Kylie Liquid Lipsticks - Worth the Hype? + Alternatives

I think it's safe to the say the Kardashians / Jenners are taking over the world! And unless you've been living under a rock I think most of you would have heard about Kylie Lip Kits and more recently the Kyeshadow palette. Which I could rant about until the cows come home. But I finally managed to get my hands on a couple of the single liquid lipsticks. I did want the lip kits but they were out of stock and I'm not too fussed about a lip pencil. So today I thought I'd throw my 2 cents in about whether they are worth the hype or not!

Ordering and shipping

I have heard horror stories of the website crashing while people where trying to check out, receiving empty boxes, or the product had leaked everywhere during the delivery process. Thankfully I never experienced any of that. But I wouldn't say I was actively trying to order them. I just strolled onto the website every now and again and one day there were a few singles in stock! Ordering was absolutely fine, it was just a standard check out service.

My boyfriend actually ordered them as birthday gift so he had all the tracking details but they took about a week and a half to come. Which I thought was pretty good. I heard people say they've waited 5 weeks or so. 


The Single Liquid Lipsticks cost $17 each. The lip kits are $29. $17 isn't too bad for a potentially good quality liquid Lipstick. Shipping was an extra  $14.55  . So in total for 2 liquid lipsticks and shipping it came to $48. However, because of ordering from America there is chance of custom changes. I ended up (well my boyfriend did) paying custom charges of £12. Which is so annoying! So overall they do work out pretty pricey. 

The Packaging 

They arrived in the signature Kylie Black box, which has the kylie logo on the inside of the box. The box was also well package to prevent any damage. The Liquid Lipstick tubes themselves are nice. I've heard people say they love the drip marks, but to be honest I'm not fussed. I much prefer the Gold packaging of her birthday collection. But overall, they look nice and sleek. 

The Products

As I said I received them in perfect condition. I went for the shades Koko K and Exposed. Koko K is a dusky Pink, Mauve colour and Exposed is an Oranged toned, Brown nude.  Both the shades have the same doe foot applicator which was easy to apply the product with. The formula is definitely a liquid and not moussey at all. I applied them the way Kylie suggested; just one layer then let it dry. Both the shades applied opaque. They dried down completely matte in around 30 seconds. I loved the matte-ness of them. However, they felt so dry on the lips. I wouldn't say they dried my lips out but I could feel them on the lips. Which was so uncomfortable. 

In terms of staying power they stayed put for around 4 hours before the wear was noticable. But what I really didn't like was you couldn't just touch it up. As soon as applied more product, it went all flakey and looked gross. Which is probably the case with most liquid lipsticks but not with most I've tried. So to touch up you have remove all the product and start again. Which isn't great if your on the go. 

Are they Worth the Hype?

The big question: are they worth the hype? Taking in to account everything, the shipping process, the packaging, the cost and the products... I'm going to have to say no. To be honest I was some what under whelmed by them. When considering how difficult they are to get hold of, I was thinking they must be the worlds best liquid lipstick. Don't get me wrong. They are ok. But just ok. I much prefer the NYX lip lingeries or the Liquid suedes. And I really don't like that they restock every couple of days, It just seems like they know everybody is waiting to order so they make them sell out quicker and create more hype. 


I thought I'd show you some alternatives I've found. Because I don't think the Kylie ones are very accessible to everyone considering the price and how quickly they go out of stock..

Koko K alternatives 

As I said Koko K is lovely dusky Pink Mauve colour. This was the hardest to dupe. I've still not found a liquid lipstick that is identical in shade but I have a couple that are similar:

This Gerard Cosmetic liquid lipstick in the shade Serenity is very similar. Serenity is slightly more Pink than a Mauvey colour. But the formula easily beats the Kylie one. I think Hydra is a bit of a push but they are certainly not drying! They dry down matte and can't feel them on the lips, unlike the Kylie ones. The staying power is about the same but these can be touched up! 

NYX Lip Lingerie Lipstick| £6.50

The shade  Push up is definitely more of a Pinky Brown nude. It is probably more different than similar. But the Formula is far better! It can be touched up, and isn't drying. 

I thought I'd throw in a lip pencil so you can create your own lip kit! And the shade Addiction is so similar to Koko K. It's just a tad darker. I love the lips pencils from this line. They're creamy, easy to apply and long lasting.

Exposed Alternatives  

Exposed is my favourite shade of the two. It's an Orange toned nude. This was far more easy to dupe...

Can you tell I'm huge fan of these. The shade Ruffle Trim is so simiar to Exposed. It's a tad darker and has slightly more of a Rose under tone than Exposed. But if you're wearing this and told me it was Exposed I'd completely believe you.

Gerard Cosemtics Hydra Matte Liquid lipstick | £9.50

Another GC alternative in the form of Everything Nice. This is one of my most work colours. It is more Brown than Exposed but the formula is far better. I would recommend this over Exposed!

Barry M Lip pencil | £2.99

The shade 16 is pretty much identical to Exposed only in lip pencil form. The pencil is nice and easy to apply and cheap as chips!

So I hope you found this helpful! Have you tried any Kylie Liquid lipsticks? What are you thoughts?

Until next time...

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