. And the Two shimmery ones are really pigmented but not as finely milled and have glittery particles. 

The Bad (The ok but not for me)...

This is the ultimate face palette. It has 9 eyeshadows, 2 brow powders, a brow wax as well as 4 contour shades. I am only going to talk about the contour shades in this post though. Don't get me wrong by putting it in the bad category, the contour shades are really good. But the shades just aren't right for me. One is way too cool, it just doesn't look right on me and one is far too warm. If I mix them together it works fine but it's just a bit of a faff. 

Sleek Contour Kit | £6.99

This is one of the first drugstore kits on the market (I think) and back in the day is was a great offering! The darker shade is so pigmented! The Highlight is really good. I tend to find with more afforable kits the highlighter lets them down, but I actually prefer the highlighter. This also comes in different shades so most skin tones are covered. I have the shade Light. I do really like this kit but I feel like there are better ones out there now. But for its time this was great. 

The Ugly (the really bad)...

Rimmel Contour Kit | £6.99

Rimmel are bit late to the party with the whole contouring thing, so I had high hopes for this. I really like the packaging its small and compact, whilst still having 3 good sized pans, which house a highlighter, contour shade and blush. The highlighter is rubbish, It's a really solid formula that isn't overly pigmented. The contour shade is really pigmented but I found it really difficult to blend out. The blush shade is good though. But there's not much point in buying a contour kit for the blush.

This was one of the first cream contours I used and at the time I did like it, I never preferred it over powders though. But since using other cream formulas, I found these are really oily and not that pigmented when blended out. Which is fine if you want a subtle look but if I'm going to take the extra effort to cream contour I want it look like I have! The paler shades aren't great either, they just blend out to nothing. I can't imagine this lasting well on oily skin types either. The Sleek palette is a far better option. 

So there's a little run down of my favourite and not so favourite contour kits. Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts? 

Until next time... 

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