Disappointing Products #2

So I've tried a lot products recently that were so disappointing and some that where a bit meh, or some that just didn't live up to my expectation. Please remember though, that just because they didn't work for me doesn't mean they wont work for you. This is just my experience with them. So let's get into it...

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel | £29.50

I'm really sad about this because I really want to like this. Everybody seems to love it so I thought it would be a sound investment. It contains fruit extracts and vitamins that promise to brighten and nourish the skin. The cleanser itself is really nice to use; it's so light and does feel nourishing. But unfortunately this gave me the most horrendous breakouts! I've tried it several times with the same results. Which is frustrating because this stuff isn't cheap!

Max Factor Smooth Miracle Primer | £10.99

This is a relatively new launch which promises to smooth the skin, including pores and fine lines. When I first swatched this it did leave my hand really smooth, without being really silicony. It wasn't drying either. But this is probably one of the worst primers I've come across. It didn't smooth the skin on my face, it didn't add radiance or mattify. It just made every foundation I tried with apply patchy. No amount of blend made it look even!

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation | £29.50

I recently spoke about this in my High End Foundations | the good, the bad and the ugly post (here). Where I expressed my dislike for the foundation. I just can't make this work. It exaggerates every little imperfection on my face. And just doesn't sit right on my skin. For foundation that claims to be suitable for every skin type, disappointing doesn't come close to how I feel about this!

Rimmel Fresher Skin Foundation | £5.99

This another new launch I picked up on a bit of whim. And on first application this did seem promising. Its a gel like formula that offers a solid medium coverage. It has a satin finish and did leave my skin looking flawless. But after an hours wear I couldn't wait to take this of! It was so drying! It went patchy and looked gross on me - far from fresh!  I think this might be better suited for those with oily skins.

NYX HD Setting powder | £8.99

Regular readers will know just how much I love NYX. Nearly everything I've tried from them has been above and beyond what you expect from their price point. So it really pains me that I didn't like this setting powder. First up it promised to be translucent but it left a White cast on my face, but I wouldn't say I have an overly tanned or dark skin tone. Secondly, the packaging. The sifter holes are far too big, it lets way to much product out and it goes everywhere! So this is going to the back of my makeup collection.

BareMinerals Bare Skin Concealer | £22.99

My love for the complexion rescue is well documented throughout this blog so when I heard rave reviews about this concealer I was certain I would love this too. But I don't. The concealer does have good coverage and at first I thought the formula was good too. It's very serum like and feels very hydrating. But this is just too hydrating for me. I found it very slippery under my eyes and crease so badly. So I'm guessing this would be ideal for very dry skin.

Milani Matte Lip Cream | £8

Liquid lipsticks are my thing at the moment but this offering from Milani isn't. The shade Loved is very nice though, it's a pretty Rose Pink colour. But the formula was so drying and when it had dried it went all flakey and crumbled off my lips. A complete waste of money.

Primark Liquid Lipstick | £2

This was ridiculously cheap I don't know why I had hopes. It's rubbish. The shade 01 is a Dusky Pink nude which I really like. But it applied so streaky and when it started to dry down, it felt so dry and began flaking and rolling up.

So there's a few disappointing products I've come across recently. What products have you found disappointing?

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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