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My love for super fresh, glow-y skin is no secret on this blog! Throughout summer I've noticed such a difference the warmer weather has made to my dehydrated skin, so now that the weather is transitioning into winter I've brought out the big guns to keep my skin fresh and glowing. So here they are...


For super glowing fresh skin, skincare is such an important step. Prep work is key to keeping skin and makeup looking fresh. So here are a few of my favourites...

PIXI Glow Tonic | £18 | POST

This is a daily staple for me,  I've been using it for over a year now and I still love it. It's basically a chemical exfoliator, that uses gentle acids. This is jam packed with skin loving ingredients such as Ginseng and Vitamins to nourish and gently lift away dead skin cells. This has made a huge difference to my skin; it's helped my dehydration lines, helped my skin look more refined and more importantly made my skin glow! For more information on chemical exfoliators and AHAs see this post.

DR Botanicals Anti Oxidising Daily Radiance Moisturiser* | £39.99

This nifty little pot protects skin from environmental damage whilst keeping skin radiant. This is a great everyday moisturiser to boost skin glow! It's light but nourishing and leaves behind a subtle glow. It is also really smoothing and wears really well under makeup. A perfect glow enhancer.

La Roche Posay Toleraine Ultra | £17.50 | POST

For my dehydrated skin I need something super moisturising to stop me drying out. So at night time I reach for this. And I've not come across anything that nourishes as well! Since using it my dehydrated skin has not been a problem. It also helps keep my breakouts bay! I can't recommend this enough!

L'oreal Age Perfect Golden Age Glow Enhancing Essence | £14.99

Essence Lotions are really having their moment in the beauty industry. And for good reason.  They are a watery lotion to be used after cleansing and before moisturiser; With the aim to help re balance and add the moisture that may have been lost during the cleansing process. What I really love about this one is the results are instant! This really adds extra glow and makes my skin look more healthy!

PIXI Glow Mud Mask | £18

Clogged pores are not going to help that fresh faced look. So a deep clean is essential. This mask is great for drawing out impurities. It leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh without being overly drying!


Makeup great for faking that fresh face glow... 

There is nothing better for faking a glow than this! This is a radiance enhancing primer that adds glow without any glitter or shimmer. It's really amazing how it does it. But not only does this add a glow it really smooths the skin and leaves a perfect base for makeup! 

Rimmel #Insta Flawless Primer | £6.99

For a more affordable alternative to the Becca Primer this a great option. I'm not going to lie this isn't as good as the Becca one, but it's still very good and one of my favourites. It's tinted so it adds a bit of coverage which great. It also really gives the skin a dewy fresh finish! 

L'oreal Lumi Magique Foundation | £10.99

This is the ultimate glow giving foundation, it really gives a dewy-ness to the skin. But I tend to find with glow-y foundations they are not long lasting but this really is. It lasts all day on me! The formula is quite watery and applies like a dream, it glides over skin, blurring imperfections and leaving behind a radiant glow. The coverage is light to medium, but still makes my skin look flawless! 

This offering from Urban Decay is not as dewy as the loreal one but still gives a fresh look to the skin. It offers medium coverage that is surprisingly good  considering it is described as a tinted moisturiser hybrid. The formula is light and creamy and blends out with ease. It's long lasting, blurs most imperfections and gives the appearance of amazing skin! It's great theres nothing not to love! 

I find a good blush is great for perking up a dull, tired complexion. This Clinique Blush in the shade Peach Pop gives me such a healthy look to the skin. It's a lovely Peach colour with subtle shimmers running through it. It applies smoothly and lasts all day with out fading. 

Cream Blushes also help skin to look fresh and glow-y, This Stila Blush in the shade Peony hits the nail on the head with a beautiful colour and brilliant formula. The is a Mauvey colour that suites most skin tones and is wearable no matter what the season. The formula is creamy but not too creamy it moves around. Just a great all round fresh face product.

Highlighter instantly adds a glow and screams out fresh faced to me. And I'm not afraid of a full on highlighter on an everyday basis but sometimes for a fresh faced, healthy look something more subtle is what I reach for. And the buttery soft formula of MAC Soft and Gentle applies to the skin with ease and leaves behind a radiant, yet subtle glow without any glitter. It's also a lovely Champagne toned colour that suites most skin tones.

So theres some of my favourites for achieving fresh dewy skin.

Have you tried any of these? What are you thoughts?

Until next time...

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