Morphe 350 palette - Worth the Hype?

The Morphe 350 palette is probably one the most hyped up palettes of the moment! Nearly every Youtuber has a discount code for it, swears by it and it goes out of stock within hours. A couple of weeks ago BeautyBay had restocked the palette and I was lucky enough to get it! So today I thought I'd share my thoughts with you. I've done it in a similar style post to the Kyle Lip Kits worth the hype (here) because you guys seemed to like it! 

Ordering & Delivery 

This palette is stocked by quite a few Uk retailers; BeautyBay, Cult Beauty and Cocktail Cosmetics. But it's always out of stock. I got mine from BeautyBay and I know some people have delivery issues with them, but I've never had a problem! I paid for next day delivery because I'm impatient and it was only £2.50! And it came the next day, no problem!


From BeautyBay the Morphe 350 palette is £19.50. Which for 35 eye shadows is really good. The price does vary between Uk retailers though. I think from Cocktail Cosmetics it costs around £25. I have heard people have also ordered direct from the Morphe website but they ship from America, so shipping, I imagine would be a lot more plus there is chance you could receive custom charges - which is always a risk ordering from America - so I wouldn't recommend doing this. 


The packaging does feel cheap. It's just matte, Black plastic packaging with the Morphe Logo on the the top. The plastic doesn't feel overly sturdy though. I probably wouldn't want to travel with this. The palette itself is also very big. 

The Product 

As I've said you get whooping 35 eye shadows. Majority of which are warm toned. None of the shadows have shade names though, which I actually find really annoying. So for the purposes of the review I've numbered them:

1 - is an off White, slightly Pink matte White colour. It's really soft in texture and is well pigmented. This makes a perfect matte highlighter shade or a base colour. 

2 - is a pale Peach colour with a slight shimmer finish. Again this a nice highlighter shade. It's butter soft, well pigmented and blends well. 

3 - This shade is similar to number 2 but has more shimmer, think MUG foil finish. This makes a great lid or highlight colour.

4 - This a metallic warm Bronze colour. This is super soft and well pigmented. This a great lid shade. 

5 - Is mid toned warm, matte Brown. It's very similar to Makeup Geek's Creme Brulee. This is one of my favourites shades. I like this as a crease colour. Although I do find this doesn't apply as smoothly as Makeup Geek shadows or other 'affordable' eye shadows.

6 - Is a matte, Mustard Brown shade. This is another great crease colour. 

7 - This is a bold, bright, matte Orange. This is really pigmented but slightly grittier in formulation. 

8 - is a creamy, matte, pale Beige. This would work well as a highlight shade or base colour. 

9 -  is a shimmery light Cream, that glistens Pink. 

10 - Is a pale light Gold with a shimmer finish. This works well as a lid colour, or a highlighter on darker skin tones. 

11 - Is another mid toned, matte, warm Brown. It is very similar to shade 2 only a tad darker. This works well as a crease colour. 

12 - is a pale Orange Brown colour. I really like this as a crease colour. 

13 - is a mid to dark warm Brown. This works well as crease shade, all over the lid or outer v. 

14 - is light matte, Orange. This is also slightly grittier than the some of the other shades. 

15 - Is another mid toned warm, matte Brown. Another great crease colour. 

16 - A cool mid toned, matte Brown. This is slightly too cool for me, but I guess it could work to smoke out an eye look.

17 - Another cool toned matte, Brown which is slightly darker than shade 16. 

18 - A warm, Reddish Brown. This is one of my favourite shades. It reminds me of Makeups Geeks Cocoa Bear. This is creamy and well pigmented but I don't find this applies as nicely as Cocoa Bear.

19 - A shimmery warm, Reddish Brown. I love this as a lid colour. It's really pigmented, buttery soft and applies well. 

20 - This is a Champagne colour that leans very Pink in some lights. It has a foil finish and reminds me a lot of Makeup Geeks Magic Act. It really packs a punch in terms of pigment and is very easy to work with. 

21 - A bright, Reddish Orange colour. I really like this for warming up the overall eye look. This is very similar to Makeup Geeks Morocco, which is one of my favourite shades. 

22 - A dark Chocolate with a shimmery finish. This works well all over the lid or lower lash line. 

23 - This is a dark Brown with a Copper shimmer. 

24 - Is a dark matte Brown. 

25 - A Chocolate Brown matte. This is a nice outer v shade, although I did find this isn't as pigmented as some of the other mattes in the palette. 

26 - A deep, slightly warm toned Brown with a shimmer finish. This works well all over the lid. 

27 - Is a mid toned, shimmery Copper colour. This is another favourite shade of mine. I love this all over the lid. 

28 - Another warm toned Reddish Brown. I really like to deepen the crease. 

29 - A dark Brown with a slight Red shimmer. This isn't as soft as the other shimmers. 

30 - This is a neutral matte Brown. This works well as a crease colour or all over the lid. 

31 - A dark matte Brown. 

32 - This is very similar to 31 only slightly more warm. 

33 - Is a dark, matte, cooled toned Brown. 

34 - Is a bright Orange, Copper with a foil finish. I really like this shade. It's very similar to Makeup Geeks Flame Thrower. These are foil finish and are super pigmented and really creamy. Although I did notice some fall out with this shade. 

35 - Is a foiled Copper; another one of my favourite shades, but this again has some fall out. 

Most of the colours in the palette are well pigmented and easy to work. Although there are a few that aren't quite as good as the rest. But overall the shades in the palette are pretty consistent in good formula. 

Is it worth the Hype?

The important question; is it worth the hype? Well yes and no. I mean for the price you are getting 35 pretty good eye shadows. But the palette is bulky, difficult to store and travel with. The shades aren't anything out the ordinary and Makeup Geek have some very similar ones and there are very similar ones in lots of other affordable palettes. They're also a few shades in the palette I won't get a lot use out of. I would say if you can get this palette then do, but if can't you're not really missing out, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it! 

The Morphe 350 palette is currently out of stock on BeautyBay and the other Uk stockists so I can't link it for you guys.

I hope you find this helpful. Have you tried this palette? What are your thoughts? 

Until next time... 

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