Summer to Autumn shades

This year I've been really into Summer makeup more than ever before, I've been loving all the bold, bright shades. But with that being said I love Autumn and Winter hues. But with typical English weather one day in Autumn could be freezing and then the next boiling, bright sunshine. I find it makes makeup choices a litter harder. So I've but together some shades that are perfect come rain or shine...


A good everyday nude is always a good option, it looks good no matter what the season. NYX Push Up is a great Pink toned nude. I also really like the formula of these too. I don't find them overly drying and they last for so long! 

MAC Lipstick | £15.50 | POST 

MACs Mehr is the perfect shade to go from Summer to Autumn. It's a beautiful dusky Pink, Mauvey colour. It's from the Matte line but it's super creamy, comfortable and longlasting. This also suits most skin tones! 

MAC Lipstick | £15.50 | POST 

Hot Tahitti is another shade I'll be using a lot throughout September. It's a lovely Rose colour with a glaze finish, so it has a sheen to it. 


This blush from KiKo in the shade 02  Is great for the awkward season change. It's another dusky Pink colour. With one shade being more Bronze-y and the other side being more Pink so it's easy to customise your shade. The formula is really finely milled, blends well and applies smoothly. 

This is arguably more of summer shade but it's pretty, I will be using it regardless! The Peach Pop is a pretty Peach shade with a subtle sheen to it. This blush just makes me look more awake and healthy! The formula is incredible! It melts into the skin and looks so natural without much blending. 

MAC Blush | £18.50

You can't go wrong with a good Pink blush! And the shade Well Dressed from MAC is perfect. It's a kind of Mauve Pink with subtle shimmers in it. It's so finely milled and easy to blend. There's nothing not to love!


I'm not ready to put my Orange toned shadows just yet. But this palette is making it all the more easy. It's a new discovery for me but I really love it! It has some stunning warm Browns and lovely shimmers in it! All are well pigmented and easy to blend. It so versatile too, it can create a subtle day look to something more dramatic for the evening.

Gold eye look is timeless (or season-less) The shade Kathleen Lights is a beautiful Gold Bronze-y colour. It's the perfect mix of Gold and Bronze so it's the perfect inbetween bright Summer shade to more Autumnal bronzes. The formula is like nothing I've tried before. It's kind of mousey but dry at the same time. It applies so easily (I like to use my fingers)  and basically blends itself! See this post for shipping details. 

So theres a few shades to take from Summer to Autumn. I hope you found it helpful!

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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