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I'm super excited to share this post with you guys! I have some amazing dupes to share. And some that I've not really heard people talk about. I've called this dupes and affordable alternatives because some of these aren't out right dupes but are very similar. So lets get into it...

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance | £41 VS Makeup Revolution Neutrals vs New-Trals | £6.99

I spoken about the ABH palette a lot recently. When I first heard about its launch I knew I had to have it. Just look at all those warm tones. But the more the I used it the shades looked familiar and I realised the Makeup Revolution New-Trals vs Neutrals palette was so similar. Some of the shades are almost identical. Just look at the swatches! The Makeup Revolution one has been one of my favourites for a long time. At just £8 you really can't complain, the formula is brilliant, super blendable and well pigmented. The formula of the ABH  one is slightly better but with the massive price difference the Makeup Revolution palette is a great alternative. Plus the Makeup Revolution one came out first! Are Makeup Revolution ahead of the game? Who knows? But the palettes are undeniably similar. So if you've been eyeing up Modern Renaissance but can't quite part with the eye watering price tag, I can't recommend the Makeup Revolution option enough! I've not swatched all the shades in the palettes just the ones that are very similar. The Anastasia ones have names but the Makeup Revolution swatches are just labelled 'Makeup Revolution. 

Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect Lipstick | £23 Vs L'Oreal Eva's Nude £6.99

You can't argue with how stunning the Charlotte Tilbury makeup line is! The weighty Rose Gold packaging and the stunning shade range. The shade Bitch Perfect spoke to me straight away and as soon as saw it in the flesh I knew it was a dupe of an old favourite, that comes in the form of L'oreals Eva's Nude. The shade and formula is almost identical! Both are Peachy, muted Coral colour with a subtle gloss finish. The L'oreal one is ever so slightly cooler, but you really can't tell on the lips. For the price difference of £16 I definitely recommend the L'oreal one!

MAC Mehr | £15.50 Vs Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick 08 | £5.49

Everybody loves Mehr and for good reason. It's a stunning Blue toned muted Pink, that looks amazing on and suites most skin tones. It's from the Matte range, which is my favourite, They're not drying and so long lasting. But as I was rummaging through my lipsticks I noticed how similar Rimmel 08 was. Now the shades are very similar but the formula is different. The Rimmel one has a slight gloss finish which makes it a bit sheerer on the lips. I actually prefer the Mac one because I love matte formulas and they are way more long lasting. But if MAC lipsticks are out of your budget Rimmel make a great alternative. 

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer | £17.50 VS NYX Concealer Wand | £5.50

The Urban Decay Naked skin concealer is a cult classic. It's brilliant. It has good coverage, a light buildable formula, works well under the eyes or on blemishes and has amazing staying powder. But the NYX HD concealer easily rivals it. It does exactly the same thing. The coverage though is slightly lighter but so easily buildable. Neither of them crease on me. In terms of price and the way the product performs I'd have the say the NYX one is the way to go! NYX also have a really good shade range for a drugstore brand.

MAC Taupe | £15.50 VS Milani Colour Statement Matte Lipstick | £5

MAC's Taupe is one of my favourite lipsticks. It's a lovely Reddish Brown colour with slight Taupe undertones. I reach for this when I want something more than a nude lip but nothing too over the top. The formula is creamy and has good staying power. I'm instantly drawn to these kind if Brown shades so i have few that are very similar. But the shade Matte Beauty from Milani is so similar! The formula is almost identical too. It's creamy, matte and long lasting. The only difference is Matte Beauty is not as Red. Like I said before, for me you really can't beat the MAC formula but the Milani one does come so close! Did you know that Milani now has a Uk website? See this post for more details.

So there's some dupes that I have discovered. Keep you eyes peeled for part 2 because I have some others to share with you.

Have you tried any of these? Also leave you dupe recommendations below! 

Until next time...

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