Wedding Day Makeup

Regular readers will already know that I got married on Saturday! EEEEkkk. The day though was amazing, truly magical and everything that I hoped it would be and more. But I thought I would share the makeup I wore with you guys. I did my own because there wasn't anybody I trust to do it. Plus I know what to do if my skins acting up and what products work best on me. I went for a natural, glow-y look. Nothing too far from my everyday makeup. I didn't want to go for anything too over the top just purely so when I look back in 10years at the pictures I'm not cringing at my makeup! So without further ado...

Becca Backlight Priming Filter | £32 | POST

For primer I went for my trusty Becca option. This is my all time favourite primer! It gives an amazing glow, without any glitter, leaves skin super smooth and is hydrating. I do also find this helps keep my makeup on longer and as the name suggests this really adds an almost filter to my face. So it was a no brainer I used this on my wedding day.

BareMineral Complexion Rescue | £27 | POST

I've probably talked about this product to death on my blog. But I didn't want to experiment with new stuff on my wedding day, I wanted something I knew I could rely on. So this was my go to. It has good coverage, gives my skin a good glow, but nothing too over the top and doesn't make my dehydrated skin feel tight or dry it out and it sits beautifully on the skin! I can't recommend it enough!

LA Pro Girl Concealer | £4.99 | POST

I majorly struggle with dark circles on a good day and the week before the wedding I didn't sleep well and had a few late nights putting the finishing touches together. And on the day I didn't want to look tired. So to conceal my dark circles I reached for this. It's Yellow toned which I find works really well on my dark circles. The formula is super creamy and easy to blend. This does last all day on me without creasing or fading. But I did set it down with a light dusting of the Vichy Loose Setting Powder just to be on the safe side.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer | £22.50 | POST

To highlight and cover the Yellow concealer I knew NARS would have my back. To be honest I couldn't decide between this and the Urban Decay Naked Skin. But I went for this because I find it covers my dark circles slightly better. I have the shade Custard which works perfectly with the BareMinerals Complexion Cream in the shade 5 to highlight and bring light to my under eyes. The formula is so creamy, light, easy to blend while still offering a good medium, build-able coverage! This also doesn't crease, move or fade.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders | £59 | POST

These are the best powders I've found for my dehydrated skin. And while my skin wasn't feeling too dehydrated on the day I didn't want to risk using something else. This little trio comes with 3 powders all designed to add something different to the skin. I used a combination of all 3. I used Dim Light (far left) to set the all my makeup, then Radiant Light (far right) as a bronzer - on the cheek bones and finally Incandescent Light in the centre of my forehead and down my nose as a subtle highlighter. See my full review with swatches here.

Becca Champagne Pop Face Palette | £42 | POST

To further enhance my glow and add a subtle pop of colour to my cheeks I used this stunning palette from Becca. I think this is discontinued but the Processco Pop Split pans are available from Sephora, but I didn't use Processco Pop I went for Champagne Pop. Which is the most gorgeous, finely milled, butter soft, Champagne toned highlight. I took a light dusting over my cheek bones, the inner eye corner and brow bone. To finish the cheeks off I used Amaretto which is a lovely nude Brown blush. See this post for swatches.

Makeup Geek Shadow Pans | £5.50 | POST

I wanted something soft and natural and something that wasn't going to be high maintenance. So I took Creme Brulee (a light, warm toned Brown) all over the lid and into the crease. And then I used Frappe (a slightly darker warm toned Brown) in the crease to add extra dimension to the eye look. MUG shadows are brilliantly pigmented, long lasting and don't crease. These are also so easy to work, and take minimal blending.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner | £16 (full size)

I went for a small wing because I love the way it makes my lashes look more full and it adds something extra to the eye look without being too dramatic. I have a more in depth post on this coming soon. So I won't go into too much detail. But I'm so impressed with it. I've heard people across the pond raving about it, and I was apprehensive about buying it but I received this free and I will certainly be buying the full size. The tip is so precise and it glides on so easily and stays perfect until you want to remove it.

NYX Lip Lingerie | £6.50 | & NYX Lip Butter | £5

On my lips I went for an NYX lip combo that I've been loving for a few months. I chose this because I wanted something low maintenance but long lasting. The NYX Lip Lingeries in the shade Ruffle Trim is a lovely Pinky, Brown nude. The formula is so nice too, it's not trying, super long lasting but when it does start to wear, it fades evenly. Over the top I added a coat of the NYX Butter Gloss in the shade Madeleine which is again another nude, it compliments Ruffle Trim really well. With these together I have a long lasting, low maintenance look!

MAC Fix+ | £17.50  | POST

I'm not really sure how this works but this makes makeup look that little bit more flawless, more blended and more glowing. So obviously this made an appearance on the big day! I just spritz it over to finish the look.

So that's the makeup I went for. I was a little worried about it because I didn't really practice this look in particular but it lasted the whole day and there was a lot of dancing involved! And it looked great in the pictures I've seen so far!

Have you tried any of the products here? What are your thoughts?

Until next time...

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