The Summer Lovin' Tag

I love a good tag post! I think they're a good way of getting to know a blogger while still keeping an element of beauty in there! And what better than a seasonal tag. Shout out to the lovely Sal over at Umm Baby Beauty. Make sure you head over and check her blog out!

So lets get started...

Favourite Perfume

This is tricky one. I'm so funny with scents. I find most give me a headache or I associate them with bad memories. Strange, I know. But I do love Vikor and Rolf Flower Bomb. It smells like heaven in a bottle and costs around the same!

Favourite Lip Colour 

I'm normally a matte girl but recently I've really into glosses. By glosses I mean the NYX Butter Glosses. They are amazing. They really are like butter on the lips, not sticky at all and actually have really good pigmentation as glosses go. My favourite shades are: Creme Brulee, Angel Food Cake and Fortune Cookie. I've also been really enjoying a bold lip, which comes in the form of Urban Decay's Temper lipstick. It's from the Comfort Matte line and it really is comfortable and long lasting. The shade is a stunning Red Orange colour that looks so good against a tan.

Favourite Drink 

I drink Diet Coke all year round. I'm addicted to the stuff. And in the summer nothing beats an ice cold can on a hot day.

Favourite Blush 

I've been really enjoying a subtle Bronzy look, so I've been loving the L'oreal Sculpt Blush in the shade Nude Beige which is nude Bronzy colour. It goes with pretty much all makeup looks and gives me a sun kissed glow with a subtle sheen.

Favourite Clothing Item 

At the moment I'm loving wide leg Palazzo pants, with a nice crop top. I swear they were made for my body shape, they just flatter me so well. Plus they are light and cool in the heat, but because they are trousers I can still do particular stuff (Mum problems).

Favourite Movie 

This was a tough one. I have so many favourite films, but I don't really have any that I like to watch because of the season if that makes sense. I did recently watch Straight Out of Compton, which was incredible. Its about the rise and fall of the NWA; the film was so well done. I highly recommend giving it watch!

Favourite TV Show

Like Movies I don't really have a seasonal favourite but my all time favourites are Prison Break, Sons Of Anarchy and Breaking Bad.

Favourite Food

In the summer I really enjoy food that contains real Whipped cream like Eaton Mess and fresh cream cakes. Probably not the healthiest haha.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I tag all my readers to it! Let me know if you do, I'd love to read your answers. But in particular I tag:

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