My Makeup Geek Shadow Essentials

It's no secret I've fallen head over heels for Makeup Geek Shadows. There's something about being able to make a custom palette with great quality, affordable shadows. And they really are amazing quality, far better than Urban Decay in my opinion! Since they launched on BeautyBay I found myself always adding at least one shade to my order everytime I place one. But there are a few that I use way more than others and have become essentials in my everyday makeup. So I thought I'd share them with you guys...

Rapunzel | £4.95

As you can see this is easily my most used shadow! I've never hit pan on an eye shadow so its probably my most used shadow of all time! It's a Champagned toned, Peach colour with a metallic finish. The shadow itself is so soft (not powdery at all) and it's opague. It works brilliantly as an inner corner or brow bone highlight. But I really like this as an eye shadow base. It does have a slight shimmer but it blends out to a subtle sheen. I also really like to just use it all over the lid, for a fuss free look.

Peach Smoothie | £4.95

This is a light pale Peachy colour with a matte finish. It works really well as a crease colour, before going in with Creme Brulee for adding extra dimension. It's really pigmented and lasts well. I often find myself reaching for it!

Creme Brulee | £4.95

This is just the most perfect crease colour. It's a mid to light warm, matte Brown. It's soft and well pigmented and blends out with ease. I use this as a crease colour for almost all my eye looks. It also works well all over the lid for a matte day time look.

Frappe | £4.95

Another great crease colour! This is a medium, warm toned matte Brown. This isn't chalky and has really good colour pay off. It really works well with Creme Brulee to deepen the crease.

Cocoa Bear | £4.95

This is a favourite among the masses. And for good reason, who doesn't love a dark warm Brown. It's a very warm Red toned Brown. It's really pigmented and easy to blend. It's a versatile shade that can be used in the crease for a really smoldering eye look or in the outer v for something more every day.

Grandstand | £7.95

I personally love a shimmer shade all over the lid for a day time look. And you don't get more shimmery than the foil finish line. These really pack a punch in terms of pigment and really give a foiled sheen to the lid. This shade in particular is one the most unique shades I own. It's a warm Rose Gold colour with slight Taupe-y undertones. It lasts all day on me and has quickly become one of my favourites!

Magic Act | £7.95

This is another foil finish, that is lovely Gold colour with Yellow undertones. Like Grandstand it is crazily pigmented and easy to apply. I really like this all over the lid but this would work well as a highlight shade or on darker skin tones.

Cosmopolitan | £4.95

This is another one of my favourite lid colours. It's a Rose Gold colour with a shimmery finish. It's well pigmented, applies smoothly and lasts all day!

Cherry Cola | £4.95

This is one my favourite outer v shades. It looks like a Purple shade in the pan but it translates to a really warm Red toned Brown, way more Red than Cocoa Bear. It does feel gritty to swatch but it blends well, has good colour pay off and lasts all day.

Morocco | £4.95

I love love love this shade! It's a warm Red colour with a Brown under tones. I like to use a tiny dap of this blended over my crease colours to warm up my shadow look. It blends out so easily! I use it almost everyday.

Americano | £4.95

This is a really dark Brown with Purple undertones. I really like this as an outer v shade for a more dramatic eye look. I do find this a little sheerer than most of the Makeup Geek shadows but I don't mind this, it's easily buildable and blends well.

So they are my essential Makeup Geek Shades. All are available from BeautyBay here. What are your Makeup Geek Essentials?

P.S You can also see my full Makeup Geek Collection here.

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