A Few Drugstore Discoveries

July was definitely more of a high-end month. But I found a few things in the drugstore that caught my eye, I've been putting them to the test and ready to report back. And shock horror there's some NYX in there...

Makeup Revolution Pro Base Blur Primer | £6

I see some good reviews on this and it was ridiculously cheap so I picked it up. It's supposed to blur and illuminate the skin. Which is a great idea, I tend to find illuminating primers don't do much else. The primer itself is quite oily in texture, which I quite like, I like primers to feel nourishing. In terms of illuminating and blurring it didn't really do either. It did leave me a little shiny looking, but that was because of its oily texture. I feel like this would be a great primer in the winter when my skins more dry and needs a little more nourishing. But for the warmer months, I won't be reaching for it!

NYX BB cream | £10

My NYX collection is rapidly growing, but I only own one foundation from them so I thought I'd pick this up. The coverage is light, definitely along the lines of a BB Cream. It's not overly glow-y it's just a nice light base. The lasting power is good, it lasted a good 6 hours.  It kind of reminds me of the Urban Decay One & Done.

Tanya Burr Daydream Lip Gloss | £5.99

I'm definitely more of matte lip girl but recently I've been really into glosses. So these caught my eye in Superdrug. Now to be honest Tanya Blurs videos are a bit too young for me so I don't really know too much about her makeup line. But this gloss is brilliant! I have the Daydream with a lovely light Brown nude colour. The formula is very thick but not sticky at all. I actually prefer the thicker formula and it gives good colour pay off. And the packaging is so pretty! Overall, I'm really impressed with this and I'll definitely be picking up more shades.

Tanya Burr Soft Luxe Lip Gloss | £5.99

As I said I didn't really know much about her makeup line and had no idea she had matte liquid lipsticks. And we all know how much I love liquid lipsticks! So it was a no brainer. The shade Rhubarb and Custard  looks completely different swatched to in the tube. It's really bright, almost neon Pink! It's not a shade I would wear outside the house but for the purposes of research I tried it anyway. They smell delicious! The formula is great, it's kinda more of a cream than a liquid, it reminds me of the NYX Soft Matte Lip creams. It dries down matte, and I didn't find this drying at all! It also lasted a good 5 hours before the colour started to break down. I need to get some more shades, I'm hoping there's some nudes in the collection.

NYX Tame & Frame | £5.50

I recently spoke about this in my dupes post (here), but I wanted to mention it again because it's brilliant. I used to always be a brow pencil kind of person but this has completely changed my mind! It's really easy to use and gives the brows a nice thick, full, yet defined look. I can't recommend this enough!

Essence Gel Look Top Coat | £1.70

I have a love hate relationship with Seche Vite, I love it because it dries my nails so quick but gives a high gloss finish. I hate it because once it gets to half full it goes gluepie and difficult to work with. So I've started looking for something else. When I came across this. It was only a few pounds so I thought why not. But it's really taken me by surprise. It doesn't dry my nails as quick but it really makes them shine and my polish doesn't chip as quick. Overall, pretty good.

So that's everything I've discovered recently. Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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